How to Have a Hygge Life!

When I learned about Hygge and what it meant, I wanted to add more to my life here in Colorado.

Hygge is a Scandinavian word, pronounced hue-gah, used to describe an extraordinary moment during an otherwise ordinary day by being aware of the feeling of coziness and charm in order to slow our fast-paced life.

The word blew up in 2016 and was soon added to American dictionaries. Life has become more stressful for a lot of people. Hygge focuses on what makes you comfortable and happy. As the northern hemisphere slides into winter, I am all about Hygge moments.

Hygge can be experienced through a solitary or group activity. I’ve seen many examples, from wearing pajamas while sipping hot chocolate and reading a book, to small gatherings with friends.

Hygge’s definition depends on your unique lifestyle. Colorado is known for its active people.  When I’m not tapping away on my computer, I’m looking for outdoor adventures. I tend to shoot through life in hyperdrive. It’s important to slow down and enjoy its simplicity.

It’s snowing here in the mountains and I’m having a Hygge moment right now!

How to add Hygge to your lifestyle

My Colorado Hygge moments:

Some of my Hygge moments could be enjoyed by anyone in the world, others not so much.

Spend time with friends.

October Haunted book club at my house included eating appetizers in my living room. See the ghost, (Wendi) on the couch? Cooking dinner ran late so we had extra time to catch up! Our group has been together for more than fifteen years.

Haunted book club

Stop to enjoy the view.

No matter where you live, you can find and appreciate beauty. Instead of rushing down the sidewalk, check out a building’s architecture, the nature that surrounds you, or the clouds that scud across the sky. Embrace life when you can.

On the way back down from the mountains last weekend, my husband, Danny, and I drove to Echo Lake located below a 14,000-foot peak, called Mount Evans. As the sun set behind the mountains, the thin ice proved reflective and breath-taking in its texture.

Echo Lake, Colorado

Do what makes you happy like decorate for the holidays.

I have boxes filled with Halloween and Christmas decor and unpack them whether we entertain or not. Being surrounded by my favorite decorations makes me feel warm and happy.


Take time to make a meal.

Instead of inhaling food, it’s important to sit down and enjoy meals. I can smell the bacon sizzling in the pan. Okay, I’m really salivating now…

Mountain breakfast

Take a break.

To warm up and rest my muscles when I ski, I pour a hot chocolate and relax in the lodge. I prefer to sit near a window while enjoying the sweet concoction.

A Hygge Day in Colorado

Watch Memories on my iPhone.

I discovered a great new way to embrace special moments. I may be the last person to find “Memories” at the bottom of Moments in my iPhone’s photos. It’s a slideshow that includes snippets of video. Now I realize how important it is to delete pictures of my feet since it sometimes includes them. Ha!

Take a bubble bath in or outdoors.

I had a tough workout last Wednesday and took a hot tub to silence the screams of my minuscule muscles. The hum of the motor and the rush of water always soothes me.  I love watching birds flit from tree to tree and always watch for wildlife. A mountain lion and lynx have been spotted recently. Whoa!

Sometimes a friend joins me. So, I know hot tubs are no place for dogs, but she jumped in and finally lost her curiosity. Ha!

A friend in the hot tub

Light a candle or stoke up a fire.

In Colorado, most fireplaces are gas since we have a problem when heat inversions which trap pollution in the atmosphere. I love to flip the switch on my gas fireplace and mellow out in pajamas while watching the flicker of the flames. Or if the fire danger is low, have a bonfire with friends or family. Tell a ghost story or two. Surely you will experience a Hygge moment when you cuddle in a blanket and a shiver ripples up your spine.



Insight Timer is a terrific app for tuning out the world to center and release stress. You can choose from guided and unguided meditations. It is good for the body and the soul. Find a warm, comfy space and peace-out for ten minutes. Enjoy your Hygge moment!


When our brains unlock creative flow while writing, painting, drawing, or when engaging in any other arts or craft activity, a sense of peace is released. Embrace this amazing feeling. Be aware of what you accomplished!

NOTE TO SELF: Start on this year’s Christmas card. Tick, tock…

illustrated christmas cards


Ever since my kids went to college, I’ve baked a lot less. Making cookies and cakes for two can be hazardous to one’s waistline. Now that the weather is colder and the holidays approach, I yearn to bake bread and rolls. There’s nothing like the accomplishment of creating while the heavenly scent rises from the oven. Yum!


Cooling on the racks.

Spend time with family.

Since my son lives in California and my mom lives in Wisconsin, the moments we share are precious. Being an empty-nester, I truly cherish the time when everyone is home. I try slow down and live in the present moment, like this one.

Courtney, Grandma, and Kelly

Last night, I took a long hot shower. While wearing my favorite fleece pajamas, I made a cup of Sleepytime tea. I flipped the switch on the gas fireplace and slipped under the covers to read a book. Roxy cuddled next to me and kept me warm. After my Hygge moment, I slept really well!

I can’t wait to celebrate our family birthdays and holidays in November and December.

Lots of Hygge moments ahead!

How to have a hygge life

Had you heard of Hygge? What are your favorite ways to bring a sense of comfort and coziness to your life?

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130 thoughts on “How to Have a Hygge Life!

Add yours

  1. My wife is Norwegian/Danish (maiden name, Larson) so I had heard that term. I’ve pretty much fashioned my life around hygge moments. At the cost of any abundant wealth, I’ve paced my life so that I could enjoy family and vacations without a phone stuck in my ear or checking in with the office every day. Some people label this underachieving, but I prefer to see it as a more fulfilling life. Fifty rewarding years of marriage attests to that. In any case, I think we’re kindred spirits when it comes to appreciating hygge. Good post, Susie.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks so much, Al!

      It sounds like you have embraced the Hygge lifestyle fully! I have strived to live this way, but didn’t have a name for it other than being “in the moment.” The simplicity of it is so appealing!

      Great to see you, Al!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello, Miss Peggles!

        I love how Hygge focuses on the simplicity of happy moments. Creating them is pretty easy! I’m all about easy.

        I noticed last weekend I was pretty stressed out after being holed up in my office writing all week. I decided to start living the Hygge lifestyle by including getting out of the house or taking a walk outside to shake out the cobwebs and to appreciate the beauty of life every day. Last night, the owls, that hang out at our house, were hooting as I walked up our street and the snow fell in giant flakes. I surprised Danny who was taking out the garbage cans. I warmed up by making my favorite casserole. It was one of those Hygge moments!


  2. To think, that for all these years I’ve been in pursuit of a Hygge moment whenever I’ve gone out into the man cave to have a beer and watch a sporting event. Who knew? Hope my wife never finds out—or it’ll be back to the salt mines for me! 😀


  3. Finally I understand what that word means! I’ve seen it before and wondered. I’m with you on the hot chocolate( or coffee) snuggled in a blanket reading, writing or having a Netflix binge!


  4. I’ve not heard of this new word but I recently blogged about a very similar thing – simply sitting still for a few minutes and not doing anything. It’s important to slow down once in awhile. I love your house and all of your suggestions. Except mediation. That one never seems to work for me. I’ve tried several times in several places but my brain just can’t grasp the concept of not thinking.

    Good stuff.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. I remember that post, Patricia! It is important for us to slow down to embrace the simplicity of life and what it has to offer in relaxation.

      It’s natural to have random thoughts while meditating. The more I meditate, the fewer I have! Guided meditation may work better for you, then you’re listening to the speaker. That’s my preference. Of course, it’s not for everyone….

      Have a Hygge day, my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. You taught me something new this morning….I had never heard of Hygge before!! Although I dare say I’ve been unknowingly searching for, finding and enjoying it in many forms for years! Thanks for the enlightenment 🙂


    1. And now I’ve just heard, Leitmotif, for the first time! Ha! Yes, I think we all strive for a Hygge life. Having a name for it gives it some structure and purpose so I’m putting more effort into those moments.
      Thanks so much, Ally!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m so behind the times… can’t believe I’ve never heard the word before, so thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’m definitely into the concept, though, even without the word. I love walking in my (suburban) neighborhood and snapping pictures of small things: trees, leaves, twigs, clouds, doors. I love baking. I love curling up with a good book. And thanks for the reminder to light candles.


    1. Thanks, Audrey! I love your list of Hygge moments.

      I think we are all in search of a Hygge life, but didn’t have a name for it. Now that I’m aware, I am making a bigger effort!
      Always great to “see” you!


  7. I love the whole hygge concept. My great sadness is that I don’t currently live in a space with a fireplace (despite being in New England). A must for the next house! And in the meantime there are always candles!


    1. I’m so glad to have a name for it.
      Definitely! Anything to bring ambiance and mellow lighting to a room. Even a dim bulb would do. I used to have a lamp I turned on for that reason. Have fun with it, Heather!
      Thanks for reading!


    1. Thank you so much! It’s much easier to grab a blanket and curl up for a Hygge moment now than in the heat of summer! It’s getting nippy here in Colorado! Enjoy your Hygge moments this week!


    1. Thanks so much, Ritu!
      Now that my kids are older, I really try to embrace the time we have together and lengthen it by really being present. Life will accelerate over the holidays… Get ready and make time for those Hygge moments!


  8. I love and adore the concept of Hygge. It is so necessary on our fast paced world. I’ve taken to creating more and consuming less and I’ve enjoyed it so much! Your post and pictures are beautiful. They truly reflect the spirit of Hygge. 🙂


  9. This has made me feel all warm and fuzzy! I’ve started lighting candles again now that the nights have drawn in. It makes the room so much more cozy. I’d love to have an open fire but the candles will make do. I’m going to check out that meditation app you’ve recommended, thank you 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for reading M.O.M.!
      I love your expression, “nights have drawn in.” Beautiful. You must be from the UK!
      There are several apps out there but it’s the one I use. I have found guided meditation really quiets my jumpy ADD mind. Ha!


    1. Thanks so much, Rachel! It’s great to have a name for the simple pleasures of comfort and coziness. It has made me more aware of when I need to find some Hygge!
      The Memories are super cool. I think you’ll enjoy them!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Nice post Susie….great to learn about a new word and so much is meant by it…..loved the way you broke down the word into a to do list for bringing some positivity in our days….:)


  11. Hey Susie! I’m late to the hygge party, which is surprising considering my fondness for hibernating during the winter. Thought this was a clever way to express laziness, but as you so aptly describe, I’m discovering that its about comfort and quality of life. Totally a fan!


    1. Hey, Gabe! Are you back from your world adventures?
      I’m late to the party too. I’d seen the word volleyed around the web, but never really took the time to think about what it truly meant. I fight “laziness” too, so I have a hard time chilling during the day. It’s definitely a lifestyle changer for me!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I have seen the word popping up all over social media but didn’t really know what it meant – now I do it will be absorbed into our family life! You have the most beautiful home and I feel positively inspired by your decorations – my daughter has just told me off though for watching a Christmas movie…just easing into the mood. Lovely post, Susie!


    1. Thank you so much, Claire!
      Why did she tell you off? Is it too early for Christmas movies? I watched part of The Muppets Christmas Carol yesterday. Ha!
      I think it’s a good reminder to embrace the simple and positive aspects of life. Hygge is so easy to add when you’re aware of its importance!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Caroline!
      You are so right, especially as we enter the vortex of the holidays. Making time for yourself, friends and family go a long way in quality of life and health. I’m all about Hygge!

      Liked by 1 person

  13. What a view! I love looking up through the trees on a sunny day. Candles and hot water bottles make me feel cosy and appreciate the moment. I got given a hygge book for my birthday but haven’t yet got round to reading it. This has inspired me to get it off the shelf!
    Just for internet my phone speller doesn’t recognise the word hygge!


    1. Thanks so much, Gemma!

      My computer doesn’t recognize the word either. Hygge is brand new here in the US.

      Being originally from tree-filled Wisconsin, I’m all about open vistas and views. We’re replacing our deck and have rented a dumpster. I’m getting rid of all the broken things I thought I’d repair. Cleaning up and surrounding myself with my favorite things creates Hygge moments too!

      I’ll have to look for a book!

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Thank you for sharing! This term is new to me and I LOVE it. It is true that Colorado is all about getting outdoors, I love to visit with my boyfriend (who is from Colorado Springs). This post is a great reminder to be appreciative of all the blessings!


    1. I love your addition of blessings to the list. This post reminded me a lot of my #BlessedProject post last year. Hygge really is about appreciation first and foremost, but also enjoying those quiet moments filled with comfort and coziness. Next time you’re in the Springs, stoke up the fire and cuddle!

      Liked by 1 person

  15. What a wonderful post. I’d never heard of Hygge. I think we all yearn for hygge moments in our lives. Reading this post is very relaxing and hygge. Roxie jumping in the jacuzzi cracked me up!


    1. Hey, Lynn!!
      Yes, Hygge is fairly new to me too. My computer didn’t know how to spell it. Ha! The idea of taking time to create relaxing, cozy moments alone or with others is so appealing to me. I’m glad to have a word for them!


    1. Thank you, Hayley!
      I’m all about Hygge too now that I understand its meaning! It’s a very new word here in the States. I love that it is making me aware of creating quiet and cozy moments. I always feel guilty if I’m not working. No more…. Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Hygge is a new word to me, but you taught me the meaning very well with this post. Cheers to those moments in whatever form they come. … And thanks for reminding me of a friend who has a great view of Mr. Evans in Genesee.


  17. SUSIE!!! I’m loving this Hygge moments. It was my New Year’s Resolution this year, only I think I put a Guatemalan spin on the name … I think I called it my Everyday Balloons. It was a Seinfeld/Kramer reference … he has a bunch of balloons and Jerry is like those New Year’s Eve balloons where are you gonna put them and he’s like those are not my New Year’s Eve balloons those are my everyday balloons. And I was like yes! I need more everyday balloon moments. Your Hygge totally reminded me of that! THANK YOU SO MUCH for that! I definitely needed that. High five on your Hygge moments. They looks great!!


    1. Thanks, Guat for your usual enthusiasm! I could use ten more of you in my life. 🙂 I had heard the term bandied about, but didn’t really explore what it truly meant until recently. I usually fly through my days in hyperdrive, so Hygge is a good reminder… Have a Hygge week!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I grew up with it. It’s very common. But you know – I don’t think we’ve ever really thought that much about it because it just so normal for us. But we “hygger” a lot. With friends, family, colleagues, classmates and so on. 🙂


  18. It sounds so lovely! I only heard about this term a few days ago, but I just love the whole idea behind it- it makes sense! And I love this photo with snow in the background- I miss proper, snowy winters, open fires and hot cups of liquids in my hands, all of the same time 😀 Thanks for sharing!


  19. I didn’t know what you called them, but, since my stroke, i have many more of those hygge moments. My favorite seems to be lying back in my soft chair from my computer, folding my hands, ignoring the cat, closing my eyes, and just relax…I normally fall asleep for about 20-30 minutes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Lucy! I’m trying to slow down especially with the holidays upon us. I worked my tail off this weekend cleaning and cooking. Even ended up in Urgent Care needing four stitches after an accident cutting bread. GAH! My mom comes in tonight so I’m looking forward to lots of Hygge in the next few days!
      Happy Holidays to you!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I could use some Hygge right about now. Even though I’m ahead, it will be hard to stop and take a moment. Maybe a hot tub is in store for me later this afternoon! Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas to you!

      Liked by 1 person

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