This is a Courtesy Reminder

We interrupt your regular programming for a courtesy reminder.

It’s that time again.

BASE jumper on ledge of building

Time to take a flying LEAP!

We will leap ahead.

No, not that kind.

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Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow! We’ll leap AHEAD and lose one hour. Dang. It causes tons of accidents, and suicides peak on Monday. But we gain an extra hour of daylight at night. Yay!

I wish we would leave our clocks alone. Setting our them ahead one hour is evil.

laughing clock gif

So when we come home from work on Monday night, all exhausted from getting up an extra hour early, we can put on our jammies and watch The Bachelor Finale! Right?

Who will Nick Viall pick? Do you care?

nick's wild eyes

Then fill out your ESPN Tournament Challenge for March Madness! I’m going to play.

One year, I filled it out not knowing any of the teams. It took about a minute. I stayed in the top one percent for a long time. It was so exciting, (I drove my family nuts…) until my bracket blew. Last year, it blew after the first week! I’m feeling lucky this year. This time, I’m picking all the teams with red uniforms.

old basketball photo

So to summarize, set your clocks ahead one hour, watch The Bachelor finale on Monday night and fill out your March Madness bracket  Your welcome.


Do you want to compete in the ESPN Tournament Challenge? I might put together my own group of Wild Riders this year. Let me know if you’re interested!

Are you going to watch The Bachelor Finale? Do you watch any reality TV or is life enough?

16 thoughts on “This is a Courtesy Reminder

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  1. We don’t change the clocks in the cave of the third sun because we have an artificial sun which is adjustable. But anyway, they did an experiment where they put people in a basement lab with no windows. They didn’t allow any clocks or other time cues. They told them to sleep and work whenever they felt like it and to mark up their own calendar according to what day they thought it was. After awhile (it might have been 2 weeks), they had created for themselves a 25 hour day: what they called Monday was 25 hours long, Tuesday 25 hours etc.
        What it proved was that the human body has a natural 25 hour cycle that is modified by exposure to the daily schedule of sunlight. They couldn’t figure out why that would be, but they had a theory that in ancient times the Earth spun at a slower speed.
        I don’t remember where I saw the study so I’m going back to sleep.


    1. I think I’m in the minority this season! This Bachelor has been a contestant twice before.
      I’m devastated. My brother was so kind, had a nonstop sense of dry humor and had so much patience. He’s been taking care of my mom since my dad died.


  2. I dragged my kids into church an hour late on Sunday. Then Mon and Tues it has felt like I am leaving for work in the middle of the night. Daylight savings time and I are not getting along.


  3. Duuuude in just getting to this … You know and the week of one hour less has caught up with me 🙂 but March Madness is reviving me. Crazy! Hope your bracket of red is doing well 🙂


    1. I never got a chance. I was in Wisconsin to celebrate my mom’s b-day and my brother, who lives with her, died. I wrote a post about it, but haven’t blogged it yet.


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