Autumn And An Early Arrival!

After a week in Wisconsin, I packed up and headed to the Rocky Mountains to see the autumn colors. What I didn’t expect was an early arrival.

Silverthorne fall color with Lake Dillon

These are drive-by shots, meaning, I jumped out of the car to shoot the picture. Don’t worry. No aspens were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Color peeks out from the trees.

The color was stunning due to the clouds and slant of the sun.

Clouds build over the colorful aspen trees

I made the unfortunate decision to stop for lunch in Silverthorne while the clouds continued to build.

Fall color in Silverthorne, Colorado

I thought I’d head back up to hike and take more photos.

Autumn in colorful Colorado

Instead, stormclouds descended on the mountains and an icy wind blew.

And then this happened.

It’s still snowing. There’s an inch on the deck. If it lasts all night I might have to go sledding tomorrow! I’ll keep you posted.

September snow on the deck

What’s the weather like in your part of the world? Are the leaves changing or is spring arriving?

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96 thoughts on “Autumn And An Early Arrival!

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  1. Bit early yet for the leaves to change colour in south east England – usually mid October for us. Weather mid 70s still too. In my part of England we rarely see snow – last time was in 2012! If we have snow it normally falls end January/February. In 2010 it was a bad year and it snowed in November! 😊


    1. Everyone must run outside and dance when it snows! I love the change in seasons. The leaves in Boulder will change color about the same time as in your part of the world. The mountains are peaking! I was bummed that it was so cold and snowy yesterday. I took more pictures from the car. Ha!
      I bet this is the year for another freak English snowfall!


  2. Hurricane Irma has come and gone – thank goodness! Cleanup is still happening here though – debris, repairing damage, etc. Beautiful captures and I even enjoy the snow due to being in sunshine and sand land here 🙂 Happy Day – Enjoy!


    1. How did you fare the storm???? The weather has been insane. The snow was such a sweet surprise! We started a fire in the fireplace and enjoyed it through the window! No snow angels or sledding yet!
      Thanks for stopping by, Renee!


      1. We dodged a bullet here with Hurricane Irma – she came in as a Cat 1 instead of a Cat 3 or 4. We evacuated due to the time the decision was made she was still coming into our area as a Cat 3 or 4. We lost part of a tree and another branch on another tree. The house stood strong with no damage – thank goodness! Getting back to normal again is GOOD 🙂 Happy Adventuring . . .


  3. I love all the pictures, esp the last one. I have always wondered what it’s like in winter since we only have tropical climate here in Malaysia. Bet I couldnt stand the cold as I could barely able to go out even during autumn when I went to Australia last time. Hehe.


    1. Thank you so much!
      Ha! The truth is that we all have to adjust to temperatures. I learned that our blood cells change size after a couple of weeks of cold or hot temperatures. Is that cool or what?
      Pun intended. Going to the mountains after a week in the 90’s in Wisconsin was a SHOCK!!! The trick is to layer up.
      Thanks for stopping by, Zyra!


  4. Another blogger I follow just got back from there too. I must say I all of a sudden want to go and have had absolutely no desire to before now. It looks so beautiful.
    It’s pouring rain in Oklahoma, and I’m totally fine with that.

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  5. Beautiful! It has been in the 90s around the Midwest for the past week – very bizarre. The leaves are mainly turning brown from heat and very little water. We’re expecting temps to drop 20-30 degrees in the next few days, but no snow is forecast. (Thank the Lord!)


  6. Wow! I’m envious of your fall colors. Beautiful photos! And snow! Here in WA, our fall colors are beginning to pop, such as they are. Not the splendor I grew up with in New England, but I got a few shots at a local mountain the other day that were unusually colorful. It was our last sunny day for a little while. (Just posted some of the best shots).


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