Super Easy Bullet Point Journaling

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The first time I read a blog title including bullet point journaling, I rolled my eyes. I mean, most of us are list makers, right? After seeing other posts around, I finally clicked on one. Whoa! It blew my mind.

The key to bullet point list making is it also becomes a journal.


By recording a weekly list. Don’t roll your eyes yet. I’ll show you mine in a minute.

When I clicked on some posts through Pinterest, I could see how making these journal pages could become super labor intensive. I thought, No way. I’m always working against the clock. Adding something that could take an hour or more to make would soon become a chore. I don’t need to add another chore to my list.

So, I came up with a no-brainer solution.

bullet point journaling tools


A notebook.

You decide the size. I like the standard 8.5 x 11 since my lists are long even though the day is short. You’ll see why in another minute or second if you skim.

Markers, colored pencils, highlighter, or pen.

You can make it as cool or as boring as you want. It’s your journal. I can’t look at something that monochromatic or all in one color pen or pencil. Even if I don’t spend a lot of time making it, the journal still has to be eye appealing or I won’t use it.

But I don’t want to take a lot of time, right? I’m not going to color code things or use fancy-like tape. Instead, when I complete a task, I fill in the space or “bullet point” with color. I prefer a highlighter but have used colored pencils.


My first few journal pages were pretty raggedy. I decided to break down and use a ruler to make straight lines. Here’s a cheat! Use another lined sheet of notebook paper as a guide underneath.

Here’s my bullet point journal!

List your work on the left side with the days of the week on top.

Bullet point journal super easy

I refer to the journal when I complete a task to see what else needs to be done. At the end of the day, I peruse my list. Several times, I’ve hustled to fill in as many boxes as I can. Don’t judge. I’m an overachiever…

Obviously, I don’t always get everything done, but that’s where the journal comes in handy. Journaling shows progress over a period of time. Sometimes life gets in the way, like yesterday when I had a painter, a plumber, landscapers and a cleaning service here all at once.

If I’m putting off a task, I ask myself why. It’s usually for a stupid subconscious reason. Once I’ve faced it, I can move on. Sheesh!

Leave a few lines open to add the tasks you want to complete once during the week like calling for appointments, cleaning out a closet, shoveling out your kitchen, organizing a junk drawer. List those things you put off from week to week.

If it’s a major chore, break it down into small parts. That way you’ll feel satisfaction after making a little progress.

I’ve added my appointments because why not? It’s my journal!

I’m all about positivity and working hard. No one is around all day to give me those atta boys when I finish. Bullet point journaling gives me those self-congratulations and pats on the back. Way to go, me!

At the end of another long day, I fill in the spaces. I feel good about myself right before going to sleep. When I wake up, I take a look at my list and start filling in squares again. I accomplish a lot more when I use a bullet point journal. It guides me and keeps me on track.

Give it a try. Maybe you’ll accomplish more too!

Do you bullet point journal? Would you consider making one? Are you a list maker or a journal writer?

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Super easy bullet point journal idea that works! Click for a simple way to reach your goals! Personal goals and motivation, wellness and self care, life lessons, live your best life, ideas, tips, life hacks and diys #personalgrowth #lifelessons #bulletjournal #goals #bulletjournalideas

63 thoughts on “Super Easy Bullet Point Journaling

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  1. I’m going to be honest… I really wanted to do this… I had all kinds of ideas in my head so I finaly bought a bullet journal… but when I started working in it I thought to myself… OK, you’re just too old for this kinda shit… and I bought myself a moleskin 😀


    1. Ha! It does take a little effort. I can make mine in less than 5 minutes, but it’s still easier to open a page and go.
      I’ve tried so many planners and the one pictured in the post is the only one that works for me!
      Thanks for reading, Kay!


    1. Hey, Jennifer! Sorry I missed your comment. 🙂

      It really works for me! I feel gratified when filling in those little pink rectangles. The trick is to take it wherever I go to remind me of my tasks. I always have quite a few! Let me know how it goes!


  2. Loved this, Susie! So true that it doesn’t have to be super detailed. Mine is actually monochromatic but I can see how a spot of colour can add to the beauty. Will try this for June 🙂


  3. Working on starting one myself, a simple version like this. I like the use of the ruler to draw line, I’m going to copy that! I think that although it is a bit more effort, being able to track progress over time will be worth it. 🙂


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