Fantastic Meme Found in Crested Butte

bikes leaning across trail Telluride

Danny and I biked on a trail through Crested Butte. As we rode out of town, we noticed a gathering of people taking pictures. We dropped our bikes, walked up to the cement post, and cracked up.

Things I hate meme from Crested Butte

I would love to meet the person who graffitied it. This is my kind of humor.

If you had the opportunity and courage to graffiti, what would yours say?

Mine would say:

Things I love –

1 . Respect for property

2 . Natural selection

3 . Sarcasm

I still like the other one better.

Have you ever graffitied anything? A wall? A desk? A tree? Would you?

80 thoughts on “Fantastic Meme Found in Crested Butte

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  1. You might appreciate a shirt I’m having done before I leave for my convention. (I’m having someone do the picture, so that’s why it’s not on order yet.) It will say:

    Multilingual novelists
    pueden matarte
    in meerdere talen
    [book with a quill lying across it]
    (Descansi en Pau)

    Which means (In four different languages): Multilingual novelist can kill you in various languages. (Rest in peace) 😉


      1. I was a little concerned it was too violent, but I realized that very few people are going to be able to get beyond the Spanish line, so it’s probably safe. (*giggle*)


          1. If I were to do it, it would be on CafePress. Trouble is, everyone is going to want a different combination from English/Spanish/Dutch/Catalan, so it would be hard to keep up with.


  2. Until recently I had never tagged anything. Ever. However, for the past 3 months I’ve been neck deep in scanning all of my parent’s old photographs and during the lowest moment I wondered if anyone would ever scroll through all these pictures. Probably not because most people may like the idea of heirloom photos but few would be bothered to view the 500+ on DVDs. With that in mind, I decided to tag some of the photos. Like “Did a mule kick Cousin Eddie and is that what made his eyes crossed?” and “Is Uncle Neil incubating an egg in his mouth? That’s farming dedication in my book!” and “Who is that woman lurking in the shadows? Is this a horror movie?” There were 3 photos in a series of my father sitting on a small pony, his legs almost touching the ground. “Just Dad sitting on a pony.” then “Still sitting on the pony.” and then “Why is he STILL sitting on that poor pony?!”

    I can always apologize if someone takes offense but at least I would know that my hundreds of hours of labour wasn’t all in vain. Maybe no one will look for 50 years but then they would feel like an archeologist reading smut in hieroglyphics. :o)


    1. Ha! I love it. That is a huge job and one I need to get on top of, stat!
      BTW, tagging is what it’s called when someone spray paints property, usually a gang sign. Hence the funny tag. What did you think of it?


  3. I’m missing something here. What is tagging? I’m getting the idea that it has nothing to do with a yard sale… Am thinking that whatever it is, I haven’t done it. 0.o


  4. This is great! If I graffitied anything (is that really a word?) it would be at Stonehenge and it would say, “you guys rocked it!”

    P.S. I have been to Crested Butte. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the only mountain in Colorado you can actually walk around, n’est ce pas? Neat little town.


    1. Definitely little! I’m not sure of the mountains. We drove to the ski area, but couldn’t see much. We did take some wonderful hikes while keeping our heads down. Deer hunting season had just opened!
      Love ❤️ your Stonehenge idea. Graffitied is a word! I was surprised too. Thanks, Al!


  5. I once did a wild study on graffiti. It was amazing. There is this person in Cali who has a PH.D. in graffiti. He talked about the historical significance and how it has been around for eons. I doubt I would ever graffiti something natural. Now, a building or something like that, yeah, I could see me doing that. Not sure what I would say…though. I guess it would depend on the circumstances…like…
    “Well, look, they were right…there are zombies…” or as Blake said on his tombstone “I knew if I lived long enough, it would come to this.” That is my kind of humor…


      1. The rain was killer flooding our neighborhood, but glad I had monster tires so that I wouldn’t get stuck and then watch myself on the news. But it’s all good because we needed it!


              1. Definitely! 🙂 I used to go to a spa with my Mom many moons ago in Wisconsin. It was near Lake Geneva I believe. It was a beautiful setting, that’s for sure. 🙂


  6. I have a love/hate relationship with lists. I find them a necessary evil.

    Also, I need your e-mail address so I can get you your gift book from my blog last week. Shoot me a quick e-mail at jansen (dot) schmidt (at)


    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


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