I’m Back, So It’s Blog Party Time!

It’s blog party time!

I have traveled for nearly the entire month of June and have been off the grid. My last post left off in Scotland. I’ve got another teed up, but before I launch into telling you about my wild adventure abroad, I want to know what happened in your part of the world.

ONE link please or it will be sent to spam filter hell.

CHOOSE ONE Of YOUR STORIES, a poem, whatever you like, and post the link in the comments. If you leave two links, you’ll be thrown into the spam filter. That can be so embarrassing for both of us. The worst part? I usually don’t notice right away.

Meet my friends!

CLICK ON A FEW LINKS to meet other bloggers. Find out what they’ve been up to this summer.blog-party-time

The floors are finished. Yahoo! I’m still unpacking after a day of workers who filled my house; painters, movers, (who moved furniture and unpacked countless boxes), carpenters, and a contractor, who defied all odds and got the job done on time. I crashed out at 8:30 last night.

But I feel great today!

Make yourself at home. Everything is polished and ready for the blog party. The waxed floors will soon be filled with dancers. Table and chairs are at the ready for chatting and meeting others. If you’d like to take a stroll, by all means enjoy the gardens.

I am so glad you stopped by to chat!

Spread the word. The more the merrier. Tweet it, Facebook it, or Pin it. Others may stop by and find your blog. Some may subscribe!

I hope you consider subscribing to my blog. It’s always a Wild Ride!

Have fun and don’t forget to DANCE!

158 thoughts on “I’m Back, So It’s Blog Party Time!

Add yours

    1. I love your blog! What a fun concept. The stories kept me engaged all the way through. Thanks so much for dropping a link. Have fun meeting the guests (clicking to other blogs) and don’t forget to dance!

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    1. Thank you, Anneli! I have been wondering what everyone has been doing! It looks like a fun summer with the camera! Loved your photos and poem.
      Lots of new faces in the crowd today. Have fun and don’t forget to dance!

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    1. Love the photograph! I don’t know how you do it, Ray! Thanks for coming. Lots of new faces today. Have fun mingling (clicking on a few links) and don’t forget to dance!


    1. Those are wonderful photos! I loved the quote too. Looks like you’ve had a great summer so far!
      Thanks for stopping by! Have fun meeting everyone. Lots of new people here today. I love it!


  1. I love a blog party. It looks like it is just getting started. So far my summe journey is inward. It’s a magical place. Here is a post about kindness as part of Niki Meadows kindness challenge. Here is the post. https://unbreakablejoyintuitiontales.com/2017/06/25/kindness-counts-kindness-challenge-week-7/

    I’m happy to say that I’m heading to St. John to have extended blog time. Looking forward to being able to focus on it for an extended period!

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  2. Welcome back! I love what you’ve done to the place. Especially the marble pillars! 😉

    I seem to be more into photography than poetry lately, but here’s a post I wrote during my brief foray into fitness:

    Note: The abs mentioned in this post are a product of the author’s imagination and purely fictional. Any resemblance to my actual abs is entirely coincidental and would be an indication that the viewer should have their eyes examined.

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    1. Hahahaha! You totally cracked me up! Love this post, Maggie! It reminds me to make a point to get into my gyn this afternoon! It’s going to hurt… 🙂
      Thanks for bringing this to the party! Have fun meeting the guests. Lots of new faces and great posts!

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  3. Hi, Susie! I followed you to Scotland before I seem to have lost the signal. In my corner of the planet, certain long awaited dreams came true and have roiled my sanity since. I hereby share the latest of my diminishing harvest:
    link text

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    1. Thanks so much, Al! I haven’t hosted a party for a while.
      Love your post and I can totally relate! Danny would get a forkful in the hand if he tried that with me. Ha!
      Have fun meeting all the new people! Lots of great stories today.


    1. Thanks so much! It has been a tough ride, but the trip was fantastic.
      Your story completely cracked me up. I didn’t know that farts could register on a alarm. Hahaha!


      1. I also wonder if a fart on a cold day sends a little poof of white cloud like your breath does. Studying the subject can be tricky though so I’m just left wondering. Perhaps some day I will see a frozen fart and I can check one more thing off my list of Wonderings. :o)


  4. Welcome home and thank you for hosting!! What a great idea, and I look forward to reading/meeting some new writers! Lately I’m thinking a lot about finding connection in the face of all that (apparently) divides us. In the end I still believe that it doesn’t take that much digging to find our shared humanity. Here is a recent piece relating to patients and physicians: https://catherinechengmd.com/2017/05/30/everyday-power-and-influence/

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  5. Hi, I found this through Didi Oviatt’s blog…is it okay if I link something here (as I’m a new follower). And I don’t have a story I particularly want to share here (they’re kind of old) so could I link to one of my original tags or a review instead?

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