It’s a Valentine Blog Party!

Valentine's Day Blog Party

Can you feel the LOVE? Be my Valentine and come to my blog party. I hope you’ll dance along with my video too!

My husband, Danny, went heli-skiing this week, so I decided to host all of you while he’s away! I love bringing bloggers together to meet each other. I just need to clean up the mess before he comes back…

Drop ONE link to your blog in a comment. Two links will send you to spam prison. Tell us a little about what you write or share. The shorter, the better. Something that will hook readers into stopping by your blog.

Click on a few links and say, “Howdy do!” Tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to your place.

Subscribe to a few! Maybe some will subscribe to your blog. Mingle with the guests and don’t forget to dance!

Click here for my Dance Bomb video!

Don’t have a blog? No worries. Click on the links below for all kinds of fabulous stories. My followers are the BEST!

Spread the word. Tell your Facebook and Twitter friends or better yet, reblog it to your followers!

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and my Facebook Page. It’s always a Wild Ride!

Want to see how it’s done? This blog party was a rager.

118 thoughts on “It’s a Valentine Blog Party!

  1. My blog is The Spectacled Bean. In it I share “Tales, Thoughts + Tribulations of a Free Spirit in Suburbia.” I like to laugh, talk about daily life, occasionally inform, basically just hang out.

    [I’d add another link here but Susie would send me to spam prison, so I won’t. She holds great parties, but I tell ‘ya the rules…]

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  2. Hi, Susie:

    I love your parties! And it’s not just for the open bar, I swear.

    My blog, “What Rhymes with Stanza?” shares my poetry, photography, the trials and tribulations of my DIY home impairment projects… and because I figured out I’m a one-blog-only kinda gal, I folded my stained glass blog into “Stanza” as well. Be sure to check out my glass gallery.

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  3. Thank you Susie for hosting the Valentine’s day party, this would be the only party I could actually attend on the V day! 😀 😉

    I share my random musings and thoughts on my blog- Long Island Iced Tea, where I talk about love, life, and the struggles that go into making every person’s journey unique.

    My latest post is about us as the confused Gen Y struggling with the flawed concepts of love that we have!

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  4. Hi, folks! I blog at One Grain Amongst the Storm. An erstwhile pen-pusher, I am an extant keyboard-clatterer. I’ve been holding my own in that storm for a while now. You may ask what this storm is all about but don’t expect me to answer that. And if you ask me about my day-job I may never visit your blog again. Thank you, and thanks to Susie!

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    • Ha! I have no shame. 🙂 Thanks!
      It’s so great to see you, Kassandra! Everyone will love your post about love and how it changes. That diagram says it all!
      Thanks for stopping by! Have fun and don’t forget to DANCE!


  5. I’m 40 and this is my first V-Day party, EVAR!!! I look for the funny in life because life ain’t a damn bit funny…except when it is. It’s those moments that I love to share. And I do it all while keeping my insanity in tact! Come see me at

    I’m off to dance now! Thanks so much for the invite Susie!


  6. Happy Valentines Day, Susie! Well given that this is a singles blog party—multiple links being considered spam, Ha!—I’ve decided to link all of you to just one of my blogs… because I only have one blog! Now after you’ve read this obscure subliminal response—these are not the droids you’re looking for—you will inexplicably fall into a deep sleep (likely a coma) and feel this incredible urge to go visit, an untidy collection of random posts derived from messy thoughts constantly littering my mind, and to go take your wife out to dinner and buy her flowers and chocolates. Unless, of course, you are a wife reading this, in which case, you’ll demand your husband yield to this powerful subconscious suggestion—or else! After I snap my fingers you will all awaken and do as suggested—and also send envelopes of large unmarked bills to my Swiss bank account located somewhere up in the Himalayas. And… SNAP!

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    • You are so freakin’ funny, AtticMan! I know my guests will love this post too. Your humor is RIDICULOUS!
      Thanks for stopping by. There are a lot of new faces in the crowd to check out! Have fun clicking around!


      • Thank you so much for the compliment, Susie. As you know, ridiculousness is a very serious subject… hee, hee, hee. I’m now off to look at some of the other blogs who follow your blog. Thank you for introducing me to them. ‘O)


    • It linked to your stats, but WP went, “Whoa!” and linked my stats instead. Ha! More April Fools than Valentine’s day. Ha!
      I’ll delete it. I’ve had the most unpredictable day. I thought I’d be around, but noooo!

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      • I wanted to say thank you for deleting my deplorable stats page, Susie. I don’t know what happened. Maybe I (or possibly WordPress) posted it by accident. Although, I feel it more likely those notorious April Fool pranksters, WordPress, are to blame. Bad, bad, bad WordPress! Very naughty. 😀


  7. Happy Valentine’s Day, Susie and all the other lovely bloggers who dropped by for the wild ride! 🙂
    My name is Donna and I blog about life, the universe and everything, with a lot of humour. Drop by, stay a spell, you might never want to leave. Here’s one from my vaults for Valentine’s Day!
    Wishing everyone a wonder-filled day, now off to visit and share. 🙂

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      • hehehe glad you liked it Susie. And you may regret the sight of me dancing…

        If you’ve ever seen the “White-boy wiggle” imagine that, but with even less swagger. I’ve been known to draw stunned stares of silence, not the awed kind, mostly the flabbergasted ones…

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  8. Thanks Susie for hosting this party. I went by and discovered a few blog which I otherwise never would have discovered on my own.

    My blog is about positive reinforcement training horses (a force-free and ethical way of training) aka clicker training. I also write a lot about (equestrian) goal setting and how to plan and achieve your goals. Here is the link (thanks, Susie you for the opportunity to share).
    Sandra Poppema, HippoLogic

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    • Such a great story about what Valentine’s Day is all about, Guat! It’s all about the LOVE!
      Thanks so much for coming to the party to drop a link. It’s always great to “see” you. 🙂


    • Your recipes look AMAZING! I don’t know how you do anything with a child on your lap. I’m always in awe of those who blog with small children. Mine lived at home one summer when I first started blogging, between semesters. I couldn’t get anything done!
      Thanks for coming to the party! Have fun clicking on links and meeting the guests!

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    • LOVE your blog and your reviews! I meant to ask you if you’ve read “A Man Called Ove.” Hysterical and heartfelt about an old curmudgeon who wants to die.
      Thanks for coming to the party! Have fun clicking on links and meeting the guests! The more you click, the more you’ll meet!

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