Threats and Warnings – What Would You Do?

So destiny has packed our bags and my husband, Danny, and I will travel to five European countries during the month of June. One of them is England. I had thought it perfect timing that Blogger’s Bash 2017 would be held in London while we traveled from Scotland to France. We made our reservations near Victoria Station and are ready to go. I can’t wait to meet my blogging friends from the UK.

Then the unthinkable happened in Manchester. Prime Minister Theresa May raised the terrorist threat flag from severe to critical adding “an attack is imminent.” She called for police presence on the streets and help from the military. Not exactly the relaxing trip I’d planned.

We stopped in NYC on our way to Europe a few weeks before 9/11. My son, Kelly, wanted to see the World Trade Center, so we taxied down to the financial district. You never know. (I’m behind the camera.)

world trade center 2001

Why so much hatred in the world? Of all concerts, why Ariana Grande? She is queen of the tweens. So many little girls attended. Why would killing little girls be a terrorist’s goal? I imagine a horrific, hellish afterlife where they suffer for eternity. That line of thought ends with me hating them. That’s not the answer. Hate begets hate. Somehow or other, things have got to settle down. We all need to peace the hell out.

World leaders tweeted strong defensive strategies like stopping ISIS before their routine attacks undermine and dismantle the government. That didn’t sit well with me. I’m not a defense kind of gal. I loved the Pope’s message: “Dialogue allows us to plan for a future in common. Through dialogue we build peace, taking care of everyone.” That’s playing offense.

Every day security ramps up. Some British tourist attractions are closed. Worries have extended to France, Belgium and Germany. Great.

It’s no big deal to hunker down in Scotland. I am an Outlander super fan and could find tons of activities to keep me busy. But I visualize terrorists hidden in gloomy alleys who watch my cowardly reaction. They throw up their hands and shout, “We win!” I’m not a coward. I refuse to live my life in fear. Instead, I will be vigilant.

I have no control over others and their hatred. I only have control over myself. But I can make an impact by loving others without judgement and living my wild life. If it means going to Europe in June where terrorism just got real, then the Wild Ride will get a little wilder. I can’t wait! The countdown has begun.

England collage

Would you cancel your trip? What would you do to stay safe? Any travel tips, you’d like to share?

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102 thoughts on “Threats and Warnings – What Would You Do?

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  1. I’m getting so sick of the terrorist “hassle.” I refuse to dignify their brutal and attention seeking attacks as anything more than senseless cries for help. This may be extreme, but the best way to stop these incidents is to deny them our attention. Don’t know if it’s possible when it results in the suffering of so many innocent people but it’s the best solution I’ve seen thus far.
    So, I absolutely wouldn’t change travel plans (actually I’m in Europe now, so I guess I would have to MAKE new travel plans, but you know what I’m saying).
    Hope you have an amazing and safe experience Susie! Cheers!


    1. Thanks Gabe! It was a blast and we felt totally safe. I totally agree about ignoring them.
      I’ve got enough blog fodder to last me months! Lots more to come including the Bloggers Bash.


  2. Go. You have to live your life. There are so many other things besides a terrorist attack that can create problems and danger no matter where you go. Have fun at Bloggers Bash, looks like many great people will be attending!


    1. We did and had so much fun! We were never in any fear. I was impressed by Londoners and how they filled the streets while living their lives.
      Bloggers Bash is up next!


    1. I totally agree! It’s all about living our lives without fear.
      I’m So sorry I missed your comment, Steve! Workers filled my house before we left. It was insanity throwing this trip together before we left. We went to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Oban and Isle of Arran. Then onto London and the Bloggers Bash, Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Brugge! Enough blog fodder to last a while!
      Where are you in Europe?


    1. We weren’t cautious once we got there. I could see where living our lives without consideration of terrorism was how we win!
      We made our own Outlander tour. I’ve blogged a few posts about Scotland since this one, but a specific Outlander post will be blogged when the new season starts. 🙂 LOVE OUTLANDER!


  3. Go! I want and need to know that nothing will stop us from living our best lives. I want you to be safe, but I also want to continue to be inspired by the acts of exuberance and joy that are possible when we say, “No, you will not take my freedom away from me by making me fear the unknown.” I’ll be thinking of you, and looking forward to the tales you will tell upon your return!


  4. Susie, Go! In all honesty This may not make sense to you , but it is the way I feel. In my opinion it would be much safer and way more fun to travel where you are headed than it would be to travel in the US these days. They are on high alert and with one common goal. Staying safe. They know who the enemy is. Travelling in the US right now is terrifying to me , something I have always done without even thinking about it. At least twice a month. We even cancelled our winter trip to Florida this year. I would rather take my chances in Europe.


    1. Wow! We went everywhere including NYC during Gay Pride. I really never was in any fear at all. I realized it’s the only way to combat terrorism.
      Sorry I missed your comment. I have enough blog fodder from this trip to last a year! Ha!

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  5. Cancel why? Susie, you of all people know that to live inside a bubble just ain’t gonna cut it. The world is scarier than ever, sure, but it’s never been a pleasant place, not really. So have fun, stay aware of your surroundings and ride your wild self into a great time.

    Here’s to peace, love and great times for you and yours


    1. WE HAD A BLAST! I never was in any fear. There wasn’t a lot of police presence anywhere either. It’s the only way to live a wild life!
      Sorry I missed your comment, Cayman. I rolled out of town and forgot to check on this post!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Insightful thoughts. I’m with you on this one. The bombing was so sad and an incredible waste of human life. I hope you don’t cancel your trip. We can’t let the bad guys affect us this way, that means they win if they do. 🙂 Enjoy your trip and thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us!


    1. That’s exactly how I think, Lisa! We all have to plan our trips and live our lives. London was amazing! I saw the least amount of police presence there and we went right into the touristy areas. Lots of European adventures to come including the Bloggers Bash!
      Thanks for your comment! I forgot to check on this post…

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  7. Susie! I’m so glad you didn’t cancel. It’s tough when things get scary around the world and it makes you sit for a minute and rethink things. But I completely agree, the Pope’s message is definitely on point. There are always dangers out there, dialogue helps tackle them head on and you my friend are a tackle-head-on kind of person. I hope you stay safe, but I also hope that you keep living your life and exploring Europe the only way you know how … The Wild Rider way. Keep us posted!

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    1. We did and had so much fun! I never was frightened even though I really didn’t see police presence. Everyone was out and about. It’s the only way to combat terrorism.
      Lots more to come! Sorry I missed your comment. I forgot to check back on this post. 🙂


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