Discovered with 6 Ironic Twists!

Welcome new blog followers! I hope you’ll sit back, relax, and read how a surprising discovery was ironic in six twisted ways when one of my posts was featured on WordPress Discover.

Discover badge

Last week, while sipping coffee and checking my Twitter notifications, I noticed WordPress had tweeted my blog post, 18 Best Blog Tips: New Ways to Promote, Increase Traffic and More! It had been Discovered! The first thing out of my mouth, (second, after the coffee) was, “How ironic is that!” In more than one way. I’m cracking up as I write this.

I’ll get to the ironies, but first I want to thank WordPress editor, Ben Huberman for Discovering me! It has been such an honor. I may have gotten his attention through leaving this post in a Community Pool comment explaining one of the following ironies:

Irony #1.

One of my 18 Best Blog Tips is to try not to spend too much time on blog posts.

That post took hours and hours which turned into days.

Irony #2.

I wrote it for WordPress bloggers.

None of my followers saw it in the Reader. Which brings me to…

Irony #3.

18 Best Blog Tips also dove into mistakes I have made through six years of blogging. Here’s another one to add to the list.

I had upgraded my site to Business back in March, which allows me to use Google Analytics. That has been super interesting. I can check demographics and see which cities and countries are fans. Last week, London was my super fan city. Santa Monica (my beloved surfing spot), was the worst city in the world for viewing my blog. The US was the best country, but Israel was the worst. I have some work to do.

Mistakes were made.

Recently, I noticed I could start using plugins. My daughter, Courtney works in web analytics. She suggested I install Yoast to point out what I need to do for SEO. I attended a WordPress Meetup and was told installing Yoast would be easy and I could uninstall it if I didn’t like it.

When I arrived home, I shook while I pressed the Install button. Instead of getting the notification that it had worked, it said I wasn’t up to date with the basic WordPress Jetpack program. I had to call a Happiness Engineer, who rescued me and installed it. Whew!

The next day, when my scheduled story, A Day in London with Charles Dickens posted, it was to the sound of crickets. Of course, it was another one of those posts that took tons of time. It didn’t end up in the Reader for my followers. Bummer!! I contacted the Happiness Engineers and found out it was because I wrote and scheduled it before I installed the plugin. Apparently, the structure of the site changes after installing a plugin on a Business site.


For days, no one followed my blog. I asked my daughter to check her phone and the floating Follow button had disappeared. I had been warned but several other bloggers who use Yoast continued to have the happy little green floating Follow. Not me. Dang!

That was the deal breaker. New followers are more important to me than views from SEO. Someday, I’ll have books to roll out to them. I started blogging to build community.

Once again, Happiness Engineers to the rescue! Several of these angelic and patient computer geniuses jumped in to help over the next few days. My Chuck Dickens post returned to the Reader without likes but with all of its comments intact. Whew!

Irony #4.

I made the same mistake TWICE!

After working on 18 Best Blog Tips for several days, I scheduled it for the following week. It was written while I used Yoast. When it posted after uninstalling the plugin, it didn’t end up in the Reader, again. GAH!

Blog tips from six years of blogging. New ways to promote, increase traffic, grow community, and more.

Cue the sound of crickets.

Luckily, some of my followers click from their email. Fellow blogger, Words from Anneli helped me solve that.

I had written it for WordPress bloggers. Most would never see it. It was my six-year Blogoversary post!

Sharing it on social media made me feel better. When my friends reblogged it, their post appeared in search. That was a relief.

Then I remembered Ben Huberman’s Community Pool. He hosts this event through the Daily Post on Mondays. The next one is September 18th. Bloggers share posts, ask questions, or jump in and help others in the comments. I shared 18 Best Blog Tips and explained how it was written for them after six years of blogging but how it wasn’t seen in the Reader because of my Yoast fiasco.

Irony #5.

Which brings me to coffee splatters on my computer screen. After all the nervous perspiration and lots of tears, it got Discovered. WOW!

Irony #6.

The last time I was Freshly Pressed (the antiquated term for Discover), I was heading to the Pikes Peak Writers Conference for the weekend. The word got out that An Open Letter to My Boobs (an irreverent letter to my fake boobs after double boobectomies), had gone somewhat viral. Writers introduced me as The Boob Lady.

grabbing my boobs

This time, I was on my way to the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, Colorado Gold Conference. What were the chances? I became the Blog Lady. (Not as popular as boobs, by the way.)

So, good for me. Whoopie ding dong day.

How does this article help you?

  • Upgrading to a Business site with the ability to install plugins is perfect for a blogger who knows their way around the back end of websites or is willing to learn. You’re still a part of the WordPress community and have the interactive black bar at the top of your site. When I have books to sell, I may try plugins again. Like I said, the Happiness Engineers are super talented and are one click away. (It always amazes me how fast they are!) They hope to fix the Reader Search and make plugins easier and more compatible for Business sites and community bloggers like me.
  • I would highly recommend following the Daily Post. They have daily prompts and share helpful information for WordPress bloggers. Leave a link, once in a while, in the comments of Community Pool and be sure to help others. You might get noticed!
  • There’s an About option on the top right corner of the Discover page. This is where the editors describe what Discover is all about. Scroll down and you’ll see a form. You can fill it out to nominate other bloggers for Discover. I discovered that yesterday!

Thank you again, Ben, the Happiness Engineers, and my followers. It’s time to clean my computer screen and get back to writing books.

Have you ever won an award? Have you ever made any mistakes here on WordPress? Are you willing to experiment or are stories like mine terrifying? Ha!

Click for more misadventures on the Wild Ride!

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127 thoughts on “Discovered with 6 Ironic Twists!

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  1. Congratulations on being Discovered! 🙂 x And thanks for sharing your experience! I haven’t upgraded my WordPress yet (I want to meet some other blogging goals before I do), but it’s something I’m looking into because I know nothing about it. I’m good with computers, always have been, but the back end of WordPress is so intimidating. I’m glad there are Happiness Engineers out there! I’m glad they saved your post audience! I love Community Pool. It’s great for finding new blog(gers) and putting my most recent work out there for people who are looking for something new.

    Thanks again for telling us about your experience. I’ve learned some helpful things for when I upgrade! xx

    Best wishes,


    1. Thank you so much, Kaiya!
      It may be perfect for you. There may be a plugin with that floating follow button. Community is my top priority. WP does the best job of bringing all of us together!
      Let me know how the upgrades work!
      BTW, you don’t have to link your blog, in fact, a lot of bloggers will delete the comment. Your name is linked to your blog already. WP is cool like that!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oops! I included it out of habit, as I follow a lot of non-WP blogs, too. 🙂 Seems silly to delete someone’s comment for including a link, though. To each their own. x


        1. I know! I think that it’s not so much deleted as unapproved. A lot of bloggers screen their comments and approve each one. I don’t bother since it’s rare to get a stinker. Sometimes commenters have to wait for a while before I get a chance to respond, depending on the wildness of my life. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Odd. I’m all for a link, haha. 🙂 I have mine set up to require approval for the first comment from someone, but then it automatically approves following comments from them. And keeping up with comments can be a ride! Sometimes they flow in so quickly it’s easy to lose them in notifications. 🙂 x


  2. I’m glad the Business plan works for you Susie. I also had many chats with the WP Engineers, they are indeed super knowledgeable. They told me the same thing about the site not showing up in the Reader. I also had the Business plan.

    Since moving to self-hosted, that hasn’t changed unfortunately as I still need to run JetPack to stay in touch with my online WP friends. This has put a serious dent in my daily views. I never use the Reader and receive all posts updates from others via email. I hope those Happiness Engineers figure this glitch out soon. The upside is that WP no longer has ultimate control over my site.


    1. That’s good to hear, John! That Reader Search is huge for views and a bummer to not be in it. Funny thing is I can search for my name or particular post and it comes up. I don’t think it will be long before they fix that. The WordPress Engineers are geniuses!
      Self-hosting does give you a multitude of options. I’m happy in my own little world, ignorant of the back end of my computer while spending my days writing. Lesson learned!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s not as difficult as some believe it is. Keep your plugins up to date and look through the back end once a day or so, make sure the store is in order…

        But they neeed to figure this out. I’ve got some skin in the game now, having moved house!


      1. Hey! Sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you, I’ve been caught up in final exams.
        I didn’t exactly upgrade my site, or at least I don’t use WP’s premium plan, but I do have my own domain.. I use very few plugins on the site, but will probably use more now that I have more time to play 🙂 I also got the technicians to help me transfer my comments and likes across.. I felt like that was kind of superficial, but it was still important for me. They were super speedy, and really helpful 🙂


  3. Wow! Congratulations! And great information. I doubt I’ll ever need the Business Plan; I pretty much blog because my dog gets tired of me reciting my poems to him and trying to show him all my photos. I can post them on my blog, and sometimes my cat views them when he is surfing the internet. I get crickets so often, I’ve started naming them. That’s okay, though. I like crickets.

    Again, congratulations on being discovered!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome to the Blogosphere!
      Be sure to link up your Gravatar so people can click to your site through your name above the comment. I recomment paying to drop the WordPress in your blog url too. It will be easier for friends to find you. The Business site will improve over the next year. As it is, WP has great SEO for free sites and has a lot of options for customizing the site. I’m happy right where I am! 🙂


  4. Me? Awards? Haha, that’s funny!

    In other news, I don’t use Reader, so as long as the email system is still working, you pop up in my inbox before I pop out of bed. ^_^


  5. Since you’ve been Discovered, I’ve become a follower. I’m in my sixth month blogging …it can be heady stuff. Trail blazers like you are lighting the way.


  6. Congrats on the Discovery feature, that’s wonderful! But sorry you had to go through all those tech issues. The fear of experiencing that is what keeps me from doing anything more with my blog. I’m sure it was indeed distressing to hear crickets after all that work. 😳


    1. Thanks, Carrie!
      I’m all about trying new things so upgrading was a no-brainer for me, once I knew I would still be a part of the WP community. But not appearing in the Reader for followers because of the plugin, bummed me out.
      It’s funny how life works. From devastation to elation! Ha!
      Great to “see” you!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Congratulations on being Discovered! Fortunately I haven’t had to deal with any of these glitches since I’m not up enough on plugins to try them 🙂 Discover had passed me by until I got featured on it so I was pleased to learn that you can recommend people for it.


    1. Thanks so much!
      I’ll try almost anything. Since my blog includes sharing my misadventures, I had planned on writing about my plugin snafu. Being Discovered made it truly ironic. 🙂

      Once in a while, a blogger moves me in a post. It’s great to know we can point them out to an editor.

      Features are huge. Congratulations, Andrea!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Al! I’m happy to share. Blogging can be complicated! I just realized that I don’t have to type in the blog name when I’m linking it in related posts. All I have to do is click on Link and find the post! Eureka! Every day I discover something. 🙂


  8. Brilliant… 😀 Irony #1 is the best one, I think… I have made the same mistake more than twice, by the way. o_O
    Thanks for sharing this “bloppers” … tips and lessons. And huge congrats on the Special Tweet by WordPress—> You rule! … xo Best wishes & happy day, Susie


  9. Congratulations on being discovered! You had been fresh pressed before, so they know you’re great. You rule!!
    I’m sorry to hear about all inconveniences you went through. Luckily you can call happy engineers. As far as I remember, here in Europe we can only communicate with them via email.
    Loved the ironies, by the way!
    Best wishes,


    1. Thanks so much, Lucile! Wow!

      Although my messaging started on their texting site, it always turned to email. I was a BIG problem! Ha!
      I am the Queen of Irony. Life just happens that way for me. 🙂

      Thanks again for reading.


  10. Boo – I am a ghost –

    Never – ever ‘push the do not push this button’ or you’ll be rendered a ghost in limbo –

    ‘I was getting so much span on my blogs that I had to figure something out’ back when excessive span was a problem’ like the lunch menu at the Monty Python flying circus café’ Spam’ Spam’ Spam’ and Span’ or Span and Span’… so I tried a nuke and reset… fell right out of the sky like Icarus on that brilliant feck n’plan… You know that Warning in your WP controls that reads: “Do not push this button no matter what” “unless you are positively sure you want to delete your blog?”

    ‘Well’ have you ever wondered what will happen when you push that button? ‘Well… I did, it nuked my blog from orbit’ and limited my controls. Tweaks fail to revive’ fibrillation failed to revive’ Bourbon Failed to revive’ cash offering’ Lamb Chops’ sacrifice’s Nope… I can go through a create a new blog, but not a reset, it won’t let me ramp back up, and when I try to create a new blog it states that the username is already being used when I put in my web address, same with creating a new username,.

    ‘So I live here in a state of limbo’ I am a Word-press Ghost. 🙂 I can read, I can explore and I can comment. But to create a blog I cannot do… I think I have to go to the Light… and come back as reincarnated with a new Username. Like Cali flower McGee… Soooo… If I completely disappear it’s because I went to the light. Thanks for the post Susie it help as it gives me a few ideas to try, like going to the light’ :)’


  11. ‘Upon Knockers and a well hearted Congrats and those Happy Engineers…

    ‘Oh my Gwog! You got deemed the Boob Lady? That’s just wrong’ ‘ my sister went through that when in high school as she sports double GG’s, and has a heck of a back heck ache, but she is dear and has a wonderful heart and soul like you Susie. I think I am deemed the Ghost here.

    ‘Happiness Engineers’ I wasn’t going to contact them, because I had watched the comedy movie ‘Bubble Boy’ years ago and I remember the School bus of ‘Happy Shiny People’ a bus load full of them… You know door knockers… but being you’ve had nothing but good experiences with the Happy Engineers’ and they didn’t convert you and abduct you to forever ride upon the Happy Shiny Bus.

    ‘I hope my use of the word Knockers was non offensive or did had not sent you into tears.

    ‘And Congratulations on being discovered Susie, you have worked so very hard’ and have had a heck of a trying year in testing your patients and nerves.

    Susie’ your blogs are the Best’ by far the best’ you’re polite’ professional’ and have a lot of good hearted spirit’ it really shows that you like people and love what you do as a passion of your creative talents. And if anyone deserves an award or a Power-ball Lottery win’ Susie it’s you. People as yourself and all of your friends and fans are what make WP a top blogging site, upon a personal blogger and upon a profession blogger level both. (I had to write that so that you never blog me, :)’ Heart.


    1. Awww! Thanks so much, Brock. It’s because of people like you that I’m still blogging. I could never blog into the blogosphere to an echo chamber. Nope. It comments that keep me going!
      I guess I started the “boob chatter,” and didn’t mind the moniker. They are what they are, even if they are completely fake now. Ha!


  12. I found you via discovered! So are you saying that you changed to a self hosted blog and didn’t like it and changed back? Is that what happened? I’m interested as I have just started my blog as self hosted after having WordPress hosted ones for years and wondered how the whole community thing goes when you are t part of the WordPress group per se. My blog is on the WordPress platform but .org as opposed to .com and I suspect that it doesn’t appear in the reader when people search and I also suspect that it people can’t comment on it directly from the reader and I’m wondering if I’ve gone and made a big boo boo by doing it this way!!!! So just wanted to clarify what you’d done at your end as it is of particular interest to my situation. Loving the blogs and will continue to follow 🙂 Rachael


    1. Thanks for reading, Rachel!
      No, my snafu resulted from installing a plugin to my .com business site, then uninstalling it. The tiers are, free, pay for your name, susie, premium, and business. All are .com. .org is completely different, self-hosted and out of the community and the Reader. That said, I can add anyone to my Reader, but they won’t automatically appear if I follow you. It you aren’t happy, you might want to talk to a Happiness Engineer.


  13. Thanks a lot for sharing this experience with us on your very lovely blog. It’s really handy for newbies like me. In fact, I’ve just followed all of the blogs you’re suggesting.


  14. Congratulations on being ‘discovered’. Your posts are always entertaining and this one is timely for me. I’ve been tossing around going ‘self hosted’ but am concerned about loosing my community as well as hearing crickets. Now I’m off to read those 18 blog tips!


  15. Congratulations on the Discovery! I completely broke my blog trying to put in Yoast. It was awful and horrible but the Happiness Engineers fixed it all for me. I am decidedly very reluctant to try any more plugins. Maybe one day. Great post!


  16. Very cool and congratulations on the Discovery! It’s amazing what ‘works’ and what doesn’t – for my own blog, I’ve found some of the most unexpected posts end up doing well, and others simply die in obscurity. Kinda weird in a way.


    1. It is weird! I think it has a lot to do with the titles and that first sentence. I’m not always a good judge of what will work and what won’t. It’s a coin toss it!! Thank you so much, Matthew!


  17. How wonderful to be ‘discovered!’ I use plugins regularly but I have a self hosted site. Does that make a difference? I was nominated for a blogger’s bash award and won an award from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists this year. It is great fun to win things, and I would love to get a Discover award. I’m going to follow your tips!


    1. Thank you so much, SR! Congrats on your awards!

      Difference? You mean with being in the Reader? If you have a .com site, you would still have the community black bar and remain in the Reader for WP bloggers. If you are .org., you’re on your own to reach out through SEO and social media to build community. Is that right? There are many other platforms out there! How have you built community?

      Liked by 1 person

  18. #awesomesauce Susie, oh…hand about I have to call you boob lady now, you said so in the post. Although a Facebook post comment such as “Susie, you OK?” might attract the odd raised eyebrow….alternate thought do boobs go viral?

    Moving on. Fabulous post and love to hear strange not working things when everyone else is going happy smiley face isn’t an exclusive me thing. I used to use the Community Pool a log too. Must start that up again. In fact must re-theme my blog and take a leaf out of your book. I spend too much time peripherising things and staring at tricky tweaks that under brain says will clearly go wrong.

    Congratulations too. I know a famous blogger now 😁💐😁


    1. Ha! Hardly famous, but thank you so much, Gary!

      Yes, Boob Lady was cool. I rode with it since it’s part of my brand. I’m sure boobs go viral all the time!

      I thought it was important to share that I’ve consistently blogged and it’s not a gradual ride up to the pinnacle of fantastic stats. The topography is pretty dang wild. I had to share my latest fall into the abyss since plugins are rather new for business sites. Some will love plugins! I prefer the simple life these days. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Infamous then 🙂

        Obviously they do according to search engine top investigative entries lol.

        I think sharing it has many people in tune with the issues too. I, for one, keep putting of a theme change because I know roughly what I want, but am not sure enough in my abilities to make it do what I want. A very circular case of overthinking procrastinating!! as for plug ins…just eek !!

        Liked by 1 person

  19. Hi Susie,
    First of all thank you for the tip about how to find Blog parties. I had a successful weekend thanks to you.
    I have had bad experiences leaving links in the community pool comment boxes when I try to help people. I have been accused of spamming because I was not going there for help when I left my link there on more than one occasion.


    1. Thanks so much, PP! I’ve learned so much through blogging. I could write a book about it. Ha! There’s still so much to learn every day and always something new!
      Thanks so much for reading!


  20. Many congratulations on being ‘Discovered’, Suzie. You’re the first blogger I know who has that claim to fame. I do know a number of bloggers who had been ‘Freshly Pressed’, but no one (apart from you) who has now been discovered.
    I had no idea you could install a plugin with a WordPress business account plan. I thought WordPress did it all for you. I’m on that same plan, so I’ll have to look into it. And Google Analytics! I have that too but never looked into it. I have some series homework to do.


    1. Hello, Hugh! It’s always nice to “see” you! I’m in Wisconsin and check in when I can. Lots of travel this year.
      Thank you so much! Being Discovered was such a surprise since many never saw it in the Reader.

      Keep in mind that the plugins are amazing, but you’ll lose that floating follow button in the lower right-hand corner. It is possible there is a plugin for that too, but I didn’t take the time to research it. Business plan bloggers already don’t get searched easily in the Reader, but HP Engineers are working on that. You might want to give them a nudge in a month or two. I feel like I’ve asked for enough help this year! Let me know what they say!

      SEO is great for seeing which cities readers are from. I need to have my daughter take me through it since she works in analytics. This is right up your alley, Hugh!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, I don’t think I’d want to lose that follow button, Susie. I know it’s not as good as the previous ‘follow button’ we once had on WordPress, but I think I’d be very grumpy with it not appearing at all.

        Can you let me know what you mean by ‘Business plan bloggers already don’t get searched easily in the Reader’? I’m not aware of any problems and wondered if you meant that blog posts don’t show up in the reader. However, I just published my ‘Thursday Doors’ post, and am pleased to say that it showed up in the reader.

        I’m going to have to look into Google analytics. I signed up for it ages ago, but have never really understood what it does or how it works.

        Enjoy your travels in Wisconsin. I’m off to do a bookfair in South West Wales this weekend.


        1. It ends up in the Reader for followers, but not easily in Search. Before upgrading, many of my posts showed up in search, like my Open Letter to WordPress Bloggers under Open Letters and Blogging. I understand that it has been a while and it would be replaced, but when I look for Blog Tips or Blogging Tips etc, my 18 Best Blog Tips post only comes up in reblogs or under date.

          Liked by 1 person

                1. For some reason, mine don’t come up even with the full title. I was told by a Happiness Engineer that it was because I used more than ten tags and categories, so I cut back. Then I was told it was because of the Business site upgrade. Obviously, it’s something glitchy in my site. I feel like I’ve used up all my cries for help. Such a bummer.


  21. I’ve learned nothing is as easy and simple to do in the Blogosphere! When I transferred my website over to a new platform, etc., and was told that “this” would “easily” “all” transfer over, blah x 3.


    But I “got there” through much pain, frustration, and hair pulling–some of it my own. Always be leery of ANYTHING you’re told “to do” out here. It’s all about promotion. Upgrading. Use the “latest.” But, hey, congrats!


    1. Thanks, Frank! It was a huge surprise.
      Sorry you went through that frustration. Doing something like that with my site would freak me out.

      The guy who encouraged me was on a .org site. Installing on a .com site is really different. Plugins for Business sites are still in Beta in my opinion. My problems really arose from scheduling posts before changes. A big OOPSY on my part. I had been warned about the follow button but I thought readers would click on the one at the top of my blog. Not one follow in five days. I’m happy without plugins for now. I learned a lot from Yoast while I had it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah…and I have an account on the .org site. Doesn’t necessarily make life any easier, just one more thing to be connected to and have to check and keep up on. I’m a WRITER, not a coder! But, yes, having a PERSON working with you does help. Sigh.


  22. I am in the middle of merging my blog and my website, at which point I will be able to have plug-ins and GA and things like that. I know everyone says SEO is the best way to track our audience, but I gotta tell you, I feel like engagement through comments, replies, etc. is a much better indicator. But that’s the old-fashioned gal in me, I guess. Congrats on being discovered!


    1. Thanks so much, Kate!
      Good luck with the merge! SEO doesn’t track audience as far as I know. It’s how your blog ends up in search. Google analytics will tell you everything about your audience and you can get that with a Business upgrade. That’s been a blast to check out. I still have a lot to learn!
      I agree about comments and engagement. For me, it’s not about wild hits. It’s about building a community who actually reads what I write! Now if I could reduce my bounce rate, that would really be something…


  23. Listening to Blonde’ Wow! The image above for the two women, the lady on the left in ‘White Tee shirt and Blue jeans, Awesome hair, sun kissed tan bronze complexion, you can feel the radiant energy in vibes coming from her Aura’, I must know her, and if you ever see her again Susie tell her she rocks and that’s said with all due respect. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Congratulations being ‘Discovered’! The great thing about this post is that, as a Newbie myself & frantically learning, you’ve made me relax slightly as even as a 6 year blogger things can still go slightly wrong?! Love your blog, I do learn a lot


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