Notorious Colorado Weather – A Photo Essay

Colorado weather is notorious for its unpredictability, but I’ve never seen anything like the superstorm that arrived this week. 2017 has been a year of the unpredictable, with the death of my brother and ceiling cave-in. I keep looking for that silver lining. It’s in my nature.

A week ago, I worried about how I would get “everything” done before floor refinishers and painters take over the house for the month of June. Part of my long list included planting annuals. Not only a couple of pots placed on tables, but at least eleven urns and four window boxes. That’s a lot of plant material.

radient flower box

Usually, I check out all of the garden centers before buying in order to save money. This year, I’m under a time crunch, so I was tempted to buy everything at one place. I vibed out and couldn’t motivate. After fighting the crowds over the warm Mother’s Day weekend, I only bought geraniums on Monday. Then I looked at the five day forecast and couldn’t believe my eyes. Tiny flakes of snow were predicted to arrive on Thursday night. I figured the snow would melt before waking.

The beginning of the storm rolled in several days early with huge hail in the form of golf ball-sized snowballs on Monday. It reminded me of a scene from The Day After Tomorrow. I’d never seen anything like it. You’ll have to trust me since they melted before I could take a picture. Thunderstorms rolled through the next two days.

Thursday, 8:30 AM:

After I blogged my Twin Peaks post, I looked up from my computer to the kitchen window. “It’s snowing!” I sprang from my chair and stared at the giant quarter-sized flakes. I figured it was a fluke and it would soon turn to rain.

9:00 AM:

It’s still snowing. Large puddles are forming on my lawn. A great day for ducks. Maybe you can see the duck in this video.

At this point, I wasn’t worried. It was early. The temperature would rise.

The following photographs are blurry from all the snow falling. Check out the size of the flakes in some of them.


Beginning of the spring snowstorm 2017

3:00 PM:

My fingers froze while knocking down heavy snow from brittle branches. Soaking wet and exhausted, I gave up and came back inside.

Under the apple tree

6:00 PM:

You can’t even tell that I knocked down the snow. The trees look crippled under the heavy weight.

Notorious Colorado Weather - Photo Essay.jpg


Friday, 8:30 AM:

We woke up to MORE snow and fog. Graduations are being postponed along with most outdoor sports. Can you imagine all the planning and flights, and how people are scrambling to reorganize? We have six inches of snow here in Niwot. Trees are hunched over and frozen like conspiring old men.

The silver lining? Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort is open and has over two feet of champagne powder! I wish I could go… I will return my geraniums and wait until July to plant. Cross one full day of work off my list.

They are predicting another one to four inches of snow today! We didn’t get any in March, usually our snowiest month. What is happening?

winter storm 2017 What is happening?

10:15 AM:

As the sun peaks out from the clouds, the trees shrug off the snow and pull themselves up to their full height. The birds are singing and 70 degree weather is in the forecast. Welcome to Colorado weather.

Are you getting our storm? Do you think the weather is getting crazier?

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  1. Wow! Curiously, we’ve got a close relative of Colorado’s storm here in Wellington NZ, right now as I write this. It’s blowing a gale straight off Antarctica. No snow, but it’s plenty cold and wet. Quite unusual.


    1. Wow! Those relatives stink like fish after a few days too. Ha! We never get snow this late. The weirdest was how long it stayed around. If we get snow in May, it usually melts in a few hours. There’s still snow in my yard!
      Stay warm, Matthew!

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  2. Surely you will have sunny days in June. Keep the snow and cold weather out there, I will be traveling to Kansas soon for a reunion and hope to take my grandson to the Pueblo national parks. I ain’t coming near Colorado until the weather is acting better. Keep me posted.


    1. It’s beautiful today! No snow in the forecast. *crosses fingers* I still haven’t planted my annuals though…. It’s a great excuse to get ready for my humongous trip instead!
      Have fun in Kansas and Pueblo!


    1. So does my son, who lives in California! He only brought a hoodie with him when he visited last weekend. It was sunny and in the 80’s yesterday!
      Dang. I just looked and it’s going to be in the 70’s all next week. I guess, I’ll plant those annuals. Ha!

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    1. Wow! I love summer.
      I thought we had turned a corner, but a squall rolled through and dumped more hail. They are predicting severe thunderstorms. And here I was, all ready to finally plant those annuals!

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  3. Roxy looks like she’s running for her life on the deck … lol! No doubt looking for some sunbeams to lounge in, not snowflakes. Although I wouldn’t be happy with snow in May, I can’t deny the gorgeous photos it provided.


    1. Right? I love a good storm too, but we had the driest March on record. More severe weather is on its way tonight! Never a dull moment around here.
      Roxy is lounging after a wild night of some kind of critter running around in our attic. I may join her on the couch. *yawn*


    1. Thanks for the shares, Ruth! I love it too, but this late causes a lot of damage. Luckily, our lawn guy picked up the load of branches. More is on the way! (Storms, not branches, but I’m sure those will grow too. Ha!)

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  4. We used to have a rogue snowstorm every year when I lived in NorCal. I remember one year it snowed on the 4th of July. That was the freakiest thing ever. Here in Mississippi, we have too much water (the river is overflowing its banks) and no water (the main water line for the entire city busted) so we had all kinds of water but no water for 3 whole days. I had to scramble to relocate inn guests, haul in water, rent a porta-potty, it was madness. We were finally given the go ahead from the health department to open back up for business today. I hate disasters of this kind.

    But, good news, we’re all safe and we experienced no damage as a result of the inconvenience.

    Happy spring!!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Wow! That is CRAZY! We had 17 inches in 2013. Then a few months later, most likely because of all that rain, the electricity went out during our first deep freeze of the season.
      I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be responsible for all those guests! What a disaster. Good for you, keeping a smile on your face. I’m glad you didn’t experience any damage! Water has been our nemesis, as of late. (demon washing machine)
      4th of July is LATE! I remember snowflakes in Breck one time, but it melted as it hit the ground. I bet it’s that kind of summer… We will be gone all of June, so who knows what we’ll come back to!
      Happy Spring to you!


  5. Susie I must tell you that is brings me great heart of joy to see your own spirit awaken and rise to embrace the hues of natures once again. Having been raised in concrete and never ending City, with never darkened nor peaceful quiet nights. All through my boyhood my spirit so yearned to escape to the mountains and nature. In 1982 I was sitting out in the middle of the beautiful Coeur D’ Alene Lake, a hot sunny July day, no clouds in the sky, calm weather and water out in my Kayak when I opened my eyes and watch this weird squall of torrent boiling clouds appearing from the East over me. I had an aluminum pole double paddle, when it let go and I was in the midst of a fierce electrical storm, lone sparse pine trees were exploding upon all shore line around me. But my point is the weather had changed so suddenly from beautiful, calm and sunny to Sheer violence threatening my life. I also was out cutting a Christmas tree to bring home to my wife and new baby daughter, while out in deep snow but calm weather, I got hit with Hyperthermia and delusions which was a part of it.

    As if suddenly finding myself fighting to not teat off my thick warm Alaskan Parka coat, and my flannel shirt and trousers as all were suddenly soaking wet from my perspiration from the Hyperthermia, I also was stomping through the mountain side in circles, almost completely out of my mind with no rational through anywhere to be found, nor could I find my waiting Truck, and as if that was not bad enough to struggle with, I was suddenly hit with a snow blizzard. It doesn’t matter how lovely and calm your weather is any month of the year the weather can get real ugly and kill you real fast. I always prepare for emergency worst weather conditions even when Mountain climbing in the middle of summer, we lose Mountaineers on Mt. Hood, because it’s a great sunny weather Day and within hours they get a blizzard and die because they are nothing dressed nor are they packing emergency clothing and gear, in their thinking they will just make a quick climb to the top and be back down by evening Barbequing steaks and drinking beers with family and friends. 12 extra pounds in your Backpack or sky bag can save your life.


    1. Preparation is everything, Brock. I recently hiked through the snow and almost got stuck. Alone, after losing my phone, it could have been a disaster. But I rolled out of it and hiked down licketty split.
      Sounds like you’ve had some very wild adventures. Hypothermia is so dangerous. I’m glad you found your truck and were able to drive back home, sans tree. Mother nature likes to make herself known by demanding respect.
      I thought our weather had finally stabilized, but we just had a squall dropping hail again! More severe weather is on the way….


    1. You’ll have to ask the Devil himself! Mother Nature is still stewing here in Colorado. She must have taken a nap yesterday. It was gorgeous and in the 80s. Today, we’re back to thunderstorms, wind and hail. Not sure when I’ll plant my annuals. I’m running out of time before our big trip to Europe!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Nope. Not unless you’re lucky enough to score indoor courts!
      Sounds like you’ve been inspired by the French (Open). I’ll be in France before I play tennis again… 🙂
      Thanks for sharing!


  6. Yikes! That’s some bizarre weather you’re having. It’s only in the 50s and rainy here, after being in the 80s a couple of weeks ago, but you get the prize for changeability.


    1. Colorado is home to crazy weather. We get these crazy tornadoes called wind sheers that have a tendency to wreck all kinds of outdoor activities. More hail here today! When will I get my annuals planted, Miss Peggles?


    1. It is!!! Floods can be devastating.
      I don’t see it calming down for a while here in Colorado. I’m looking out at the mountains and it’s raining to the north of us. More severe weather is on its way!


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