Brainstormed Design Ideas for the Future

I’m a writer, illustrator, and child of the 1960’s. What do I know about designing for the future? I grew up with Star Trek and could relate to its creator, Gene Roddenberry. What we have in common is imagination. When I was a kid, I used to have a recurring dream where a Polaroid picture would move like a video for about five seconds. When I saw Harry Potter for the first time, I loved seeing the wizards’ newspapers. Moving photos on paper. I’m still waiting for that.

All technological breakthroughs start with an idea.

Creative people are the indispensable cogs which jump start the design engine. With the ignorance of engineering and technology, they can brainstorm all kinds of crazy ideas. I am the queen of crazy. There are no rules for imagination. So here goes.

Windows for the World

We all love windows. I can’t imagine living in a home without them. What if you had to create a livable environment in an undesirable location? It may not be cost effective to have windows. Homes built in extreme climates like in the Antarctic, Arctic, desert, or Mars could have live feed windows. A camera mounted outside could project the image inside on a faux window/television screen. This would provide the link to the outdoors needed for mental health. Mine especially. It could be programmed to provide a completely different picture if the environment wasn’t so great like in heavily polluted areas or looking at a building’s brick wall.

The creators of LG Ultra put their screens to the test.

Fabric Encryption

If fabric could be encrypted, then it could be programmed. We could decide the appropriate color for our favorite dress depending on the occasion. Black, print, or why not those moving pictures from the newspaper?

Same thing with furniture or walls. We could change the color with the ease of a keyboard. Bought a new couch and it clashes with the rest of the room? Type in a new code.

Wanted to go stealth? We could key in a code so our clothing matches the outdoor environment. Same for cars and airplanes. “What was that?”


Many already own fitness trackers, like Fitbit, and wear them on their wrist. The elderly have First Alert for emergency situations.

Soon our homes will be designed to sense our heart rate, sleep patterns, and monitor our health with the ability to collect comparative data. Baby Boomers may be reluctant to wear a bracelet signifying old age. Sensors installed in the home could react when a person needed help. It could be interactive. That would be especially good for me since I might appear to be struggling to get up off the floor while flailing around with exercise equipment.

Brainstorming Design Ideas for the FutureHolograms

Forget photo albums or digital pictures. There could be a room designed to make our home videos and photos come to life, holographically. Wouldn’t it be cool to almost the time you shot the rapids or repelled off that cliff in the Grand Canyon? Maybe watching your kids blowing out their birthday candles would be cool enough.

Can’t take a vacation?

We could download holographic vacations and feel like we’re back in a Scottish castle, a Parisian café, or Versailles. Maybe developers could delete the other tourists.


Versailles (1)

Work Spaces

The trend of open space work stations will stick around, but what if there were partition walls on either side of seating arrangements similar to hotels where private conversation and work could be done without feeling exposed? Some could be mirrored to expand the space. A step up to comfortable couches and chairs and a step down to others would give the impression of being in a separate room. Keeping colors in soothing tones and neutral or cool colors would provide a welcome work environment. Throw in a few of those televisions screen windows and a few desks and you’re good to go.

The Grange Wellington in London

future of design.jpg


With more people traveling for work and vacation there will be a higher demand for lighter weight, wrinkle-free fabric clothing. That’s a no-brainer, but what about a suitcase that compresses and compacts with the touch of a button?

Harness the power of a wild imagination

These ideas came from a thirty-minute brainstorming session. I love brainstorming even if no one is listening. Many of us have this creative ability. What if there was an online site where we could brainstorm our creative ideas. Hmm…

Some of my ideas may already be for sale or in development. I sure hope so.


Do you have any design ideas for the future? Do you like to brainstorm?

This blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader


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59 thoughts on “Brainstormed Design Ideas for the Future

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  1. A teleporter would be nice some days to get around with a little more ease. I do not want to be micro chipped though. Enjoy brainstorming and there is not enough of that some days, especially engaging the creative side. Great Post today – thanks so much for sharing – love it 🙂 Happy Day – Enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice to “see” you, Renee!
      I would love a teleporter too, especially with traveling to the mountains. Wouldn’t that be nice? Brainstorming is my favorite pastime. Some would call it daydreaming. Ha!
      Thanks so much!


    1. That is super cool, Linda! I should brainstorm before bed too. I keep waiting for the night when I dream about a scene in for my book.
      Hologram rooms would be insane! I would love one.
      Thank you!


  2. All is possible and hopefully quickly.
    A “Nanny house” to watch over people. Like HAL the computer? (More Sci fi being dictated as we speak)
    I’m all for the change the view windows and fabrics you can update as you wish. Along with Starbucks environments for work ( or better yet, let bosses stop being paranoid /people taking advantage of working at home) and telecommuting with hologram meetings – those are close and more are getting comfortable working internationally without getting on a plane (and suffering that long containment with little leg room and less comfort…I mean who really enjoys those airline bathrooms HAHA)
    Right now I’m dreaming of large drones for Uber like service around regional areas. (Roadways are seriously intolerable between traffic and construction)
    Brainstorming is life

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I almost thought Apple had come up with Harry Potter style pictures when they launched the live action photos this last year. It fell short, well, way short, but I appreciated the effort. I picture all the mini Steve Jobbers drooling over Harry Potter and having brainstorm board meetings to figure out how to make it happen. There are inspirational posters lining the walls starring Dumbledore and J.K.Rowling looking all smug, and some lowly assistant brewing coffee has it all figured out, but no one notices her, so she keeps it to herself … for now. She’ll be the head of Apple in about ten years, and we will all be buying newspapers again because hello! Disposable, digital, recyclable, paper. The content had better be well-written, because that sounds expensive.


    1. Wow! WOW! I love your brainstormed ideas. I just read your comment to my husband. Fantastic scene complete with happy ending! I bet that will happen since it gave me goosebumps.
      Thanks so much for throwing your brainstormed idea into the mix, Jennifer!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’d like to improve on that robot that vacuums the house. I used to think I wanted one of those, but now you’ve got me thinking. Maybe just a click and the dust would turn into a mini whirlwind and swirl itself into the garbage. Of course then I’d need another gadget to take the garbage out. But it could be done.


    1. Ha! I love it, Anneli! I could use both of those. I can imagine a white tornado sweeping through the home to collect all the dust. I’d have to be careful of Roxy. She might go out with the trash. Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Great to “see” you, Coleen!
      I haven’t seen that, but will check it out.
      I was a huge Jetsons’ fan and loved their inventions. The creators had a blast, I’m sure. I could use one of their robots right now. I can’t find a cleaning lady. Ha!


  5. We are of the same era and we’ve seen a lot change in our lives and our world. I love the idea of technology and the possibilities of what it can do. Loved the video, it made me think about the future. But, perhaps simpler is better. Being outdoors and taking it all in. I stopped at a farmer’s market yesterday on my way home and talked to the farmer – he has 500 acres of fruit trees – we talked about fruit (apples specifically), the harvest and how the move to mechanization is changing how fruit – peaches and apples – will be harvested in the future and one of his daughter’s piped in, ‘and how people will be displaced in the process.’ Sometimes better isn’t. But it doesn’t mean we should stop dreaming or thinking of solutions to today’s problems or problems we can’t see now. Curious is good. Have a Terrific Tuesday.


    1. We have seen a ton of changes, Clay. Coleen reminded me of the show, The Jetsons. We aren’t any closer to that lifestyle, but it is fun to imagine having a robot to do chores or driving a cool spaceship to work.
      In Colorado, they can’t find people to do hard labor. My contractor complained about the painters and landscaping has been tough too. “The word on the street is” (could be unreliable) Millennials want desk jobs and don’t want to get dirty. I am curious. We’ll see how it goes! Have a fab Tuesday too, my friend!


  6. This post reminded me of a book called “This Place has No Atmosphere” set in 2057, so there’s a lot of futuristic stuff in there that would probably be suitable for this post.

    As for moving pictures, Universal Studios has a Harry Potter package where you can attend a special photography session. I’m leaning toward doing the HP trip in October, so I’ll keep you (pardon the pun) posted! 😀


    1. Fantastic! I bet it will be a lot of fun, Daya! I’ll check out the book. Nothing better than using the imagination. The movie, Minority Report predicted all kinds of craziness. We’re almost to the point of face recognition greeters. Scary!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Interesting and thought provoking post, I can tell the work you put into it. I don’t know what you have experienced of virtual reality but I have played some games that way and you can also visit places around the globe. It’s not perfect but the way computer speed is jumping and capability, you may soon be able to leisurely stroll in virtual reality all types of places – pyramids, the louvre, the vatican museum and much more. That would be really neat to do and a great way to teach also.


  8. I predict that within the future, some fine day’ someone shall event elastic trousers so that when one bows to retrieve from the porch the evening post, that their trousers relax and retrieve the evening post along with them, instead of rupturing in a loud musical report and blowing out every stitched seem along the ‘under carriage, exposing upon public display ones bloomers and or naughty plumage’.


  9. hehehe my feeble imagination has a hard reconstructing the present in a brighter light, much less expanding towards the future. I love some of your ideas, especially the notion of using holographic imaging.

    As I read this post, I could almost see something that might be a contribution…
    By the time we’re needing those First Aid alert bracelets, phones and computers (“devices”) will likely be replaced by something even more compact and integral. And our interaction will be more symbiotic (no more typing. Commands will be gesture related, audible… or maybe even neural?).

    If you can spark this whimsy imagination, than you truly have a gift. Cheers Susie


    1. Thanks, Gabe!
      Love that idea of the neural response. That would save on all those embarrassing moments with first responders. Ha!
      See? Given the right circumstances, anyone can brainstorm.


  10. Wow! I think about stuff like this all the time and there’s some stuff you mentioned that I can’t believe I never considered!

    Something I’ve wanted to think into existence for years is a mirror that can take photos. I don’t know about you but the amount of times I’ve left the house feeling good about my appearance – to then having photographs taken that same day/night – sometimes I’m just convinced either my mirror is lying to me or cameras just selectively hate me!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, WFM!
      I think it’s the lighting as well as phone camera distortion, especially in horizontal mode. If you’re on the end of the shot, it makes our heads look wider. I remember a friend in college who put on her makeup by candlelight. Bulbs burned out and she never replaced them. She said it built her self-confidence! Life was much simpler then. I feel like I need to practice. My daughter grew up taking selfies and never takes a bad picture. 🙂
      Thanks for brainstorming!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. The Future is here, the future is now. Step upon the platform of the people mover please come along, this way please… ‘Tomarrowland’ Disneyland’s ‘The People mover’ 1967 60 1995’ – I thought the 120 passenger 30 mile per hour’ Mark VII Monorail was da’ bomb’ the ride of tomorrow.’ And that ride has its own ghost that haunts the ride.

    ‘I think there is always need for improving old invented technology, case in point, when I was a little kid, I was so glad that my father brought home a newly improved pet friendly mouse trap when my pet hamster got out lose in the house. Because the Crushing of her cranium in the old mouse traps was not an option. It was a sheet metal box about the size of a large boot box, with a tunnel running through the middle of the enclosed box, and a hair trigger, spring loaded floor in the center of the tunnel. When stepped lightly upon the entire wall sprung and it swept her into the containment section. And Baited with Cheetos’ cheese puffs’ what hamster could resist. The alternative was quite messy.

    ‘Just now’ there is a firm that is in the process of implanting a small micro chip just under the skin of their employees, one which the human flesh does not reject. Liken to that of the ‘pet chip’ which is embedded with a serial code for cyber pet data. Soon, you’ll never need to worry about losing your car keys ever again, just wave you wrist. And Just think, painted black and white to ease the tech’ transition, in the nearing future, your’ ride to town may see the replacement of cows out in the green pastured with synthetic bovine lactate machines. And we will be seeing Nano Tech bee bots’ tree blossom and flower pollinator.(I hope not though), So there is plenty of need for new environmentally and human friendly technological inventions.


  12. I want to know how they got the pictures and the newsprint to move like that ?????? …and no !!! no microchip for me and I don’t do well on a leash either ! Hahaha!


    1. Where is everyone getting the microchip idea? I’m thinking Star trek where it just scans us! I mean, we can still dream!
      Our newspaper is getting so small, the photo would take up a big part of it. Ha! Great to “see” you, Paul.


  13. I love the way you think. Those newspapers/family photos with the gif like photos from Harry Potter have always fascinated me. How wonderful it would be to see loved ones we’ve lost actually “in a moment”. I’m not a huge fan of those open workspaces but I think your idea might work for me. Now, if only I had seen that TV “window” before we made our purchase of a new tv this week, our choice may have been different 😉


  14. I love speculating about the future and what it might bring! How quickly we’ve caught up on older science fiction never ceases to amaze me, I can’t wait to see what we’ll have next!


    1. Right! I watched a part of Minority Report and we’re getting scary close to the retina ID becoming standard, but making arrests before the crime is still waaaaay out there. Ha!
      Thanks for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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