Pinterest Group Board Party!

Pinterest Group Board Party to Increase Blog Traffic

Pinterest is one of the best ways to increase blog traffic.

Joining Pinterest group boards can assist you in a big way. The idea is to pin across many boards to get traction and increase the number of repins. In other words, instead of waiting for others to build your numbers, you can pin on your boards then repin on group boards to get each pin started. By the way, when you join group boards they are added to your Pinterest home page along with the boards you’ve created.

Pinners also see your pins in their feeds. If someone chooses to repin one, most will click to your blog to make sure the link works. I alternate pins since I don’t want to spam the same pin every day all over the place. Soon, you’ll be unfollowed and thrown off group boards. It’s important to repin others. If you only pin your own, you’ll never get anywhere.

I haven’t gone viral yet, but there are many pinners, like SuzieSpeaks and Elena Peters who have. They tell me it takes patience and consistency.

Don’t have a Pinterest account?

Sign up! Start by creating a board with the title of your blog. Then add boards in your interests and have fun pinning!

I’ve been pinning for a long time. Pinterest is an excellent source for information. You’ll find everything from recipes, travel, photos, health, beauty, design, blogging, and humor to DIYs and how to use Pinterest.

Increase your views and join my Group Board!

Leave your Pinterest name in the comments and I’ll add you to my group board. Then pin one of yours to my group boardΒ and share at least one pin to one of your boards!

The party will rage all week, so join us anytime.

It should be a fun party where we all benefit. Happy Pinning!

Have you found success with Pinterest? Do you have an account? Be sure to follow my pins at Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride!

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71 thoughts on “Pinterest Group Board Party!

Add yours

    1. Woohoo! The idea is to pin a couple of yours across boards and others every day. The other trick is to post on your blog board first and repin from that pin. Each time it gets repinned the number goes up.

      It takes 2-3 months. When your pins start to blow up, they show up at the top of feeds.
      I’ll add you to the board!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m confused about how this is supposed to work…do you pin pictures that are supposed to be related to your blog topics? (I’ve gotten lots of likes/re-pins, but mostly centered around a lesser-known actor.)


  2. Geez, Ray. You really put me on the defensive. Where’s your party hat? Ha!

    The Pinterest cards are tiny images. They can’t be blown up. At least mine can’t. Most images have my name on them too.

    There are a lot of reasons I would like more views on my posts:
    To grow my authors’ platform. 1% of my readers are likely to buy a book when I roll it out so I need my community to continue to grow.
    To build a readership. I write for the pleasure of knowing someone will read my words.
    To help others. Most of my posts help people in some way. I like to share what I know.
    To get feedback in comments or the sound of crickets.


  3. I have a Pinterest account, but I’ve never really used it (in fact, I can’t even recall the logon details… sigh…) – this was partly because I never understood how it worked. But also it seemed to me to be a very efficient copyright infringement machine. I should start again, this time following your example!


    1. You should, Matthew!
      If you click to my blog post board, Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride, you’ll see that most of my “pins” have the blog title written on them. No one is going to do anything with those photos except click on them to my blog and save the pin to their board. My Barcelona pin has photos, but they’re super small files.

      Pinterest is a great way to market our old “evergreen” posts. We both have tons to share! Here’s my blog post board. I plan to make new pins for the ones that don’t have blog titles. You can see how I started out. Let me know if you have any questions! I’m learning too!


    1. No, but you can make your boards private then no one can see them. I would repin the ones you don’t want repinned to a new private board and then delete them. Or make the board they are on private. I’ll add you to the group board, Nish!


  4. Pinterest drives me mad with distractions of pretty pictures but I’m always game for a bit of social exchange. My page is L A Berry Novels. The internet speed is going at a snail’s pace so it may be a while before I am able to connect but I am certain to get there in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. A very engaging blog of advice. I started blogging and decided to blog a book of my journey from burnout. It’s become addictive and I find that I cannot let a day go by without posting. I would love you feedback on it. Mike


  6. Pinterest is on my Fall to-do list, but I’m still tying up loose ends from my summer to-do list!! ugh. Hopefully, I can get to it, I really do want to get in on Pinterest. This is a good motivator for me! πŸ™‚


  7. I like candy –Pintrest looks very do able- I shall consider such a place as this – I have been exploring Live Journal as well for my blogging platform and links to for friends only, privet settings. Pinterest could be a place to post my creative writings.

    Hay Susie – Styx (live)– Crystal Ball – 1977 – a year before high school graduation.


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