5 Things You Must Do for Your Birthday!

5 things to do for yourself on your birthdayHate celebrating your birthday? Always disappointed? I had a very Happy Birthday on the 11th and celebrated it BIG time this year. How? Easy. I depended on myself to have fun.

5 things you must do for your birthday:

#1. Take control. Plan your day in advance.

Waiting around for someone else to plan it is too much pressure on friends and family. Make it easy. Do it yourself.

Me – I didn’t want to exhaust myself with appointments and running around all day. Instead, I planned two outings and dinked around with a new toy I bought for my birthday. My son, Kelly, picked it out. *hint, hint* You’ll find out soon enough.

#2. Lower your expectations.

Oh, sure it would be great to be asked out to lunch or walk into a surprise party, but what if it doesn’t happen? Don’t let disappointment ruin your day.

Me – I didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. I stuck to my plan.

#3. Pamper yourself.

Make an appointment for a massage, facial, nail or hair appointment. Or why not meet with a fortune teller. Ha! Hopefully they will tell you the next year will rock.

Me – I got my hair cut. Then I took a long nap and watched a movie. Why not? It was my day!

#4. Go out for a meal.

Whether you go with a special someone or go by yourself, be sure to pick your favorite restaurant and eat something delicious.

Me – I met my family in Denver for dinner at one of my favorites, Venice Ristorante.

Interior of Venice Ristorante from their site

#5. Enter three highlights into a gratitude journal at the end of the night. There’s a lot to be thankful for. You lived another year. Yay!

Me – It’s been exactly one month since my brother, Joe, passed away. I’m remembering him through my journal by living my wild life.

Many people hate birthdays since they feel horrible about being one year older. Get over it! Remember the alternative. I’ve faced down my own death (evil death!) and tried to breathe life into one who had passed. Birthdays are what life is all about. Bring them on!

This was all I needed.

Five things you must do on your birthday

Do you celebrate your birthday? What’s your favorite thing to do?

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81 thoughts on “5 Things You Must Do for Your Birthday!

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  1. I totally agree – take things into your own hands. Sean and I usually travel as gifts to ourselves. Last year Vegas,t he year before that California, the year before that…New York. Memory’s fuzzy.


  2. No no’… Won’t go near the word Pampers, I am not quite there yet, no ensure ether… and I have been changing dippers daily here for 3.5 years now and on going until the boy is ready.

    A new toy? Hum… An Electric toy, something that really will get your pulse up…. like a Japanese Pachicho Machine’ ‘Yep that will keep your wildness out of trouble’, or something that you will really enjoy’ like Hair / blow dryer? No’ wait’ something that will take to places….

    ‘I got it… I know what Kelly got for you for your birthday. I got it’ Either the new Harley Davidson Café Cruiser or an electric golf cart?

    Those are my best wild thoughts / guesses… Oh Happy Birthday Susie…


  3. All good ideas. Now, all I have to do is remember some of them for almost a whole year. I don’t generally plan anything big, but I did plan a nice meal and got lots of “Happy Birthday” wishes on Face Book, which felt good.


  4. Many, many scintillating returns of the Day, Susie! You deserve each ounce of the the attention you bestow upon yourself on your special day. Like you, I too feel proud to have ‘hung one more year on the line’, I too like to chill out, ask my wife to take a new shot of my mug for the year, sit down with a glass of Zinfandel and write a blog post 🙂

    PS: You can watch the latest mugshot here: (Viewer discretion advised)


  5. I usually get a massage on or near my birthday, and then we have either Chinese or Steak & Shake for supper.

    As for fortunetelling, I read the cards! (Tarot and Lenormand…and maybe runes sometime.) If you or your friends ever want a reading, give me a shout! (I’ve discovered I enjoy it when I record what I see–even if I *do* ramble!–so I’ve taken to sending clients mp3s instead of email. They love it, too!)


      1. My favorite thing is when I read for friends and they mention something I said. “I did?”

        “Yeah, you did! It was right after…”

        I’d like to think I’m completely there when I read, but I guess not! (Hee hee)


  6. I keep it simple Susie, usually indulge in some sort of a “me” moment whether that’s a massage, a pedicure or just a nice soak in the tub. Regardless of how small or how big I celebrate, I do indeed celebrate & embrace another year! My philosophy is another year above the right side of the dirt is a good year!


    1. Ha! That made me laugh. Above the dirt is a very good thing!
      I’m glad you can relate, Lynn. I do enjoy a little self-indulgence, especially on my birthday. 🙂 I’m going to roll right through the week too! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Happy Birthday! Once I joked in a negative way about having another birthday, and my stepdad said, “It’s better than the alternative.” Just like what you said in your post. How very true. Now I never grumble about it, even though I do like it low-keyed. Dinner and a movie with my family.


    1. That’s a great idea too! Anything to get me out of the house is good.
      Yep, accepting the face that we’ve survived another year seems so hard for some. I’m pretty dang glad to still be here. 🙂
      Thanks, Carrie!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m a parent; I don’t usually do much for myself.
    But a superhero flick and some comic books are all I need.
    Aside from some “quality time” with my spouse, that is…


  9. Happy Birthday, Suzie. I never do anything special. Don’t know why. I just enjoy every day and birthdays don’t seem that different. I do enjoy a special dinner and have cake and ice cream though.


  10. The smile on Danny’s face is really all that mattered I’m sure, but the daffodil, yumminess and candle were bonuses.

    I also like to plan my own parties. It’s the only way I can ensure I do something I want to do. My husband usually gets me something, but it’s not always something I like, want or need. Lately his gift of choice has been Sharie’s Berries, for which I am truly grateful and appreciative.

    Happy birthday sweet girl. May there be many, many more! Here’s to the planners!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Here! Here! As soon as I started planning my birthdays, I enjoyed them so much more.
      I came downstairs all bleary-eyed and Danny was ready and waiting! I’m so glad I got a picture. He is the best.
      Thank you so much, Patricia and for all your support! You’ve really bouyed me up. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  11. i have always hated fuss-i have one of them big birthdays this year. I’m going to do a disappearing act and head off somewhere and not tell anybody-my warped humour likes the idea of not being around for a surprise party…


  12. Another calendar sequence conquered. Cheers
    What is the big deal about hating birthdays? People worry about the oddest things.
    Not one to mandate a super huge birthday event, but I do think you should do things that you like – not what others want for you on that day. One of my favorite jobs was with a company that insisted you take a day off – with pay – on your birthday and not do anything related to work. Smart company.
    Happy start on the next year to you!


  13. Happy belated Birthday. I’m an April baby, too, so this is sage advice right on time! I will put it to good use!

    Please accept my condolences on the loss of your brother. I imagine that he is exceptionally proud of the way you are fully taking advantage of all the hope in this life. Peace, strength and healing to you and your family.


  14. I hope you had a great birthday. Isn’t April a great month to be born – even if you don’t get your name as a result of it.

    All those suggestions are very good, especially the one about planning the day. Mine is planned, although part of the plan is, sadly, a funeral. In the evening I shall be with friends.


    1. I’m so sorry. There seems to be an incredible amount of death going on. I don’t know if you saw my posts about my brother’s shocking death.
      Planning the day is essential to enjoying it. Takes the pressure off. Happy Birthday!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I did see your post and I still don’t know what to say about it. The person who’s funeral I’m going to had at least lived a long and, mostly, happy life. She had been ill for a long time, though.

        I still can’t find the right words. Perhaps there are none.


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