Dear Holiday Diary


Dear Holiday Diary,

I thought I would take some notes to document Christmas 2016. Danny keeps saying flying to Tahiti would solve most of my problems. I wouldn’t have to decorate. The kids could join us and we could skip the gift exchange. He’s dreaming. This is a transformative time of year for me and my house. Besides, I love sparkly things. We’re staying in Colorado.

Note to self:

Next year, make sure to wear a leather outfit and gloves when using angel hair to decorate. It resembles a swirling snowstorm, but it’s not really hair from angels. It’s hellish fiberglass. It sticks to everything including my hands, clothes, and surfaces within one mile of the “construction area.” It especially likes to pierce my sweat pants and poke through my undies when I’m working underneath a table. “Yowch!


Second note to self: Add changing clothes and laundry to the long list of things to do. *strips down in front of washer*

Oh, yeah, and there’s a light bulb out at the Town Office.

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Check out The #Blessed Project. There’s still time to join us and get featured.

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  1. You and my wife were obviously separated at birth (never mind the age difference). My bah humbug persona is left in the angel hair dust! If I have to make one more trip up to the attic, I’m going stay there until it’s all over! Do you think Danny would like to join me? Tell him Domino’s delivers to attics.


    1. Exactly! And it prickles. I had just been congratulating myself on my choice of polyester sweat pants instead of fleece. When it started its sticker pickering, I looked more closely. I was covered in the stuff!
      I LOVE glittery things especially at Christmas, but avoid crafting with the stuff. Ha!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. I do not decorate.. we have a tree (lights no decorations) in our tv room that has been there since 1996 (after the fire) and it stays up 365 -7– But my sons go all out and every year I just plug in that Christmas tree LOL… Just a mindset after we had a house fire right after Christmas 1995. But two years ago I decorated all the 22 rooms.. for Christmas and had over 700 people come though my home to raise money for our local hospital.. Good on you Susie.. that fibreglass stuff must be yucky..:)


    1. That must have been amazing! I would love to see your house. I have a feeling we have similar taste. 🙂
      This is the year our house should have been on tour. I could set up a table, tack up a sign and see who shows up… Ha! We did a fundraiser shortly after moving in for a man who had cancer and no insurance. I would love to do something like that again. 700 people is a huge success!

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  3. I love Christmas so much! Are you talking about the silver stuff you throw on the tree as the final decorations? That stuff got EVERYWHERE in my house, hence the reason I don’t have it in my house today!


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