Blog Party Time: Build Your Readership!

Blog Party Build Readership

It’s a Drop and Hop Blog Party!

It’s time for another Blog Party where you Drop a link and Hop to other blog sites. September is all about the change of seasons and the expectation of holidays. There’s a lot to write about so why not build your readership?

I love bringing my friends together so they can meet each other!

Here’s how it works:

CHOOSE ONE link to your blog and paste it in the comments. Include a hook where you tell everyone what you blog about. Then click on a few links and meet a few bloggers! Or meet all of them. It’s up to you. The more you click, the more friends you make!

Leave a comment on your new friend’s blog and tell them, “Susie sent me,” and they might click back to your place.

This is a social party so be sure to mingle in the comments. Make some new friends. Subscribe to their blog. They might subscribe to yours!

The party will roll all week so stop back anytime. This is all about you. Once it starts, I’ll let it roll!

Remember, if you leave TWO links, you’ll be thrown into the spam filter. That can be so embarrassing for both of us. The worst part? Your comment won’t post and I usually don’t notice right away. 

The drinks are flowing and the barista can whip up anything you like. The buffet includes exquisite treats from around the world.

DJ Chuck Shadow is in the house, so you know the drill… DON’T FORGET TO STAND UP AND DANCE!

Please tell your friends by sharing on Twitter and Facebook or go ahead and feel free to reblog this post. The more the merrier!

Click for more adventures on the Wild Ride!

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I hope you’ll consider following my blog too. It’s always a Wild Ride!

295 thoughts on “Blog Party Time: Build Your Readership!

Add yours

  1. Yay, Susie! Your parties are always a blast … I’m heading for the dance floor and hope you are still out there! My fifth novel is being released by Lake Union Publishing on October 1 and I don’t have to tell you where it is set … quelle surprise! All the deets are in this week’s blog and there’s even a link to the Goodreads giveaway. Bonus! Thanks, Susie … off to boogie!

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    1. Thank you for sharing yourself! I love looking back on old journal entries from when I was going through hard times and seeing how far I’ve come, but I know how difficult it can be when you’re caught up in the storm. I love your motto, ‘grow through what you go through’ …beautiful X

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    1. I enjoyed reading your post about gratitude. I can’t fall asleep until I say things that i’m grateful for. I feel like the process also creates balance. In every moment there is gratitude. It’s just true. It’s not sappy stuff.

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      1. Hi Julia, am glad you enjoyed the post. Gratitude is truly magic,the moment you start naming what you grateful for and mean it. It completely shifts how you feel and you definitely attract more to be grateful for.

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          1. Thank you Susie for taking the time to comment and glad you love my inspirational blog. The Blog party was a brilliant idea…am enjoying checking out other blogs and yes meeting new people too.

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  2. Hooray! I didn’t miss the party. Better late than never! I’m a pretty new blogger, I just started in earnest this past summer. I blog about quilting, my favorite hobby and (sometimes) part time job. My blog is different than most quilt blogs. I always start with a story and relate it to the quilt. Some of my followers don’t quilt, but come for the story anyway, which I think is cool. I aim to give advice to new quilters – newbie to newbie – but I think there’s a little something there for everyone. Here’s one of my favorite blog posts, Happy reading!

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  3. Hi I am ~B from Zimbabwe and I have blog where I write things sometimes, mostly stories sometimes real other times made up….. I have never done any blog parties but they sound like fun….. So here goes
    here is a link to a post, with a quick intro into my blog everyday challenge for the month of September…. Today is day 30 about to write my last post too …. whoop whoop

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  4. Sorry I am late, I am Yela and this is my first blog party, thanks a lot Susie for organizing! I blog about travel experiences, cooking and baking and I love flowers. I have started blogging in April and I love it so far. I got lost a bit in the blog set up, should be able to work on writing and posting in the next months. Please have a look at what I have done on
    Bye Yela

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  5. I lead a writing group and for each topic I create then print out a Mindmap. We have a discussion on the writing topic with the MMP as a basis. The members of the group add small picture comments on the big picture mmp if they have an AHA moment. I try to replicate this in my blogs. Eventual I hope to get myself organised enough to publish them in a book.

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  6. Hi, I’m really new, I’ve wanted to start blogging for years but I only (finally) posted for the first time last week. I’m from Ireland and I’m studying Humanities so as a result my first topic was a bit more political than the stuff I would usually write. I enjoy writing about culture, everyday life and things that irk me about the world. I hope that somehow I can make a positive impact in the world. I am looking forward to checking out some of your pieces and I hope to become a part of a community on here!

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  7. Amazing! As someone who is new to blogging, I appreciate this. I also read your 18 tips to increase readership and plan to incorporate a few of these that I am not actively doing!
    As for me, I am a physician mom struggling with balancing work, family and personal space. I am writing about topics that are relevant to everyday women who have similar struggles. I include a little bit of science/research in all my posts because I am a doc and science really does permeate every aspect of our lives. Feel free to check out and comment/feedback.
    Here is this weeks post:

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  8. Wow, I’m so happy I’ve come across this blog! Love the idea of parties! Hope you don’t mind that I’m joining now! I’m a relatively new blogger, started writing to overcome my…writing anxiety. I wrote about it in my first post, but it’s not the one I’m gonna share here. Here I’m gonna tell you about how I’ve decided to start killing people:

    Yeah, sometimes public confessions are good 🙂

    Great to be here!


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