Win a Handmade Christmas Card!

It’s time to guess and win a card!

One of my Christmas traditions is to draw a family Christmas Card. It’s almost done. I’m toying with adding something to the last drawing. Yes, there are three illustrations this year. No popups. Whew! I had to draw a line (pun intended) to save my sanity. A couple of years ago, I spent close to 80 hours just pasting them together.

Last year, I made a modified popup.

tobogganing Christmas Card

Christmas Card 2015

I’m having a hard time with my “no cutting or pasting rule” for the year. I look at these cards and their so much prettier than a plain white one. I still have time to assemble something, don’t I? Maybe not.

The card from 2014.

christmas card with tree punch

illustrated christmas card

Guess what we are doing in this year’s card. Leave a comment and win!

Merry Christmas!


49 thoughts on “Win a Handmade Christmas Card!

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  1. Such incredible talent!
    I think it would be easier to guess what you won’t be doing, like sitting on the couch watching T.V.
    Since you are making us think I’m going to go with something from your summer adventures. Something warm with a dash of wanderlust.

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  2. Roswell, New Mexico family rendezvous and teasing the Guards at the Area 51 gated Point of no return, by shoving Danny over the line and then drawing him back over while laughing, and shouting to the Armed Guards: “Just Kidding! Lol’.

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    1. Thanks so much, AtticMan! That made my week!
      I’ve been so busy, I missed responding to your wonderful comment although I’ve read it with a smile on my face several times. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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