Dear Holiday Diary, Mistakes were made.

Dear Holiday Diary,

I cranked out four cakes yesterday. Four! An eggnog, a poppyseed, and two chocolate bundt cakes. I should have quit while I was ahead. I could have spent the time inking my Christmas card. Mistakes were made.


The craziest thing happened the day before. I had searched for a ginger snap cookie recipe, but couldn’t find the right one. You know the kind with the sugary topping, right? I remembered a picture of one in a cookbook somewhere. Then the image of the New Boys and Girls Cookbook popped into my head. Do you have that one? It’s hardly new. It’s an antique, I mean a classic. I didn’t even know if I still had it. I searched my shelves filled with tons of cookbooks. There it was, between Betty Crocker and Colorado Cache. It opened up to the page. No lie. There was the picture of that cookie! EUREKA!


I glanced at my stack of drawings sketched the day before. If I continued baking, I probably wouldn’t have time to ink them. There are three illustrations in this year’s card!

But I’m cursed. Once I get an idea in my head, I have to do it. I looked at the recipe while the cakes cooled on the counter. Easy peesy. I mean it’s a kids’ cookbook, for gosh sakes.

I studied (squinted at) the ingredients. One cup of molasses seemed like a lot even though I was doubling the recipe, but what did I know. I probably hadn’t made these cookies since the sixth grade back when mini skirts were in style for the first time.

Molasses cookie recipe

After finishing that step, I perused the dry ingredients, then checked the molasses amount again. WHAT? It only called for half that amount of molasses. I had misread 1/4 cup! It looked like 1/2. Stupid tiny typeface. Now what would I do? I had cut back on sugar for high altitude, so that would make up for some of it. I didn’t want to double the recipe again. I’d have batter for sixteen dozen cookies! I didn’t have time to load cookie sheets all afternoon. I adjusted the ingredients and added flour and another egg. The bitter batter tasted better.

Danny stopped home and I asked him if he would taste test my ginger snap cookies. “Hmm..” That didn’t sound like the response of someone who tasted a delicious cookie. “No, they’re good,” he said and backed out the door, “Really!”

I tasted a couple, but they didn’t have that ginger snap flavor. I considered throwing them out. There was something weird about these cookies.

My sister, Patty, dropped by.

“Wanna try a cookie?”

She thought they were great.

Now it was my turn to say, “Hmm…”

When I put the book away I noticed the name of the recipe. “Molasses cookies.”

Duh! They weren’t ginger snaps. No wonder they tasted funny. They’re fantastic molasses cookies. No, I’m not going to make ginger snaps tomorrow.

Note to self: Slow down and make sure you know what you’re doing.

Wait. That won’t ever happen. First of all, I never slow down.

Second of all, I always think I know what I’m doing. That’s my biggest problem. I go balls to the wall with stuff I could double check, but rarely do. If I do double check, I start thinking I’m OCD or am suffering with short term memory loss. Both could be true given the situation.

I could wear the reading glasses hanging around my neck or use a grown-up cookbook next time. Or better yet, quit when I’m ahead. What a concept.

2nd note to self: Ink drawings today.

Do you bake for Christmas? Have you made any mistakes lately?


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63 thoughts on “Dear Holiday Diary, Mistakes were made.

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    1. I know what you mean! Sweets are the bane of my waistline. I’m small, but if I don’t watch what I eat, I put it on around my waistline! I do like to nibble on something sweet once in a while. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. When we were first married and lived in a small town, I always baked 12 different kinds of cookies at Christmas. I was known for it. [I was nuts.] Then it went down to 8 different kinds of cookies, then 4. Now, as an older and wiser woman who lives in a big city, I drive to the Italian bakery in the next suburb over, and buy a variety platter of their delicious cookies. So easy. 😉

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      1. Cookies are MY vice!! I just took two boxes (don’t hate) home last night. I make a Christmas Oreo Mint ice cream to go with this time of year too. (cookies IN ice cream) And I did my first batch last night. How much can I put you down for?


    1. The last bundt cake I made was so soaked in rum that the next morning I found a dead-drunk cockroach next to it. (I lived in a graduate-student apartment in Houston at the time.)

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        1. Yes! It must be true because the hooker insects said it was acting recklessly and shouting obscenities right after it snorted the rum cake and before it fell over dead on its back with its legs up! It had to be the rum bundt cake because nothing else had ever killed a Texas cockroach.

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  2. When I can’t read the small print (which is becoming more and more frequent), I’ve started taking a photo of it with my iPhone. Then I can enlarge the picture on my screen and see what it says. I have lots of strange photos on my phone.


  3. I used to love Christmas baking. Cardamom bread, sugar cookies, banana or pumpkin bread for gifting. Molasses platter cookies, reindeer nipples, and more. But with some physical issues being treated partially with dietary changes, and new food allergies, there’s no baking happening here lately… unless it’s a bird in the oven. I miss the cardamom bread so much, I made cardamom flavored lip balm a few years back.

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      1. Sorry, the lip balm recipe is a trade secret. But I bet you can find some online. Reindeer nipples are a Snyder’s square pretzel topped with a Hershey’s Hug that has been gently melted in a medium oven, with a red or green M&M pressed into the top of the softened Hug. Pure chocolate and pretzel. Delicious!! FYI, do not Google this looking for a photo of one!


  4. I don’t bake for Christmas, but I go to a lot of holiday parties where I eat Everything everyone else has baked. Last night I came home from a Boulder Media Women potluck party and told my husband that I ate cake, cupcakes, cookies, and brownies. “That’s all??” he said. “Oh, and four brussels sprouts,” I confessed. All washed down with the pink champagne I brought, LOL!


  5. I am not baking for Christmas this year, because baking always leads to eating. I have to bring something to the office next Monday, however, so maybe I’ll try a molasses/ginger snap recipe in your honor, Miss Suze.


  6. Yes’ Why ‘I am quite baked right now in fact’… 🙂

    Christmas eggnog, Ice brewed coffees homemade…

    and Bailey’s Mary Christmas Wild Woman!


  7. What ??? Me, make mistakes ! Who could ever conceive of such an idea, Susie ?? They are not mistakes…, ever !!! The proper term is inspirations ! Happy baking ! 🙂


  8. Believe it or not’ I know women who are nuts’ ‘no names ever mentioned though’. But then I guess we all get a wee bit festive and excited about the Christmas Holiday season. We have made every year now a Cult Classic festive Christmas in watching National Lampoon’s ‘Christmas Vacation’ Heck I can’t keep my three year old son out of the Tree Stand Reservoir, ‘fifth time today I’ve had to drag him out from under the Christmas tree’ by his ankles. Maybe I should be offering him more glasses of water throughout the day. Hay that gives me a thought’ do you think that if I fill the tree stand reservoir with ‘Ensure’ that I can get a couple extra weeds of fresh green plumage and keep it green until um…New year’s day? The Boy is going to be so heart broken when the day comes to take it down.

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  9. Just realized you may be the answer to my Christmas dilemma, Susie: I need the ultimate baking gift for my wife.
    She’s baking up a storm these days!
    Any thoughts?


  10. Just a month ago. Went to make banana bread with six bananas so doubled the recipe right off with dry ingredients. Started peeling bananas, three too far gone. Being frugal, I thought I’d look for a recipe that could use the dry stuff already mixed. Peanut butter cookies, tons of them!! And other disasters occurred. Btw, Colorado Cache is the best no fail cookbook I’ve ever found.


  11. The New Boys and Girls Cookbook is so cute…. how funny that the recipe was to bake a different kind of cookies… But, your sister liked them a lot anyway… how about other members of the family!?…. Sending love & wishing you happy Holidays, dear Susie. 😀


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