On Glamour for Fashion Week, but What Does that Mean?

What do I know about fashion, glitz, and glamour? Not much these days, but I care about my appearance. I live in Colorado where casual defies formal attire. My friend, Sherilyn wears the latest trends and bought me a flashy metallic scarf for Christmas. I couldn’t imagine how I would wear it.

A scarf like one in the Michael Kors collection

This is Fashion Week in New York City where all the 2017 fall lines are being unveiled. I worked retail many years ago and imagined my boss sitting at a runway show while making notes on the latest styles. Attending one is on my bucket list.

Twitter hosted the Michael Kors live fashion show Wednesday morning. I clicked on it and went full screen HD. With ten minutes remaining before it started, attendees found their seats and chatted. I felt like I was there rubbing elbows with the likes of Blake Lively and Anna Wintour.

As the cameraperson moved through the large room, superimposed phrases appeared. I didn’t think to write them down. One said something about fashion and glamour. I understand fashion, but what the heck does glamour mean, exactly?

I conjured an image of my mother getting ready to go out for the evening. Tightening her lips, she applied lipstick in the bathroom mirror. Makeup from a bottle of Revlon evened her skin tone. Her bright violet eyes popped with eyeliner and mascara. A fabulous new dress would be worn for dinner out with my dad and their friends, most likely a Vogue dress sewn on her Singer sewing machine. She may have worn a matching coat. She was the most beautiful woman I knew and still is.

Was being glamorous more easily understood? Celebrities. Lifestyles of the rich and famous. Being pampered, chauffeured, and treated like royalty. A bit cliche, perhaps.

I had to look it up.

According to Merriam-Webster, Glamour means: A magic spell. An exciting and often illusory and romantic attractiveness.

I was dead on.

Fashion Week is an unveiling of designer’s collections created so we can feel glamorous. I know the feeling of wearing something that makes me feel more attractive. It’s illusory alright. Not so sure about romantic.

Maybe the first experience girls have of glamour is in the story of Cinderella. With a magic spell, she is transformed from sooty, dirty housemaid into lovely enchanted princess. No one could take their eyes off her including the prince. Maybe that’s why some of us consume the latest and greatest fashions. To feel like a princess, even if it doesn’t last or is an illusion, is still a dang good feeling.

In fifth grade, I needed a dress for Confirmation and found the one of my dreams at Gimbels. My mom frowned on the price, but had me try it on anyway. She studied the French seams, the lace, and the unusual square cuffs that hung over my hands. Then she bought similar purple velvet fabric and duplicated it on her sewing machine. When I wore it that night, I received so many compliments and lots of attention. I felt glamorous. I’m not sure the nuns at Queen of Peace were as in love with my dress as I was. Too much leg!


I think it all goes back to that magic spell. While watching the Michael Kors show, I studied the fabrics, the colors, the metallics, the cut, and the flow. Inspired, I filed these mental notes away for next fall. Then all eyes fell on the last model. She sashayed around the room wearing a black mini dress layered in full-length fringe. We were simply spellbound.

Glamour isn’t only for the rich. It’s about finding a style that reflects who you are. It’s about how you feel when you wear your clothes. Some of mine date back decades, but I think I have an eye for fashion. I keep the timeless garments that boost my confidence.

That said, look at what Michael Kors tweeted after the show…

Look familiar? Hmm. Maybe it’s time to rethink my wardrobe and find something new to wear with my scarf. Thank you, Sherilyn! Then I’ll go through my closet and freshen it up (toss out tons of old clothes) after I study Vogue, Glamour, and Instyle magazines.

It’s time to feel glamorous again.

Are you into fashion trends? Do you wear clothes from decades ago? When was the last time you felt glamorous?

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44 thoughts on “On Glamour for Fashion Week, but What Does that Mean?

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  1. This makes me think back to my Wedding Day – I was a pure beauty glowing and glamorous in my gown with shoes and accessories. I cannot wait for next weekend – romantic weekend getaway with Mister Man – going out for dinner and a show – get to see Wicked finally. Sometimes glamorous for me is not having to get dressed up in my work uniform (pretty conservative work environment) and just wearing a maxi dress or a cute capri outfit. Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂


    1. Oooh! Nice! I didn’t think of my wedding and yet that really was all about being glamorous. I even had my hair done the day of! Your upcoming date night sounds wonderful. You know all about glamour, Renee. Sometimes we don’t have to do much to feel good about ourselves when going out on the town.
      Have a spectacular day too!


    1. Thanks, Peg! The photo doesn’t do the dress justice. I had to blow it up from a tiny one-inch print. I look at my thighs and wish I could build them like that again. Ha! (dang surgery.)

      My mom made everything for us. We wore cool pants and jackets in the 70’s and 80’s that many wanted to buy! Boy, could my mom topstitch. Absolutely perfect.

      I sewed all of my curtains and costumes for the kids, but the cost of clothing really came down through the years. I couldn’t rationalize the time!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Folks like your mom are a lost race. I am sold on that dress you wore in fifth grade, I guess you were born glamorous (as against the third kind who have fake glamour thrust upon them). I am retaining a shirt of mine since 2005, just so I can measure how I look into them as I shrivel into greyness.


  3. I do not follow fashion trends – usually because I think they’re ugly. I’ve never seen anyone ever wearing anything that I’ve seen on a runway. I mean seriously, where would you wear that stuff?

    But, I do like feeling glamorous and getting dressed up. I have my own special kind of fashion and glamour, as does everyone.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. I totally agree!
      Michael Kors line was wearable. I loved his asymmetrical jackets and swinging style. I imagine they have already been knocked off and we’ll some of them at Marshall’s. Ha!
      The link to the 10 minute show is linked above. You might enjoy it!


    1. Me too! The Michael Kors line was definitely wearable. I would love some of the jackets, coats and dresses. You can click on the link in the article to watch it on YouTube.
      Thanks for stopping by, Brianna!

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  4. I designed clothes from 1967-1996. Right now I wear comfortable jeans and pants and hoodies.. LOL. If I go out I will dress up.. but not like years gone by when every day was a runway show LOL..


  5. Hey – your dress was as long as your finger tips – it passed the rule. HA HA. Our moms sound a like – excellent seamstresses – knew fabrics, stitches, could reproduce anything she was in the store and how to manage those complicated Vogue patterns – even slip covers. She used to pay money for luncheons each August at high dollar stores like Neiman’s who put on runway shows of the latest fashion at the events. She would make sketches on. a small spiral pad. Maybe it was more common in that era. I can sew, but not at that level and clothing did get so cheap. Some things I did learn about glamour back then was that you need to make your own style, a dress/outfit should never enter a room before you (meaning it shouldn’t draw attention away from the wearer) and a smart girl buys timeless investment pieces you really really love – worth the expense over time. (and those pieces encourage you to hold the weight down and keep in shape HA HA)
    Enjoyed the post. (Nice sweater and jeans never go out of style!)


    1. Our mom’s DO sound alike! Mine sewed slipcovers too. I like what you said about timeless pieces and I pull them out every once in a while. It’s funny how they are the one’s that get the compliments! There have been many seasons when I couldn’t buy much since the colors were wrong or they didn’t reflect who I was, but I better save my money for spring and fall! Ha!
      Thanks so much, Phil!

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  6. Susie, only you could make a post about fashion and glamour interesting to me! I, like you, am a Coloradan (although I’ve strayed quite a ways from home) with a firm grasp on fashion. I have 2 evening-wear hoodies for those special occasions, and a $3 pair of cracked pink sunglasses that I never leave home without during daylight hours. (In all fairness, I don’t get out as much as I used to).

    As much as I love your writing, and cling to your words of wisdom as any devoted neophyte should (extra pints for nifty word), I have to say I was a bit concerned with the implications at the conclusion of this post. Does this mean its time to upgrade to the snazzy jeans without frayed seams? I sure hope not;)


    1. Hahaha! Spending money is all up to you. The guys in the show wore some interesting outfits, but I’m wasn’t sold on the 10 inch cuffs on jeans nor the long unbuttoned jackets belted at the waist. I think you’re safe with your snazzy jeans!
      Thanks so much, Gabe! I did worry about whether guys would get anything out of it, but more comments are from men!
      Glad to hear you’re from this part of the world.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. My bestie would be all over that scarf. She is glitz to the highest power. She recently confessed that when she is shopping for me, she tends to go to her style, which is the polar opposite of mine. Recently she accurately described us as you’re “hand made by women in a village, where the proceeds go to necessities and I’m Tiffany’s on steroids.”
    I must say I had a childhood flashback when I read “Gimbles” … I miss those stores!!


    1. That’s so funny! I used to dress up to go to the grocery store back in Wisconsin, but I’ve lived here in the West for as long as I lived there and have adopted its casual style. I do think the entire country has become more casual. We used to have these huge Christmas parties. I would dress to the nines in a long gown and guests would come in what they wore all day! I finally added “semi-formal” to the invitation. Ha!
      I’ll definitely wear the scarf!
      And Manchesters!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m forever annoying my daughters (16 and 22) with how casual (okay, lazy) I dress! My go to “look” is a pair of hubby’s old work jeans and a sweatshirt (winter), or a simple skirt (and yes, they’re all old too) and a tee-shirt (summer). Can’t remember last time I felt glamorous, and I should probably do something about that. 😀


    1. I went shopping with my daughter today and found all kinds of things. I love the colors and what’s in style this spring. You may too! Dressing up does wonders for confidence.
      Thanks for stopping by to read, Traci!

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  9. I’m of the school of thought that you buy a few good, well made, classic pieces that make you feel absolutely stunning when you put them on. You can dress them down or dress them up as you see fit with whatever is trending this week.


    1. That is so true! I could use another little jacket. I’ve worn some of mine for a long time. I’ve never gone waaay high style like Chanel, although their lines are stunning. Maybe someday!
      Thanks for stopping by1

      Liked by 1 person

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