Are You Going to Watch Twin Peaks?

TwinPeaks_openingshotcreditsWith the first eerie guitar picks of the Twin Peaks theme song in 1990, the mood was set for a show that would put creepy on a whole new level. After the violent murder of Laura Palmer rocked a small town in Washington, quirky Special Agent Dale Cooper entered the scene to investigate. His love of cherry pie and “Damn good coffee,” contrasted with disturbing characters like the Log Lady and grieving Leland Palmer, strange settings, and townspeople who carried secrets like bags of groceries from the Bargain Market. The audience knew right away that evil lurked. I was hooked.

The supernatural elements of Cooper’s dreams really topped off the show. Riddles in poetic prose, a giant who told him, “The owls aren’t what they seem,” and a little person who spoke in reverse kept me awake for several nights at a time. When we find out Bob is a demon who possesses humans, the killer could be anyone.

Director David Lynch used strange color combinations, sound, music and odd characters to provoke fear by presenting the audience with the unexpected and macabre. Even the most mundane moments took on a sinister quality like when Donna delivers Meals on Wheels to shut-ins. Not knowing where the killer lurked, the audience expected the murderer to spring out at anytime. Lynch didn’t rely on gore or horror in general to scare us. Rather it was tightly wound suspense of the strange scenes that kept his loyal fans glued.

I bought the soundtrack and listened to it over and over again. But it was The Diary of Laura Palmer, which revealed what the show could not. With the description of brutal torture, mutilation, and more clues about Palmer’s tormentor, I realized how dark Twin Peaks really was.

When I discovered Lynch would revive the Twin Peaks series after twenty-five years, I was more than excited. But television has changed a lot since the 90’s. Gory scenes have become mainstream and violent shows like American Horror Story have become popular. I cringe at people getting getting hacked up, preferring old-fashioned psychological tightening of nerve-endings to get my heart racing.

I’ll find out Sunday night if this new season of Twin Peaks is something I can handle. When the credits roll, the first notes of eerie music is strummed, and my heart slows its pace, I will have lasted through the premiere. I hope it’s a season of intense mystery and disturbing chills, causing lots of sleepless nights.

We're going to need some more coffee

Will you watch Twin Peaks on Showtime, Sunday, May 21st? Do you love to be frightened? Are quirky characters your thing?

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48 thoughts on “Are You Going to Watch Twin Peaks?

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  1. [ Smiles ] I loved watching the original back in the nineties (At the time, it was something very different).

    I wouldn’t mind finding out if the new version is just as good.


    1. You should check it out. Let me know what you think! I can’t handle super bloody violence and had looked forward to Gaiman’s American Gods but couldn’t get through the first show. We’ll see!

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  2. No man that becoming the norm around here in our city, its like someone opened the gates of hell and all murderous creepy Meth addicts are coming out of the woodwork. Just the other day in the town of ‘Cotton, Oregon, a creepy roothless toothless tweeker (Meth Addict) man cuts his elderly mother’s head off and tosses it down on the local grocery store’s cash register belt, then stabs the poor cashier clerk. in today’s world we are surrounded with insane murderous creepy people. No such shows for my soul. I need Lassie, I need flipper, I need Giligan’s Island.


    1. Wow! That really happened? Gross.
      I think you’re right about needed to chill out when watching TV. I can’t even watch the Cosby Show without imagining Bill seducing young women. What has happened to our world? We need a come together Kumbaya moment.


  3. Two problems with this:

    1. I was four when the original show premiered and never saw it.
    2. There’s no way on Goddess’s green earth I would ever catch up with the old and watch the new, because I hate Kyle MacLachlan with a passion. (Too much Sex and the City, perhaps?)

    You have fun, though…and don’t stay out too late. xD


    1. Thanks, Daya! I don’t blame you. There are plenty of other shows premiering all the time!
      Twin Peaks was my first introduction to Kyle and I remember him on Sex in the City. He was pretty controlling and maniacal in Desperate Housewives. It will be fun to see the old gang. As long as it doesn’t become a slasher film, I’m sure I’ll stick with it.

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      1. Which fall show are you most excited about? I can’t WAIT for Young Sheldon!
        (Huge BBT fan.) NBC’s The Crossing also sounds interesting…


  4. I’m still “old school.” I don’t know if its because I’m older and more jaded, but nothing compares to the old Hitchcock movies.
    However, this was a delicious teaser for Twin Peaks… maybe I’ll have to give it a peek (or two).


  5. It will be interesting to see if they have managed to come up with something, in this more graphic age, with the same allure, I found some of the more subtle, slow-moving horror or suspense stories of yesteryear far more frightening and gripping than the gore-dripping sagas that are now commonplace. Where tension was built up to such a stage that if a character simply dropped something by accident, one would jump!


    1. I totally agree! The good old-fashioned thriller set up is the best. Like potty jokes for an easy giggle, gore and gross outs are easy ways to get your heart pounding. I really don’t care for slasher films.
      I hope I do lots of jumping!
      Thanks for reading, Colonist!

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  6. The description of the story is nothing short of a thriller. I do agree with you about transmogrification of the TV into in-your-face kind of noise and fury.


  7. I love this line “townspeople who carried secrets like bags of groceries from the Bargain Market.” Perfect
    We’re in. Not much for slasher movies ( cheap shocks which requires little writing skill or imagination), but so ready for some old Hitchcock style thrillers.


  8. When Twin Peaks first came on the scene I was intrigued. Then came, Dale Cooper, and I became obsessed what with his love for “A damn good cup of coffee”, his keen observations (a younger Sherlock), and his trust in.His arrival was closely followed by the even quirkier FBI Agent, Albert Rosenfield, who Dale respected and this left me wanting these two agents (once they solved Laura Palmer’s murder) to be teamed in efforts to solve crimes around the rest of the country. I wished the show went in that direction but sadly it didn’t.


    1. It was the BEST!!! I was hooked after the first show. You’re right. It would have made a great series back then.
      We just started watching the old series. It is even more quirky than I remember, if that’s possible. Believe it or not, I haven’t seen the premiere. My mom and son were in town and now we are preparing for our huge June trip. Maybe tonight….
      Have you seen the new one? Is that what you were referring to in your last line? I hope not…


    1. Start your coffee pot, Frank, it’s going to be a weird season, I’m sure! Believe it or not, I haven’t seen the premiere. Danny and I are getting ready for our humongous adventure abroad. Maybe tonight!

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      1. I haven’t even seen all the original episodes! I came into Twin Peaks late, but did see the finale. Am rewatching the originals. The new premier is…weird….


  9. I’m going to get my kids to watch so they can tell me who the hell did kill Laura Palmer. I was so confused in the end and had no idea what was going on in the end. I’ve never admitted that to anyone before 🙂


  10. Ohmygosh I wish I’d seen this sooner. I just blogged about Twin Peaks too.

    Susie, I think we should’ve had a co-viewing party. LOL. Only I’m not a fan of the show. My friend Heather told me to watch it and I will admit that watching it when it originally aired, I probably would’ve liked it along with everyone else, but watching it now, I couldn’t get over how melodramatic it is. I can’t believe you played the soundtrack over and over. Isn’t it the same 3 songs? The opener, the playful jazz number, and the slightly weirder bass tune.

    I think it’s a lot like Lost. It only leaves you with questions, but even more questions than Lost. It is SO WEIRD.

    I eagerly await your review of the new season, grrrl.


    1. Hey Jess! Always great to “see” you!
      I’ve been entertaining family and haven’t watched the premiere yet.I know!!!! Ironically, my mom, Danny and I watched two shows from the 1990’s season last week. Mom thought it was too weird at first, but is hooked! It is completely over the top. Watch the original 1990 pilot on PPV. It will set the tone for the crazy and quirky characters. It’s all about being completely serious in a very strange and David Lynchlike way. My recently deceased brother knew him through his audio business.
      I’ll let you know what I think! We are getting ready for a humongous trip to Europe caused by our demon washing machine. Making something sweet from those lemons…


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