The Wildlife in My Wild Life – Photo Essay

Since I live in Colorado, I’m always on the lookout for wildlife. I’ve spotted them on hikes, while skiing, or through a car window. Prehistoric porcupines, bear, elk, common deer, bighorn sheep, you name it. But this year, my wild life has gotten wilder. Several otherwise elusive creatures have made appearances in the most unlikely of places: My home.

Bullsnakes have made their way into my home twice. A newborn made its way through a light fixture since I found it on top of my flat file. It became a pet for the winter. The kids released it the following summer. The other must have pushed its way through the doggie door. I thought it was one of the rubber snakes from downstairs carried by our Bichon, Roxy. Nope! I put it in an aquarium until the weather warmed up and then let it go. The one in the picture was full grown (about four feet long) when I found in the garage. I picked it up and released it into the garden.

bull snake in yard

Several families of owls love to perch on and around my house. As the sun sets every night, I can hear a couple hoo-hooting to each other.

owl hanging out on roof

Two weeks ago, something hit a window. I rushed to my back door to see. A baby owl sat on the stoop. I waited until he flew away to be sure he didn’t become dinner for one of several hungry predators who lurk in our yard at night.

Last week, I heard the most annoying screeching sound. When the dog went nuts, I ran to the window. A huge owl stood on a planter screeching, “Good morning.” Ha! Worst sound ever.

Click to see the video –

While in Europe after a disastrous water leak from a demon washing machine, our wood floor guy, Nick took pictures of a lynx! Yes, this is our deck.


According to my neighbor, two bobcats hung out at the front door while we were gone. Make yourself at home, why don’t ya? Of course, I never saw them after returning from our trip. Gah!


In April, an enormous gold “housecat” walked around the pond. Later, I found out a young cougar has made our neighborhood its hangout. Unlike the lynx in the photo above, its tail is long. It’s a yearling and still pretty small, but the doggie door is shut until further notice. Poor Roxy.

Remember Roxy and the Coywolf? I don’t trust that she’s learned her lesson. She got lucky when that beast laughed and released her from its jaws in 2015. This time too.

Roxy in the window

As I’m typing this, I’m at a desk in the window being totally distracted by the backyard view. You never know what might take a shortcut through our property…

Our family had an unexpected visit last Sunday up in Breckenridge. I’ve seen them at Brainard Lake, at the bottom of Peak 7, but not in my neighborhood!

My husband, Danny, rushed toward me as I walked out of the kitchen. He had an insane look on his face. My first thought was whatever he would say next would be completely sarcastic. “There’s a moose in the driveway!” he screamed. Yes. SCREAMED!

Stained glass windows flank the front door. I saw a massive black shadow beyond. Instead of running for my camera, I rushed downstairs and shouted to my son who talked with his girlfriend on the phone.

He ran upstairs and used Facetime to show her the incredible sight. Right outside our picture window stood a full-grown male moose complete with wicked cool antlers. A yearling grazed nearby. We trapped the dogs in the basement to keep them from frightening the pair.

When my wild life meets wildlife

Click to see the video –

After taking a few photos, we caught our breath. Minutes later, another shadow graced our front doorway. The cow brought up the rear of the little family.


As the sun sinks lower in the sky, I’m still waiting for my glimpse of the elusive wildcats. It’s 4:30 and owls have begun their hooting chant. Another just landed on our roof. The raccoons will scout and a pack of coyotes may send out an eerie cry.

I love where I live. There’s plenty of room for all of us.

Click for more of my Wild Ride.

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Have you seen any unusual wildlife? Has your life gotten wilder lately?

92 thoughts on “The Wildlife in My Wild Life – Photo Essay

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    1. It really is! I had wanted to be a vet like so many other girls and now I have a zoo in my backyard. Other than the owls, I don’t see them daily.
      Thanks so much for reading, Abby!


    1. Thanks so much, Guat!!
      RIGHT???? I absolutely love here. I never know what I’m going to see. The cats are new to our area since we’re across the valley from the foothills where they are more plentiful. I heard that the fox are greater in numbers, so cats have grown too!


  1. Wow! I’d love to see a moose up close. I had a big deer standing in my front yard when I came home the other day. Good for you for rescuing the snakes and keeping them safe through the winter. All snakes aren’t bad.


    1. Bull snakes look a lot like rattlers so they are often killed by homeowners out here. They eat their weight in mice and can only swallow.
      There are a ton of smaller black-tail deer in Colorado and I’ve seen elk several times. But I’ve never seen moose in a neighborhood! They are known for their aggressive nature so we stayed inside. My kids were in town so I was super excited to share the moment with them. 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by to read, Phil!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, except for the snakes, that’s super exciting! You can keep the snakes. The strangest thing I’ve had in my yard (parking lot actually) was an armadillo. I’ve never seen one up close. At first I thought it was a possum, but it didn’t act like a possum. As I got closer, I saw that it was not a possum, but an armadillo just ambling along through the parking lot.

    Now, if I saw in a moose in my yard, I’d be screaming too. That would be really weird. I keep waiting for an alligator, but we’re too far away from the river so I guess that won’t happen.

    Thanks for sharing the fun photos. You do have a wicked cool life out there in Colorado.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  3. You have an AMAZING array of dangerous wildlife around your house! Wow. Here in NZ we have a net total of… uh… none. No snakes. No wild cats. No coyotes (except on ‘Roadrunner’ re-runs) and no moose! I get some native birds around the house, which is nice, but kind of boring really compared to you guys. 🙂


  4. I live now in the large city of Middletown (Pop about 2800, I think). Don’t see much wild live (human or animal) around here, but I used to live out in the rurals and, yes, saw ,much. Went to Shenandoah National Park and saw a bear, up close and personal (3-5 feet away until I could run…
    Your property sounds nice, though I don’t think I could deal with bobcats and/or lynx. Other than that, wonderful…


    1. I would love to see a bear again! I saw one in Breck years ago. The bobcats are pretty small, but mountain lions can get pretty big. My neighbor took a picture of a gray wolf in her driveway! Now that’s getting scary.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. My wife would KILL for your Colorado HQ, Susie.
    I know your life has been challenging at times – to say the least – but you’ve got it made, babe.


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