Dear Diary, Please make it stop!

Dear Holiday Diary,

After a week of decorating, I still am surrounded by doodads and ditzies just begging to be made into some form of centerpiece, swag or other holiday shimmery thing. It doesn’t help that I keep looking up at my cupboards with the memory of this ceiling I spied while in Denver.


Thanks a lot, Oxford Hotel. I’m still trying to forget the images of Patsy Ramsey’s house. Now I want to buy gold ribbon to swing from above my cupboards to the top of my chandelier. As if I don’t already have enough to do –

  1. Finish sketching the Christmas card.
  2. Note to self: Ask Danny to hide all the scissors in the house. NO POPUPS!
  3. Ink the illustration.
  4. Blog the contest to win a Christmas card.
  5. Put away crafting supplies and duct tape the containers shut. Danny should hide them too.
  6. Start baking.
  7. Get outside! It’s supposed to drop from the 50’s to below zero by Wednesday. Maybe I can add one more string of lights to the outdoor display, I mean, take a hike.

Ideas keep popping into my mind. I need to make them stop. I’ll let you know how I manage.

Have you started your holiday traditions? Are you scrambling like I am?

54 thoughts on “Dear Diary, Please make it stop!

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  1. Not a Christmas person … but I love the cards, the lights, colors and decorations … for Christmas is more just perfect.
    Since my mum passed away I always go away (escape) over Christmas … to somewhere that they don’t celebrate Christmas as such. So I’m on top of everything … my Christmas/Advent lights are in my windows … and my all my Christmas cards will be done online this year, because somebody has stolen my beautiful cards that bought in UK last year.
    I really hope that you will get a plentiful Christmas .. and I’m sure if you don’t manage to do everything, nobody will notice.

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    1. Viveka! How are you??? I’m so glad you stopped by.
      I can understand your aversion after losing a loved one. Christmas holds so many memories.

      You reminded me of the lights in the windows! One more thing to add to the list. I agree that I’m hitting the enough-is-enough point. I’m on to baking. If you lived closer, I’d invite you over!

      I hope that wherever you land, you have a fabulous holiday.
      Thanks so much!


      1. Susie …. I’m doing fine, my health is stable and stable is good in my book, even if the side effect can get to me at times (not very often – they are what they are). I hope that you’re doing just fine .. it looks like it.
        It was lovely to meet up with you again.
        Mum wasn’t a Christmas person neither, but I spent the Christmas with her. Where ever I was I always made my way home.
        If I was closer I would love to come, Christmas or no Christmas.
        Going to spend my Christmas in Marrakesh. , very excited about it .. staying at a Riad. Never been.
        I wish you a plentiful Christmas of all the nice stuff.


  2. I’m so busy at this time of year that I don’t have time for much. This year I even have to scratch my homemade Gingerbread off the list. The Viking put Christmas lights up 3 years ago – they look like he drove past and just threw them at the house – and they’ve been there ever since. It bothers me so much I hate turning them on but my daughter, Mim, laughed at me and said they look ‘weirdly charming’. So, I bury my perfectionism under a pile of Lindt chocolate.

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    1. That’s a great place to bury it! We do our own lights too. They’re never perfect and I literally throw some of them up! Ha!
      I haven’t made a gingerbread house for years. I guess I can’t do it all either!

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    1. I’m sure a lot of people can’t relate to what I do, X. I’m a creative soul and enjoy doing the work on that level. I just can’t handle the stress. I’m starting early, so hopefully that won’t play a big part this year. No popup cards!!! They were an insane amount of work. I’m really looking forward to the holidays!


  3. I’m exhausted by just reading all the things you want to do! I used to be an elf, but no more. I haven’t even dug out my wreath for the front door. My dad died on Christmas and either (A) Spoiled all the fun or (B) Saved me a lot of work. Perhaps both!


    1. That is so tough. When my dad was dying, I wondered if he would die on a holiday. He passed in the middle of October. That’s a tough memory to overcome. It was weird for me this year. I had a harder time accepting his death before his one year anniversary. I went home to be with my mom, but she was so stoic. It really helped me heal. I still have moments when I really miss him, every day.

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  4. Well, the Christmas lights are up outside… in my neighbor’s yard. If I get to feeling festive, all I have to do is step out onto my porch and survey their winter wonderland. I have a pretty short list: shop for the grandkids. And since I’ve done that, I’m all set. I admire your energy and creativity.


    1. Fantastic, Maggie!
      I’ve got a lot to do, but I’m ahead in my book. There have been years when I drew the Christmas card the week before the holidays and sent them for New Years! I hope to go skiing this weekend. *crosses fingers*

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    1. You’re right, but I didn’t get out there to add any. Hey! I bought one those crazy laser light shows. I’ll focus it on the dark side of the house! *waits until it warms up again…* Don’t judge. I’m not acclimated yet! Ha!

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        1. Make a list. It will make you feel better!
          There’s no stopping Christmas whether we’re ready or not. I’ve learned to do my best and then roll with it. Every year, I pray it’s not a bumpy ride!

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  5. I went with vintage lights this year outdoors – have a whole tub of the old ones from relatives attics and I’ve scrambled to get bulbs.
    Luckily I did them last week ( when it was warm 70 degrees and before my daughter’s baby came) Now I am hustling to get the tree done – the middle sized tree (to cut back a bit with everything going on…had to make a stocking for the new kid…hand made – must be equal to others made …with handsewn sequins and stars, with felt cutouts of raindeer, bears, trees, candy canes and snow men and name in script in sequins…with fur…husband kept saying “it’s done – it’s done – you can stop” but a few more snowflakes and…you know how it goes…so the middle size tree), then the window ledges over the front door and…
    Oh heck, it’s the fun of it all. Ho Ho Ho. Jingle on


  6. First – BREATHE OUT – you are making me anxious and stressed! I am pretty much done decorating – waiting for my two wreaths to come in the mail. My husband was so giddy in picking out his 1st live tree this year and it got me giddy too. I need to send out some holiday cards and I am still shopping for some gifts. I love this time of the year and really try to just enjoy it and not get wrapped up in it 🙂 We started a new tradition this year in buying a live tree and we will continue the tradition of taking a walk on the beach for the Christmas Holiday. My brother and sister-in-law will be here and have not had a Christmas with them since 2004 – long time coming and cannot wait. Happy Day – Enjoy!


    1. It sounds like you have it all under control! *Lets our breath* It’s always nice to celebrate the holidays with family.

      I’ve turned a corner and If all goes well today, I’m going skiing this weekend. 🙂 Great to see you, Renee!


  7. I’m scrambling getting ready to leave for Tokyo in a little over a week! I need to figure out my plans of where to stay and travel while I’m in Japan. Why do I wait until the last minute to do these things?


      1. I’ll be there for Christmas and New Years! I’ll check into VRBO, thank you for that suggestion. I have friends who’ve also had really good experiences with AirBNB in Japan so that’s an option as well!


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