Twelve Reasons To Use Twitter

I was shocked to read an article by the Associated Press about Twitter. Few have signed up for an account since the US election. I assumed with political tweets making worldwide news, people would be curious to see them first hand. Nope.

People use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family. It remains the social media of choice. But Twitter has an expansive reach. We have the opportunity to connect with just about everyone with a public account. How cool is that?

According to Alexa website ranking statistics, Facebook is #3 in the world and in the US. Twitter is #18 in the world and #8 in the US. It seems this social networking site has become even less popular after the election.

Twitter Traffic Statics from Alexa

Twelve reasons to try Twitter:

1. You can follow anyone.

I can follow anyone with a public account. Although non-follower’s tweets won’t show up in my feed, I can check out their tweets and can tweet to them by using their Twitter handle. @susielindau is mine.

2. You can communicate with celebrities, politicians, athletes, comedians, best-selling authors… from around the world.
  •  A few years ago, a blogging friend wrote a satirical piece about Roseanne Barr. I tweeted the article to her along with my friend’s Twitter handle. Roseanne responded and they had a conversation on Twitter. How cool is that?

  •  After posting about how seeing Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis set me back on track after cancer, it blew up on Twitter. The link is still being shared.
  • I finished reading Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane, (terrific book!) and asked his fans what I should read next. I tagged him, (added his Twitter handle) in the tweet. He retweeted me. I received hundreds of comments in replies. Gaiman is a consistent tweeter and converses with fans daily.

Beware! If you don’t see the blue and white verified check symbol next to a celebrity’s name, it’s a fake account. There are lots of phonies out there.

To be heard.

It feels good to connect with others. We are all human. Expressing ourselves and our opinion gives us a voice. Our words can be meaningful.

Don’t expect a response from high profile accounts, but if you have good timing, your tweet may be read by the person you tweeted.

That said, don’t become a troll. Trolls are nasty people who tweet hate. There’s enough hate in the world. If you are going to disagree, do it in a respectful way.

4. Because most celebs post their own tweets.

Many use it as a platform. One hundred and forty characters can convey a lot especially in all caps.

Trump’s tweet unleashed the #EverythingInAllCaps hashtag game that night.

5. For up to the second news.

I check Twitter Moments for news like some who sit in front of their TV and channel surf. In a few seconds, I learn the latest one or two days before it makes it to print or television. People tweet what’s happening as it occurs.

6. Because hashtags. 

Adding a hashtag (#) in front of a word hooks you up with tons of people who may not follow you. The symbol works like a bulletin board to bring people together with common interests. #MondayMotivation, #Thursdaythoughts, #FridayFeeling, #SundayBlogShare, #AmWriting, are a few of my favorites.

Hashtag games can be addictive. They trend throughout the day like #ThingsDoneByMistake in reference to #EnvelopeGate after the Oscars. It’s fun to throw down a 140 character entry.

7. For safety.

#Longmont trended a few weeks ago. It’s a town north of me. I was like, “WHAT?” Three brush fires near Nelson Road made visibility tough. They had evacuated over one hundred and fifty homes less than five miles from my house. 60 MPH gusts pummeled my home. Don’t worry. Firefighters put it out.

8. For inspiration.

Pope Francis tweets and so does the Dalai Lama, Paulo Coelho, Steven Hawking and Deepak Chopra. Years ago, when totally depressed about breast cancer, I checked my Twitter feed. Someone called Angel tweeted. “Everything will be alright, you are loved and being prayed for.” Later, I couldn’t find the account!

9. For promotion.

I blog, therefore I promote. I tweet all of my blog posts. Readers have clicked on links from tweets to my blog over 350 times since January 1st. That’s a pretty good boost.

Warning! Use the 1/3 rule when promoting: 1/3 tweet your own links, 1/3 someone else’s, and 1/3 tweets without links. If you err, do it in the no links category.

To err is human, but don’t expect a lot of followers if all you do is retweet or tweet links. That is sooooo boring. *yawn* I don’t follow automated accounts or those who don’t communicate like a human.

10. You can make lists.

Since I follow a ton of people, I make lists to check on my favorites. They include News sources, Retweetables from Mashable, Science Porn, and Merriam Webster, Funny people, and Susie’s Posse among others.

11. It’s great editing practice.

With only 140 characters allowed per tweet, I’ve learned the skill of “tight writing.” Cutting excess verbiage has carried over into my manuscripts and screenplays. Since joining Twitter in April 2011, I’ve tweeted 18,100 times. That’s a lot of practice.

12. To meet people from around the world.  

It’s not unusual for me to carry on a conversation with someone from India, Western Europe, Canada, France, Sweden, or New Zealand to name a few countries. The ease of communication on Twitter makes our world very small. I love that!

Through Twitter, I have gained an understanding of how people may view the world through a different lens, but we are more alike than different.

Twitter is my social media of choice. Set up an account. Try it for kicks and giggles. 40% of users don’t ever tweet. Tweet me @susielindau and I’ll add you to my posse!

Follow me on  Twitter, PinterestInstagram and my Facebook Page. It’s always a Wild Ride!

Do you have a Twitter account? How do you use it?

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114 thoughts on “Twelve Reasons To Use Twitter

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  1. I’ve got a couple of twitter accounts – one in my real name, filled with nerdy posts about techie stuff, and the one that accompanies my blog – rapidly filling with introspective rubbish 🙂 I tend to use twitter to interact with other bloggers more than anything.


    1. That is so cool! I just followed you. Sorry I missed your comment. I check through since a lot of times I check my blog when I’m out and about and miss them.
      I often wonder if my broad range of topics has hurt my blog. It really reflects me. I am so unfocussed. Ha!


  2. #I do have a #Twitter #account (@fpdorchak). I like it…it serves my #InnerPithiness…and I use it to #promote my #writing. I actually find it kinda #fun, though haven’t been too busy on #SM lately…too busy #writing! ##


    1. Hey, Frank! I missed your comment.
      I’m all about pithiness and connecting on Twitter. It’s a great way for bloggers to meet up. I wonder what Twitter will do in light of yet another social media company surpassing them? There should be an easier way to connect. Ideas?

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Snapchat! A totally different and silly way to connect, but they have paid advertising embedded in “stories” on the front page. They will only last for 24 hours. So Cosmopolitan Magazine has a cute animated, 10 second “snap” with a question with a “click here” at the bottom. It takes you to the magazine’s article. Brilliant!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Wow…our throw-away society has really assimilated itself, hasn’t it…? I’ve known of Snapchat!, but hadn’t realized it’d overtaken Twitter. #Wow


  3. I’ve only recently warmed up to Twitter, even though I’ve had an account for a bazillion years. Thanks for listing these reasons – it’s cleared up a few questions I had. 😀


    1. Great, Traci! I’m sitting on a lot more info, so if you have any other questions, fire away.
      The SundayBlogShare is terrific, but hard for me to balance. Some following only a few unfollow since I spam up their feeds! I’m glad to meet you through Suzie!
      Thanks for the tweets!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re very welcome!

        The SBS is one of the things that inspired me to work on my tweeting, and I’ve connected with so many awesome people (yourself included), but I’m still working on the balance myself.

        And since you offered… *grin* I’m trying to figure out the proper “netiquette” of the RTS. For example, something I’ve noticed (and starting doing because it seemed like the thing to do) –

        @ Person Check out this blog post from @ Traci

        Me – likes the tweet, RTs it, then replies to @ Person – thanks!

        @ Person – likes my reply, RTs it, then answers, @ Traci – you’re welcome.

        So, should the RTs be combined with the replies in this case? Or is doing it separately the thing to do?

        Not sure if the question made sense – still on my first cuppa, and my eyes haven’t recovered from all the blog reading yesterday – LOL!


        1. I know what you mean! I tried to tweet some, but went skiing and drove down from the mountains. Only so much time in the day!
          I would keep them separate since it changes the look and the size of the retweet.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. I come and go on Twitter. Learning it is quite easy, and I like sharing other people’s tweets or news. Just haven’t found a good tweeting schedule that works for me. Great post!


  5. Hi Susie! Thanks to SickChristine, I found this great post of your’s and am renewing my fledgling interest and experience with Twitter! Looks like more fun than I realized! Thanks for the great information!!


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