Twelve Reasons To Use Twitter

I was shocked to read an article by the Associated Press about Twitter. Few have signed up for an account since the US election. I assumed with political tweets making worldwide news, people would be curious to see them first hand. Nope.

People use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family. It remains the social media of choice. But Twitter has an expansive reach. We have the opportunity to connect with just about everyone with a public account. How cool is that?

According to Alexa website ranking statistics, Facebook is #3 in the world and in the US. Twitter is #18 in the world and #8 in the US. It seems this social networking site has become even less popular after the election.

Twitter Traffic Statics from Alexa

Twelve reasons to try Twitter:

1. You can follow anyone.

I can follow anyone with a public account. Although non-follower’s tweets won’t show up in my feed, I can check out their tweets and can tweet to them by using their Twitter handle. @susielindau is mine.

2. You can communicate with celebrities, politicians, athletes, comedians, best-selling authors… from around the world.
  •  A few years ago, a blogging friend wrote a satirical piece about Roseanne Barr. I tweeted the article to her along with my friend’s Twitter handle. Roseanne responded and they had a conversation on Twitter. How cool is that?

  •  After posting about how seeing Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis set me back on track after cancer, it blew up on Twitter. The link is still being shared.
  • I finished reading Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane, (terrific book!) and asked his fans what I should read next. I tagged him, (added his Twitter handle) in the tweet. He retweeted me. I received hundreds of comments in replies. Gaiman is a consistent tweeter and converses with fans daily.

Beware! If you don’t see the blue and white verified check symbol next to a celebrity’s name, it’s a fake account. There are lots of phonies out there.

To be heard.

It feels good to connect with others. We are all human. Expressing ourselves and our opinion gives us a voice. Our words can be meaningful.

Don’t expect a response from high profile accounts, but if you have good timing, your tweet may be read by the person you tweeted.

That said, don’t become a troll. Trolls are nasty people who tweet hate. There’s enough hate in the world. If you are going to disagree, do it in a respectful way.

4. Because most celebs post their own tweets.

Many use it as a platform. One hundred and forty characters can convey a lot especially in all caps.

Trump’s tweet unleashed the #EverythingInAllCaps hashtag game that night.

5. For up to the second news.

I check Twitter Moments for news like some who sit in front of their TV and channel surf. In a few seconds, I learn the latest one or two days before it makes it to print or television. People tweet what’s happening as it occurs.

6. Because hashtags. 

Adding a hashtag (#) in front of a word hooks you up with tons of people who may not follow you. The symbol works like a bulletin board to bring people together with common interests. #MondayMotivation, #Thursdaythoughts, #FridayFeeling, #SundayBlogShare, #AmWriting, are a few of my favorites.

Hashtag games can be addictive. They trend throughout the day like #ThingsDoneByMistake in reference to #EnvelopeGate after the Oscars. It’s fun to throw down a 140 character entry.

7. For safety.

#Longmont trended a few weeks ago. It’s a town north of me. I was like, “WHAT?” Three brush fires near Nelson Road made visibility tough. They had evacuated over one hundred and fifty homes less than five miles from my house. 60 MPH gusts pummeled my home. Don’t worry. Firefighters put it out.

8. For inspiration.

Pope Francis tweets and so does the Dalai Lama, Paulo Coelho, Steven Hawking and Deepak Chopra. Years ago, when totally depressed about breast cancer, I checked my Twitter feed. Someone called Angel tweeted. “Everything will be alright, you are loved and being prayed for.” Later, I couldn’t find the account!

9. For promotion.

I blog, therefore I promote. I tweet all of my blog posts. Readers have clicked on links from tweets to my blog over 350 times since January 1st. That’s a pretty good boost.

Warning! Use the 1/3 rule when promoting: 1/3 tweet your own links, 1/3 someone else’s, and 1/3 tweets without links. If you err, do it in the no links category.

To err is human, but don’t expect a lot of followers if all you do is retweet or tweet links. That is sooooo boring. *yawn* I don’t follow automated accounts or those who don’t communicate like a human.

10. You can make lists.

Since I follow a ton of people, I make lists to check on my favorites. They include News sources, Retweetables from Mashable, Science Porn, and Merriam Webster, Funny people, and Susie’s Posse among others.

11. It’s great editing practice.

With only 140 characters allowed per tweet, I’ve learned the skill of “tight writing.” Cutting excess verbiage has carried over into my manuscripts and screenplays. Since joining Twitter in April 2011, I’ve tweeted 18,100 times. That’s a lot of practice.

12. To meet people from around the world.  

It’s not unusual for me to carry on a conversation with someone from India, Western Europe, Canada, France, Sweden, or New Zealand to name a few countries. The ease of communication on Twitter makes our world very small. I love that!

Through Twitter, I have gained an understanding of how people may view the world through a different lens, but we are more alike than different.

Twitter is my social media of choice. Set up an account. Try it for kicks and giggles. 40% of users don’t ever tweet. Tweet me @susielindau and I’ll add you to my posse!

Follow me on  Twitter, PinterestInstagram and my Facebook Page. It’s always a Wild Ride!

Do you have a Twitter account? How do you use it?

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114 thoughts on “Twelve Reasons To Use Twitter

Add yours

    1. Cheila,
          I wish I understood it better. Every feature seems to be hidden in a non-intuitive place, and the terminology seems illogical. I guess my intuition is is not aligned with theirs. I’ve experimented a little, but with each experiment I think I’m more confused. And every website seems to have different rules. Let’s see(where am I now?), um, if it’s wordpress I think I can use a little html, but if it’s twitter, maybe not and their # (hashtags) don’t allow ” ‘ “ ? Now I’m afraid to push the POST COMMENT button because maybe I’ve forgotten something vital. I don’t know. Faux pas city here I come or is that “Kansas City”… well so… here I go…

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  1. I adore Twitter. Of your reasons, #5, #11 & # 12 are the ones that drew me in to begin with. When I talk with friends/family about why they avoid Twitter they usually say something along the lines that it’s too difficult to learn. Makes me sad for them, because with a little effort anyone can get it. I mean, look at me– I’m no genius, but I caught on. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s simpler than most social media! Setting up an account doesn’t mean they have to tweet either. I get tired of Facebook.

      I just turned on The Today Show and they are doing a segment on the Best Picture flub. I turned it off. Found out about the duplicate envelopes yesterday morning and figured one of the employees of Price Waterhouse screwed up and didn’t look at it. Oh, boy!
      Thanks for reading, Ally!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Susie,
            Hmm, it’s simpler than most social media. Ut oh, if this twittering is simpler than a bird call then i suppose I should get out of the cave more often and see the birds. It’s my turn to write our blog and the formats are driving me crazy: just when I thought I figured it out, they said, “You should use the new improved editor, and when I did, it removed all my formatting — I wanted large purple type which I got originally and then it went black with the new improvement. I was just fixing a typo and they destroyed my whole thingy (special term). I heard a robin tweet to a cardinal and even they were pecking on a keyboard, they said, though the robin needed permission from the cardinal — I think it’s the pecking order.


          1. I appreciate the virtual tea and sympathy even on a winding mountain road. I was able to re-insert the formatting after an edit — it’ll do for now. I guess I should stop fussing over minor details: I suppose it’s just a way of procrastinating so I don’t have to write the blog. A lot has happened which I didn’t write in the blog yet — Zawmb’yee was told that Kvizee Doug was not dead. But I’m exhausted after I was forced to kill our top scientist who perfected teleportation… there was a lot of blood. These things are hard to describe. I hope I can give up my responsibility for writing the blog soon and let one of the others continue from their point-of-view. Each person writing from their perspective in first person can be tricky. I’m also supposed to start describing the Utd’mbts language but I’m not sure it’s translatable into English — I think my head is going to explode, um, well not literally; only Kvizee Doug has done that, and with shards of skull spraying about the landscape, it’s not a pretty picture… well, so, now I have to frame the secrets so that I’m not violating any of the rules….
                Oh, by the way, we often visualize going down a spiral mountain road in our meditation exercises… although some use that in a sinister way… Oh, well, tiglekso.


  2. [ Smiles ] Those are good reasons to love Twitter.

    By the way, do you know that there are celebrities who are on Twitter and not on Facebook?

    Anyway, I will add a thirteenth reason to love Twitter: It is an excellent platform for bloggers to share their blog posts with like-minded people.

    Do have yourself a fabulous week!


  3. Between following blogs and trying in vain to keep up with my Face Book feed, I would need to add some number of hours to the day or give up sleep to do Twitter, especially since I do all that on the desktop and don’t stay on line all day – no smart phone. You do make good point though.


    1. It doesn’t take hours at all. But it can if you get into all twelve in the above. Ha!

      I’m the opposite. I go on Facebook a couple of times a week for a few minutes. I’m tired of the political rants. There’s something about it coming from friends that’s harder to swallow than strangers on Twitter. 🙂

      The blog post sharing thing and reciprocating can get involved and time-consuming. It brings a lot more people to my blog. To me, it’s play time and not work and I love to play!

      Liked by 2 people

  4. I’m a twitter neophyte. I just followed you, by the way. I’m getting used to it. It’s a little bit of a sensory overload for me, but I do see the benefits you mention, especially the editing aspect. I tend to be wordy. Twitter reins me in.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fantastic! You can lurk all of your favorite famous people. Most have accounts. Whenever I love reading a book, I tweet the author. I met a guy from Sweden last night and checked out his blog. Just remember the 1/3 rule and the followers will roll in!

      140 characters is dang short! But I have seen stories posted in several tweets. The Bloggess had one showcased by Twitter in Moments about a trip to buy a town. It was hilarious!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I use facebook, tons of search engines and Twitter. NO instangram.. have to rule out what is good for me.. but it all takes time BUT as you said
    “I blog, therefore I promote. I tweet all of my blog posts”.


      1. I post them on tumblr linkedin google+ sometimes reddit digg blogger and the list goes on.. with anything else its a crap shoot and you can do some of them right away when you post. automatically goes up


  6. Some of us are on information overload. I personally don’t need another alert on my phone from someone voicing their opinion on whatever happens to be going on. I use facebook sparingly, text my grandkids and friends, and listen to the news, occasionaly I Instagram but mostly I just observe others Instagramming …. that’s enough for me. I seriously don’t have time for twitter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have all of my alerts to my phone turned off, except for WordPress. That would drive me nuts!
      We only have so much time in the day for dinking around on the Internet. I’m not a fan of Facebook since the same acquaintances always end up in my feed. I check it every few days.
      I like Twitter because it’s less stressful and it’s a great news source.
      I would love to get into the habit of using Instagram, but like you said, we all have to make our choices! I would love to post every day, but always forget. Ha!
      Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Blogging. So many platforms to join the conversation (and there are hundreds more I’m sure). I’ve begun to explore these platforms (initially as a means of promoting my blog), but as a few others have mentioned, it’s so easy together overwhelmed with the chatter that flows at the speed of Internet (only thing I know of that’s faster than light, aside from Bad News). This is especially true with Twitter. I don’t know how you keep it all straight Susie.

    However, I really appreciate the Twitter advice about the rule of 3’s. Looks like I’ve gotta do some cleanup.


    1. I only consistently look at my blog and Twitter. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and now Flipbook take a back seat. Sometimes in the waaaaa back. Ha! I’ve never gotten the hang of Tumblr, Reddit, or Digg.
      It is overwhelming. We have to choose!

      After using almost all of them, Twitter is worth a look!
      Thanks for weighing in, Gabe!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. For what it’s worth (and I’ve just about used up all my allotted parenthetical asides for the day (you’re totally worth it)) I choose to follow you! (wow-now sappy flattery AND emotes 😉 I’m clearly on the manic end of a mini-funk here).


          1. I’m @gabeburkhardt1. My blog is smarter than I am so many of my posts have been “auto-posted.”

            Jenny (and Pals) talked me into getting started on Twitter recently. I’m starting to get it figured out. but yeesshhh.

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  8. I’ve made sporadic attempts at Twitter but my heart is never in the right place. It just feels like one giant brainstorming meeting with everyone in the world shouting an idea at once. I think certain mediums attract certain attention spans. I’ve tried using Twitter to boost blog post and other writing but I feel like Twitter attracts a different kind of reader and attention span than the kind of audience I’d like to write for.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the same way, Paul. It seems like a never ending series of promoting in order to drive traffic in order to promote in order to drive traffic, etc, etc. I don’t know how people find the time for all this. Maybe if I didn’t have to work full-time it wouldn’t seem so daunting.

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      1. All this social media is pitched as an opportunity to self-market and drive traffic for free, but with the amount of time involved I keep thinking I could commit those same hours to a part-time job and use the money to hire a PR firm.

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      2. I can’t imagine doing what I do with a full-time job. I look at some lifestyle bloggers who have kids too. HOW???? I would go out of my mind. That said, being aware of hashtags when you do tweet will bring you lots of new followers and friends. It doesn’t take but a few seconds to add #’s to your tweet. I ALWAYS edit mine, except for the original tweet that goes out with my post. For some reason, adding hashtags doesn’t work when I edit the first tweet.
        You should check out #sundayblogshare. That’s the biggest one out there. I can’t do all of them. Self-promoting while promoting others is great, but I’m not in it to become a pro blogger. I want to be a published author when I grow up! Got to keep my eye on the ball.


    2. The only way to find people is through hashtags. There are a lot of # groups that will retweet your post on certain days of the week. I’ve met a lot of bloggers that way. If I only tweeted my blog to followers, very few would stop by.


  9. I think I’m in your posse…or I used to be!

    I would say that news is precisely why I keep a twitter account. Sometimes I joke that I have to check what just popped up to make sure the world hasn’t exploded! (I use SilverBird for Chrome, so the little birdy changes colors depending on what’s happening–red for general, blue for when someone’s talking to me, green for direct messages and purple for tweets about my “Hollywood boyfriend”.) Unfortunately, that means there can be a little 20 there when someone live tweets a show or is announcing awards (surprised it didn’t blow up Sunday!)

    It’s also the best way to talk to celebrities–at least that’s what I’ve found! My entire sort-of-friendship with Eric Roberts is entirely based on twitter. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so cool, Daya! You are in my posse, for sure.

      Twitter is overlooked since most people get sucked into Facebook. I’ve always had a problem with the plastic, “everything is great” posting, but that’s what it is and I do it too. With the addition of divisive political posts, I’m over it.

      I like getting lost on Twitter. I never know who I’ll connect with next!
      Thanks for reading and for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. It has mostly been a desert for me but once in a while I do stumble upon oases and that is when I feel so nice. It’s not bad. Twitter is certainly not bad. Thank you for reminding me of that!

    PS: I just followed an old friend @SusieLindau.


  11. I have a Twitter account sitting in the garage, but apart from feeding my blog posts to it I don’t know how to drive it. From what you say, I should get behind the wheel and push a few buttons.


    1. It must be a big garage. Ha!
      It’s all about the 1/3 rule. Tweeting out my own blog posts all day is tempting, but it doesn’t work. It’s really about community and balance. I walk right past that kid on the corner always yelling, “Extra! Extra! Read all about it.” 🙂
      Have fun with those buttons! Try adding hashtags and tweeting a few other blogs. You may meet some fascinating people along the way.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. One thing I like about Twitter is getting in contact with actual celebrities. I received tweets from Traci Bingham and the woman who played Dixie (I think) from “All My Children”, Stitch’s sister from “Young and the Restless”, and Rosanna from “As The World Turns”.

    One thing I love about Facebook is getting in contact with women I have met/dated overseas.

    Social media is good if you want to get in contact with particular people. Email and phone communication, on the other hand, are not good enough. I cannot call a celebrity on the phone (because he/she may be busy or unavailable) just as I cannot call a foreign woman who does not speak English.


  13. I don’t use Twitter nearly as much as I should and I always forget to use hashtags. However, I have found some great stuff searching hashtags so there’s that. And, it is a terrific way to edit out unnecessary words. I got a request for my full manuscript from a twitter pitch – that’s less than 140 characters (because I had to use all the associated proper hashtags). Good stuff.

    Also, in case you didn’t see this on my last comment in your last blog post, I need you to shoot me an email to jansen (dot) schmidt (at) yahoo (dot) com so that I can e-mail you your gift book from my last blog.


    Happy tweeting.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Woohoo! I missed that comment, Patricia! I’ll have to check back a few posts to see if I missed any others. Thanks so much!

      Good luck with that request! I’ve had a few as well. Can’t beat 140 letter pitches. It’s a heck of lot easier than a face-to-face pitch.
      Hashtags get your tweet seen!


  14. I really just use twitter to put my random thoughts somewhere. I love these tips and your thoughts. It’s awesome that you’ve had so much success with it! For my company, Instagram really seems to be the best place for us. I think the key is to really focus and learn two platforms well but to have some kind of presence on all of them!


    1. Hey, Meg! Great to “see” you!
      Sounds like you’re in the purse business! Congratulations. I totally agree! Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are mine, (in that order) but I dabble in Pinterest, post once in a while on Stumbleupon, but rarely go to Tumblr. There are so many! I can’t do it all well. It might be different if I were a pro blogger.


      1. I am in the purse business with nonprofit work on the side and it’s going good so far! I’m enjoying the variety, but then of course I am, I’m a creative. When it comes to social, you find what works best for you! I think those first three platforms are still at the top and will be for a good while.


        1. Cool! SnapChat went public today. I was baking and happened to flip through some channels. It might be a good place for your product since it seems you can click to the post. I have no idea how to use it otherwise. Ha!


  15. I’m connected with you on Twitter Susie and I must admit I enjoy looking from afar. There are so many things to be connected with these days it’s hard to stay in touch with it all. I check my word press blog regularly, Twitter just to see what’s happening in the world then go to Facebook when I have some free time. I love #SundayBlogShare too and will use some of the other hashtags you mention next time I blog. I’m trying to get the hang of Pinterest at the moment but it’s a bit time consuming. I treat it all like learning another language, good for the brain to be extended, now that I’m no longer working 🙂 Thanks for the interesting read.


    1. Thanks so much, Deb and for the tweet!
      I agree and find everything outside of my blog and Twitter exhausting. Facebook is so up and down, I go there only a couple times a week. Pinterest is a huge learning curve and I’m still learning! Instagram is the easiest, but I don’t feel like I should post unless I’ve had an adventure. The blog sharing thing can also take a ton of time. It might be different if my goal was to be a professional blogger, but I want to get my books published and my screenplays finished. Everything takes a ton of time!
      Thanks again!

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  16. I didn’t know about the little white tick for verified celebrity accounts, so that’s something new learned today. I tweet, but usually with links, mostly to other people’s blogs.


    1. You might consider the 1/3 rule. That way, others will realize you’re not a bot and will follow you! I don’t follow those who only promote. For me, Twitter is social, not just about blog promotion. Check out Neil Gaiman. He is the bomb at doing all of it. So does Chuck Wendig. Have fun!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. That rule goes a long way. Otherwise only tweeting links comes off like spam. It’s takes a little effort to keep up on Sundays with #SundayBlogShare and not look spammy. I reach out and converse with those who share my work, tweet my thoughts for the day, play a hashtag game or two. The balance pays off.

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  17. First let me say that Twitter is my social media of choice as well. I love being able to pop in and have a quick conversation, read, or opinion without consuming a lot of time. I am surprised about the numbers. I really thought twitter would move to the top with all the Trump tweets being publicized as they have been. As humans we tend to look toward the train wreck, not away. The fact that the numbers are behaving the way that they are somehow gives me hope for humanity.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great way to look at it! I love it for those reasons too, Michelle. Most of my friends who don’t use Twitter, don’t believe celebs tweet their own stuff. They don’t realize how personal it is. We all want control of that. It’s different when you’re a Tim Ferriss and all you do is tweet your #1 podcast or blog post. He hires someone for that. They also read his tweets from readers for blog post ideas. He’s up front about how he uses his time because of who he is: Author of the 4 Hour Work Week. All about time management. Ha!

      There have been days when I clicked to unfollow someone on Twitter with an outrageous opinion. Then I realized I wasn’t on my feed, I was reading a hashtag. Duh! Maybe it’s too much for people, just like Facebook. I have several FB friends who have stopped using their account because of the political divisiveness. I haven’t been on FB for a couple days now.

      Thanks so much for the input, Michelle! Thanks for the tweet!

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  18. The best thing about Twitter is that the messages are brief and editing practice is always good. The worst is that the spontaneity of it seems to have a tendency to attract the impulsive. (But with fewer words, it’s less annoying than FB with the over the top emotion/politics.) Some of those done too quickly tweets are pretty funny.
    Great for promoting stuff and building a fan base.


    1. Thanks so much for weighing in, Phil!

      I think you’re right. Since we can be followed and follow anyone on Twitter, it’s different to disagree with someone we don’t know. I have a friend on FB who posted, “Here’s an article for everyone who is hysterical over the Muslim ban.” Okay. She called me hysterical. I almost blocked her right then. But I’m hardly on Facebook. I read those kind of tweets daily, but like you said, they’re watered down since they are short and there are tons with all kinds of opinions.

      Maybe after Trump’s more positive speech last night, the hatred will calm down. I cried yesterday after seeing a video of an 80-something woman protestor, who was pushed down and maced by a police officer. Her wagging finger was so threatening. It’s gotten so out of control.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Very true. Seems like people forget when they are on FB and say things they might not in person face to face. Drunk on power of words, but not realizing the messages being sent out.
        Sometimes I just want to ask some if they have ever had a teacher in public school that there was a personality conflict or you simply couldn’t stand, but you were stuck there all year and your parents said something like “Well, in life sometimes you can’t avoid working/being with people you don’t like or that don’t like you. Just get through it.”
        Time to put effort and energy into issues we all have in common and find a way to work together to produce positive results.
        Like you, I keep hoping no matter what people are feeling, movement will be in a more positive direction.
        (I have tuned out and turned off so much due to unbridled emotions and thoughtlessness. When the waters still, maybe I’ll get back. Meanwhile, enough drama. Hysterically funny stuff is all I want to be involved with.
        So, snow skiing in July possible this year? Bluebonnets, and upper 80’s here. Back to the beach now that Mardi Gras crowds are gone.)


  19. Good list, Susie. As someone who has “argued” (politely) with Twitter-haters, I found it useful. You’re certainly right about the need to be more concise. I’m an editor by profession, and I’m always trying to trim the fat — something Twitter makes you do all the time. Of course, it also encourages some egregious abbreviations, but hey, no social-media platform is perfect. I’m also still waiting for an edit button. If Facebook can do it …


    1. I should be paid to be an editor! I may be fat-reducing my WIPs to a fault since some of the feedback is, “Whoa!”
      Any way for us bloggers to connect is good, but it definitely needs to evolve. Right now, it’s so singular. There should be a way to form groups more easily than hashtags. We’ll see.
      In the meantime, I keep thinking of forming my own group- #WildRiders!
      Thanks, Paul! Sometimes I check my notification through my phone and miss comments.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not to worry, Susie! I used to be really terrible about replying in a timely fashion, and I still miss some from time to time. I don’t even have the number of visitors you do, so I have little excuse. And ha, #WildRiders sounds good!


        1. Thanks! I should really check my posts every day.
          I’m not sure if I would use it as a place for chatting or pick a day and let everyone tweet blog posts and retweet others. It takes a commitment on my part!


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