What to Wear at Comic-Con: Photo Essay

Dressing up in costume is the norm at Comic-Con. Last time, I went as Poison Ivy. After a long vacation, costumes were the furthest thing from my mind. I couldn’t motivate.

What would I wear at Comic-Con this year?

Penguin, bat girl, poison ivy

Silly question for a woman who has a room full of costumes, I know! But this is Comic-Con. The last time we went, more than half the attendees dressed up. Wearing a costume was a blast.

There’s even a name for it:


A performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character – Wikipedia.

What to wear at Comic-Con:

  • Superhero costume

  • Or villain

  • Favorite alien

  • Or Monster

  • Cartoon character

  • Comic book character, preferably from the Marvel series

  • Character from a fantasy, sci-fi, or horror movie or series

  • Character from a popular animated movie

  • Go as yourself. You might be in the majority.

Check out these amazing costumes!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the last minute, I threw on Courtney’s rubber suit. I went as Selene from Underworld since I wore it at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference.

Danny went as my counterpart, Victor. Courtney dressed as Misty from Pokemon.

Other attractions and events at Comic-Con:

Meeting celebrities

I have become an Outlander super fan. I don’t think I’ve geeked out about a show since the original Twin Peaks. The Outlander crew is coming to San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. I’ll be in Los Angeles. Maybe we’ll cross paths at an airport. You never know… I’ve been lucky before.

We met the fantastic Andrew Gower who played Bonnie Prince Charlie Edward Stewart in Season 2. Super nice guy and truly talented. We’re looking forward to watching him in Season 3!

Andrew Gower with new friends Susie and Danny

Bonnie Prince Charlie and Jamie Outlander


Then we went to a presentation given by Eleven, Millie Bobbi Brown from Stranger Things. This television series, similar to Stand by Me, sucked me in. I binge watched it.

What to Wear at Comic ConI couldn’t imagine what a thirteen-year-old could talk about for forty-five minutes. I imagined her standing on stage all self-conscious and stammering in front of a packed auditorium. I was blown away.

Talk about inspirational. Not many people at any age are comfortable in their own skin. She cracked jokes in her cute British accent and even belted out a gorgeous rendition of an Adele song when asked by a fan.

Another fan asked how she remained calm in front of thousands of people. She thinks of everyone as one person who came to see her because they like her. That makes perfect sense. It’s easy to sit and talk to people who like you. She also gave out sage advice. “Family comes first. They will always be there for you.”

Millie Bobbi Brown Millie and interviewer Chris Perente in costume as Barb. 

Wonder Woman

Danny and co-worker Michaela. She made her costume!

We had a fantastic time at Denver Comic-Con. I’m glad I wore a costume. Next year, maybe I’ll think outside the box like these people below.

Legos Comic Con

Have you been to Comic-Con? Are you a super fan of a show? Who would you dress up as?

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39 thoughts on “What to Wear at Comic-Con: Photo Essay

Add yours

  1. Comic Cons just started after I closed my store…as my store was the place to get costumes.. but I love these things.. and watch the show on Space? or FX on Comic Con costumes..


    1. That’s such a timing bummer.
      They were amazing this year. I can only imagine what they are like in California, costume capitol of the world. If my son was up for it, I’d drive down to San Diego Con. Danny would go along for the ride. Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Susie that certainly is a Wild Ride! I just returned from a conference in Raleigh, NC. There was as supercon going on at the convention center and hotel when I arrived. I had never sen so many people in costume outside of Halloween. Over 21,000 people attended! People of all ages were dressed up and it looked like they were having a blast. As for me, I’d never dream of dressing up – it’s not for me… but I think it would be a blast.


    1. You would love it, Clay. It really wild and a family affair! They are restricting sleezy costumes now. There are many instructional and educational panels too! I need to go for two days next year. One to speak to my “peers” and another to join crowd!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I want to start watching Outlander. I binge watched Stranger Things, too. I’ve been in San Diego when Comic Con was going on, saw and talked with the cool people attending, but wasn’t there to attend it. I don’t have any costumes, so maybe I’d go as myself? I’ll have to think on that one.


    1. We were in the slight minority of those who dressed up that Saturday. Next year, I’ll go as myself on one day to meet authors and hit a few classes, and will choose another day to wear a costume and go to presentations. It’s a blast and cheap (if you buy tickets early) considering it’s a full day of entertainment.
      I can’t wait until season 3! There are lots of unknown actors who are starting to get noticed because of the show. Let me know what you think!
      BTW – Eleven/ Millie slipped that she’ll be back in season 2 of Stranger Things. Yay!


  4. I’ve always thought it would be a hoot to go to Comic Con. I’ve watched the big one on TV when they televised it. We have one here in Toronto and one in Niagara Falls. Every year I say I’m going but never get there. Thanks for taking me along.


  5. Duuuuuuude your costume decisions are awesome! I ve how you come home from one adventure and jump into the next. How very cool of you guys to go year after year. I hear great things about the one in San Diego one. Dude we are full on Wonder Woman fans here and my daughter has been dressing up as Wonder Woman since the movie came out, prior to that she was The Flash 🙂 my son … A Jedi. He’d definitely go as a Jedi 🙂


    1. San Diego Con is supposed to be the BEST! I love how your kids are into costumes too. I’ve always been one who likes to dress up, so comic con is the perfect outlet. Not sure I could pull off wearing a rubber suit to the grocery store. Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Of course goes as yourself…after all, you are Wonder Woman, right, Susie?
    Fun time – I went to one in San Diego a long time ago with a librarian from, out there – she knew allll the characters and was quite one herself.
    Attending one is a bucket list must do for everyone !


    1. I agree! I had always thought of Trekky Fans when thinking of Cons, but it’s so much more than that. Game of Thrones, Outlander, Harry Potter, all the great shows were represented in Denver. I can’t imagine what it’s like in San Diego. It must have been WILD!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Oooh awesome! I didn’t know you were into cosplay!!

    My old job was promoting Japanese language education, so we ended up at a lot of events with Japan-related cosplayers. I think you would love some of those anime costumes too!! 🙂


    1. I would love them! I love the creativity that goes into costuming. I come from an art background and used to sew a lot. I have a room full of costumes for Halloween. I didn’t know ComicCon would be so much fun!

      Liked by 1 person

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