When Destiny Packs Your Bags

ducks in a row

Doesn’t it always seem when you get your proverbial ducklings to trot single file, Destiny senses your achievement and watches like a lurking bully? Just as you hit your stride it jumps from the bushes and scatters them. Yup. Big D loves to mess with us. We can’t predict what life has in store for us, EVER!

“You think you’re in control of things? Ha!” says Big D, “You crack me up, Susie Lindau.” Destiny always has other plans in order to teach us life lessons.

This was the year I wanted to hunker down to finish projects, enter contests and get into super shape. Most important to me was to start a regular routine to balance my life and accomplish more in less time. Destiny buckled over it laughed so hard.

When my brother, Joe, died in March, shock pulled more than five weeks from my stellar equation to reach 2017’s goals. During that time I shelved most of my writing, but made some positive changes. I write in a gratitude journal every night and refocused my goals after finally learning about the fragility of life. You’d think breast cancer would have taught me that.

Destiny crosses its arms and shakes its head.

But Destiny also taught me to take opportunities presented NOW. I won’t wait for a better time in the future. You never know what’s ahead. Since adventure’s my thing, I decided I wanted to travel a lot more, but I wasn’t sure how I would balance that with hunkering down. I figured once things settled down after the funeral, I could get a ton done and plan an adventure sometime next fall. Ha! In hindsight, Destiny and I both share a laugh over that naive thought.

My husband and I returned home between Joe’s death and the funeral and discovered water pouring through the ceiling of our house from my demon washing machine. I took it as a cosmic joke and cliché moment about how life goes on and most of the setbacks are fixable. I figured we would patch up the ceiling and move on.

“Gotcha, Destiny.” I clucked my tongue and winked.

Big D shook its head. It had other plans.

So we’ve been inundated with workers since March 14th. Driers, contractors, drywallers, painters and soon the wood floors will be redone. My routine has been blown to hell. Instead, I carve out a few hours each day while workers come and go.

Then we heard from our insurance company. Are you sitting down? Because the water leaked out of the room into the hall, ALL of the wood floors on our first floor will be refinished along with my son’s room. The furniture has to be moved out. I threw up my hands and shook my fist at the Destiny. “Quit screwing with us, Destiny!”

My stomach has been knotted while waiting to get back to a normal life.

Then I discovered we need to move out of the house for almost THREE WEEKS! Another setback. We planned to drive to Breckenridge and stay at our second home. That’s cool, I guess.

One night, we picked up where we left off with Outlander. I had been so inspired when we started watching the historical fantasy about a woman who travels back in time to the 1740’s. My 100% Irish dad shocked us a few years ago when he said he had a Scottish grandmother. I did some research and she immigrated to America from the Melville Castle area. I wondered if my love for fish tropical in tanks and of the edible variety had anything to do with a connection to Herman?

“Wait a minute,” I said to my husband, Danny, after turning off a gruesome episode where a duke becomes headless, “See if there’s anything available in Scotland!” We bought a dinky timeshare unit in a lodge at the bottom of Peak 7 in Breck to use the amenities and park our car. We always forget to trade it and are about to lose two weeks.

After Danny researched availability, he came out of his office, smiling. “There’s a place in Dailly, Scotland.”

“What?” my eyebrows rose to my hairline and I took a look at his computer. We couldn’t find a trade in the US. It must be destiny.

A small smile curled in the corners of The Big D’s mouth as it peered over my shoulder.

That weekend, I caught up with a few blogs before skiing. Sacha Black announced the Bloggers Bash in London. One of our goals is to travel around and meet my virtual friends. “We could meet my friends!” I said.

I bought two tickets to the Bash and Danny booked our stay in Scotland for a week. We still needed to book the second week.

Why don’t we go to Paris the second week?”


“We can go anywhere, but that’s your favorite place, right?”

I would let it sink in over the weekend.

I attended the Pikes Peak Writers Conference and had several mind blown moments thanks to Donald Maass and several other knowledgeable writers. Between classes, I spoke to my son, Kelly. “If you want to visit me this quarter, you should come out next weekend,” he said. “I have to work hard the last few weeks of school.” He’s attending Icon Collective Music Production School in Burbank. He graduates in June.

I LOVE visiting Kelly in California, but I would come home late Sunday evening and would have to repack to fly out again. Thing is, my mom comes for a ten day visit over Mother’s Day. Would I ever have time to do revisions after those mind blown moments? I remembered my new thoughts about opportunity and booked flights for early Friday morning. With the pressure of a trip, I wrote a brand new, much better first chapter and revised the second. Maybe cramming in writing between workers coming to the house was a good thing.

Monday morning I checked AirBnB’s in Paris surprised at how many lovely apartments near the heart of Paris only cost around $100 per night. I made a list of favorites. Then I noticed the walls in the Parisian apartment photos. I needed to pick a color for the bathroom that had been damaged. Most of the French rooms depicted neutrals in gray, taupe and tans. We have a very French house and I was sick of the green paint in the bathroom.

I drove to the paint store and picked out a few colors, then asked the decorator, “Is gray still a popular color?”

“It is,” she said, brown curls bouncing as she walked toward me from her desk.

“I was thinking about warm gray,” I said. “Something with a little brown in it.”

She pulled a few colors from a new line of paint. They all looked pretty much alike. When I returned home with a fist full of paint chips, I selected a taupey color called “Quicksand” and called the painter.

Destiny chuckled in the background.

I didn’t pay attention to its giggle.

Another cosmic joke came the next day. The house filled with painters. They spent the day painting the guest bedroom and the adjacent back sink area and bathroom.

After they left, I checked out the rooms. “Are you kidding me???” The walls were a light shade of green. It made the tumbled marble tile look pink. I screamed. “No!” Then I checked the code for the paint on the chip against the can. Exactly the same. How? How?

I figured this had to happen to other people and spoke the contractor. Nope. This NEVER happens.

At this rate, workers will be around for a while. I predict a lot of travel in my future. Quit scattering my ducks, Destiny!

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88 thoughts on “When Destiny Packs Your Bags

Add yours

  1. Destiny always throws you a curve ball when it comes to home interiors — when I was a kid, my parents worked with contractors to build our home. Mom picked out this carpet color called “mauve wood”.

    It was pink.

    And everyone hated it except mom.

    Within the first three months of living there, my brother’s friend tracked mud throughout the living room and foyer, and then thought it was a good idea to clean it up with 409.

    It bleached the new pink carpet. Suffice it to say, we got hardwood later.

    But I never trust any “pinky” colors after that.


    1. Oh, your poor mom! I love hardwood floors, but that dang Destiny is always lurking. I hope leaves me alone while we ditch the house project for three weeks. *crosses fingers*
      *Destiny peeks from the shadows and snickers*

      Liked by 1 person

    1. We have a stackable on the first floor. The laundry room has a drain, but the faucets didn’t stick out far enough and the water ran through the wall. That won’t happen again with the replacements.
      Take that Destiny!


    1. It’s BOOKED! I can’t wait. Danny and I are sitting in a coffee shop in Burbank, CA and are planning the rest of the trip. The month of June should be WILD!
      I need to do a lot of research in the next few weeks… Do you have any tips?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Susie were you painting over green because I painted teal over blue and it came out dark teal when I really wanted bright. Wondering if a white first is what we need to do. At least with writong and art you can do it anywhere. Enjoy your travels. I miss travelling.


    1. Hey, Catherine! Thanks for sharing on Twitter!
      Nope. That’s what I thought at first, but the contractor came and we tested the paint from the can. Definitely a screw up and the paint store comped him for the paint and the time. YAY! Just another day to tag onto all the others when I’ll be inundated with workers. Oh, well. I’m getting used to it. 🙂
      I thought we’d take a one week trip in October. Ha! Now it looks like we’ll be gone the month of June! Destiny has taken us on a wild journey as of late.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I started to type this and town shenanigans came up…LOL.. I have been through renos like that and you need to sit on it and them.. but am so happy and thrilled you are going on this trip.. You deserve everything.. everything.. love you my friend


    1. I can’t believe how this went from a drywall repair and paint job to “You need to be out of your house for three weeks.” Plus we are adding painting to the project since it’s been 17 years. I CAN’T WAIT! Danny and I are sitting in that same coffee shop in Burbank, CA coffee shop where I saw Kunis and Kutcher and we are planning the trip. It’s surreal!
      Thanks so much, Linda!
      Love you too. 🙂


  4. I am so sorry to hear about your brother. You have been having quite the row with Destiny but some of it has worked out great right?! Except those walls. Those paint samples never turn out how they look on the tiny square do they?


    1. Thank you.It’s been pretty tough coupled with all the workers. Little did I know there would be this humongous silver lining!
      They screwed up at the paint store and comped the time and materials. Yay!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. It “never” happens? Your contractor either hasn’t been in the business long, or has been extremely lucky. We had a new home built in a HOA community, and I had chosen a brightish brown for the exterior of the house to meet the “earth tone” standards of the HOA. When we came back after the job had been completed, our house was a bright orange eyesore! We had the whole house exterior repainted.

    Sometimes contractors cut corners. Not proper priming, too little paint, only one coat… it’s always good to buy a sample size and paint a bit on by yourself to make sure you like what you see. Of course we did that with our house color, so it’s not always fail safe. Good luck with your projects.


    1. Did you have to pay for the repainting?
      We had the whole job comped by the paint store since the paint was mixed wrong, somehow. We have nearly 30 different colors in our house and have repainted in the mountains and I’ve never gotten a completely different color from the store. I would guess they’ll retire this new paint chip. Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. You did a great job of writing this post, Susie. I can see the writers’ conference influence. As for Destiny and all the boomerang moments it brings you, I can identify with that. “The best laid plans of mice and men…” and women. But luckily, we know what to do. We pick ourselves up and keep on keeping on.


    1. Thank you so much, Anneli! You made my whole week! I almost didn’t blog it since I wrote while totally distracted by painters. I jumped on a plane right after posting yesterday.
      We do keep going. It’s the only way and all of a sudden, our plans include a ton of travel. The ride keeps getting wilder.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Now I can even more appreciate that when I had major work done on this house, none of it required moving out. Most of it was on the outside, and I did the inside painting myself. Still, Big D. certainly has played its part. I am fond of a character in a sci-fi novel I read years ago wo referred to the gods of his people as The Lords Of Cosmic Jest. I’ve long since forgotten the title, author and the rest of the story, but that stuck. The ancients had it right, the Fates are fickle and mischievous creatures.


    1. They are fickle, Bob! I can’t seem to avoid its jestly ways…
      We just went through a major remodel in the mountains last year, so the idea of going through one in Boulder really threw me until I realized the opportunity. Now we are sitting in a coffee shop in LA and are planning our nearly one month vacation! Wow.
      Thanks for the reblog!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Aww you are a girl after my heart. I too, lost a brother and a BF from all my life…I too fought the greatest teacher we can have (perspective) after cancer (2 times) pesticide poisoned, 7 car accidents (I know…crazy as I was a passenger in all but one) struck by lightening blah blah blah…I stand strong and in love and thankful and grateful and we are planning a road trip across this beautiful country and I salute you. We are thriver’s and survivors and thankful for our blessings.
    Thanks for the share
    Have fun


    1. You gave me shivers, sister and kindred spirit. Wow. It’s tough to lose the ones we love. I haven’t been struck by lightning nor been in any serious car wrecks, but we’re in LA and witnessed one as we walked out of our AirBnB this morning. *gulp*
      I love road trips!! I assume you’ll be driving. We drove from Colorado to California last summer to help move our son. It was a blast.
      I’m so glad to hear you are a fellow thriver and truly a survivor. Let me know if you drive through Colorado! We are in Boulder.
      Thank you!


  9. Susie, one word keeps recurring every time I visit your blog. Indomitable. No matter how much weight or how many obstacles Big D throws on your shoulders/ your path, you keep moving forward. It’s inspiring to see how resilient you are, and, maybe a little humbling…


    1. Thanks, Gabe! I definitely needed the six weeks to adjust after my brother’s death. Now life is presenting us with choices. I choose to make it a huge opportunity! Who knew we would need to get out of our house for nearly a month! Europe will be a BLAST! We are in a coffee shop in LA planning it right now.

      At the rate in which my life is shifting, you never know what will happen next! I’ve got my traveling shoes on……

      Liked by 1 person

    1. God has been cracking up along with Destiny for a while now. Ha! Gotta learn to laugh along with them…
      Thanks for stopping by to read! I’m in a coffee shop in LA. Flew out yesterday after posting. I’m wearing my traveling shoes.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Colour matching is just weird when it comes to paints! Years ago my wife and I decided to repaint the bathroom. The original paint had been a creamy white but had gained a kind of beige tint as it aged and the sunlight got to it. We went to a lot of effort to find a cream-white colour that would brighten it all up. Looked great until it dried to the exact same shade as the sun-tinted white we’d been replacing… sigh…


    1. Oh, no, Matthew! That is such a bummer.
      I thought the green had bled through. Nope. The paint store screwed up. The formula was wrong and added green to the warm gray. I had wondered how quicksand could be green. Ha! They comped the paint and the time. Yay! Just add another day of workers in the house. I’m getting used to them, but we are in LA taking a break and visiting Kelly. I’m wearing my traveling shoes.

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  11. Happy trails, Susie. Sounds like a fabulous, whirlwind future in store for you (although I can’t believe you’d consider going back to the British Isles without me this time.)


    1. COME TO THE BLOGGERS BASH, PEG! I’m sure there are tickets available!
      This has been so crazy. We flew out to visit our son, Kelly, in LA right after I blogged this yesterday. We’re in the coffee shop where I saw Kutcher and Kunis and are planning our nearly month long trip. Holy Geez!


  12. I’m a little winded just after reading all that you’ve been going through! If anyone deserves some wonderful travel, it is you! Your travels sound wonderful and much to be looking forward to…and Big D needs to stop messing with you!


    1. D has a way of changing our plans, but I am so excited! I thought we’d take a one week trip to Scotland in October, but it looks like a 3 1/2 week trip to Europe at this point. CRAZY!

      We are in LA, working on our trip in a coffee shop. So what’s the deal with the weather? Every time I come here it rains. I should have come out more often during your drought. Ha! Any suggestions on what we should do with our son tonight? Restaurants? You are the resident expert, right? 🙂
      We’re heading to Malibu for the day.
      Thanks so much, Debra!


  13. Oh noo!! Curveball after curveball! Big D seems to be having fun…😑.
    Yet you took it all in your stride, Susie. I’d have lost my head. On the positive side of things, yay!! Travels beckons. Maybe Big D has plans for you to settle in Scotland. 😄


    1. I hope we run into Sam Heughan! (Outlander stud) Yep, those curveballs keep on coming. Good thing I’m wearing traveling shoes and pack a catchers mitt. Ha!
      Thanks so much, Ann! Yep, we are planning our trip while in a coffee shop in LA. We flew out yesterday. My hunkering down days are over for a while.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Destiny sucks. I figure sometime way back karma decided to join forces with destiny and have a hey day. I’ve often said my ancestors must have been some kind of incestuous axe murderers. It does keep life interesting though, doesn’t it?


    1. Oh, God! Ax murderers would be a feisty lot.
      “Destiny is a moving target,” my son always says. He’s an old soul.
      My traveling days have already begun with a quick trip to LA. Danny and I are planning a trip, sans ax murderers, *fingers crossed*

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Don’t they say that the gods laugh at our plans? Still, I’m completely thrilled that Destiny is sending you over this way – I can’t wait to meet you at the Bash (and talk Outlander!) Wishing you safe travels xx


    1. Thanks so much, Helen! I am so totally stoked to come and meet all of you! I’m laughing with the gods on this one. We are in LA for the weekend and are planning the trip! We will travel for almost a month! Wow.
      Any tips on where to go in Scotland? We have a time-share trade in Dailly, but can stay anywhere. I expect it will be sketchy since we are booking late and it’s still available. Ha!
      Love Outlander. I hope Sam comes up with plans for one of his “My Peak Challenge” hikes!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I confess I’ve not yet been to Scotland, though I have a trip planned later this year! A friend of mine just did some travelling up there and loved Edinburgh, of course, then went up into the Highlands. My husband also did some work up that way and went by Loch Ness, which he said was beautiful (and you never know, you might see the monster!) A whole month of travelling – sounds fabulous! And hopefully when you come back your house will be all sorted out too xx


        1. Thanks so much, Helen! That is the plan, but I’ve been through remodels and they always take longer, so we’ll see! I’m just taking all of it in stride, literally. Ha! Just booked the rest of the trip today.
          I’ll be on the lookout for “Nessy!” Definitely want to hike in the Highlands. I’ll have to buy Danny a kilt. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  16. Susie, although destiny has been bored and appears to have singled you out of late, just wear plaid and learn to play the bagpipes while you’re in Scotland. I realize you won’t have a lot of time to become very proficient with them, but that won’t matter. See, I have it on good authority that destiny happens to hate the sound of bagpipes, and nae a wonder yer a blawing mighten help put a wee more distance between ya two. 😀


    1. WOOHOO! I’m so glad to hear that! Can’t wait for that London lemonade. 🙂
      The trip is just about planned and booked. After my brother’s death, I swore I would take every opportunity for adventure and boy did they roll in. We are in California right now! Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

  17. OMG what a series of events! Susie – I am sending you virtual hugs – you poor thing. Can’t believe you sound so sane. Love the bit about destiny.

    I am going to the Bloggers BAsh – see you there!


    1. FANTASTIC! I can’t wait!
      It’s been the worst followed by the best. Talk about a tidal wave. It’s all about taking advantage of opportunities. I hesitated at first and thought we’d just go to the mountains like usual. Nope! Outlander planted the seed and then when I saw the timing of the Bash, I bought tickets right away!
      I did go to a psychotherapist since I tried to revive him, but she recommended a social media expert instead of shock therapy. That was shocking in itself. 🙂 Thanks for the hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

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