The Wildlife in My Wild Life – Photo Essay

Since I live in Colorado, I’m always on the lookout for wildlife. I’ve spotted them on hikes, while skiing, or through a car window. Prehistoric porcupines, bear, elk, common deer, bighorn sheep, you name it. But this year, my wild life has gotten wilder. Several otherwise elusive creatures have made appearances in the most unlikely of places: My home.

Bullsnakes have made their way into my home twice. A newborn made its way through a light fixture since I found it on top of my flat file. It became a pet for the winter. The kids released it the following summer. The other must have pushed its way through the doggie door. I thought it was one of the rubber snakes from downstairs carried by our Bichon, Roxy. Nope! I put it in an aquarium until the weather warmed up and then let it go. The one in the picture was full grown (about four feet long) when I found in the garage. I picked it up and released it into the garden.

bull snake in yard

Several families of owls love to perch on and around my house. As the sun sets every night, I can hear a couple hoo-hootingย to each other.

owl hanging out on roof

Two weeks ago, something hit a window. I rushed to my back door to see. A baby owl sat on the stoop. I waited until he flew away to be sure he didn’t become dinner for one of several hungry predators who lurk in our yard at night.

Last week, I heard the most annoying screeching sound. When the dog went nuts, I ran to the window. A huge owl stood on a planter screeching, “Good morning.” Ha! Worst sound ever.

Click to see the video –

While in Europe after a disastrous water leak from a demon washing machine, our wood floor guy, Nick took pictures of a lynx! Yes, this is our deck.


According to my neighbor, two bobcats hung out at the front door while we were gone. Make yourself at home, why don’t ya? Of course, I never saw them after returning from our trip. Gah!


In April, an enormous gold “housecat” walked around the pond. Later, I found out a young cougar has made our neighborhood its hangout. Unlike the lynx in the photo above, its tail is long. It’s a yearling and still pretty small, but the doggie door is shut until further notice. Poor Roxy.

Remember Roxy and the Coywolf? I don’t trust that she’s learned her lesson. She got lucky when that beast laughed and released her from its jaws in 2015. This time too.

Roxy in the window

As I’m typing this, I’m at a desk in the window being totally distracted by the backyard view. You never know what might take a shortcut through our property…

Our family had an unexpected visit last Sunday up in Breckenridge. I’ve seen them at Brainard Lake, at the bottom of Peak 7, but not in my neighborhood!

My husband, Danny, rushed toward me as I walked out of the kitchen. He had an insane look on his face. My first thought was whatever he would say next would be completely sarcastic. “There’s a moose in the driveway!” he screamed. Yes. SCREAMED!

Stained glass windows flank the front door. I saw a massive black shadow beyond. Instead of running for my camera, I rushed downstairs and shouted to my son who talked with his girlfriend on the phone.

He ran upstairs and used Facetime to show her the incredible sight. Right outside our picture window stood a full-grown male moose complete with wicked cool antlers. A yearling grazed nearby. We trapped the dogs in the basement to keep them from frightening the pair.

When my wild life meets wildlife

Click to see the video –

After taking a few photos, we caught our breath. Minutes later, another shadow graced our front doorway. The cow brought up the rear of the little family.


As the sun sinks lower in the sky, I’m still waiting for my glimpse of the elusive wildcats. It’s 4:30 and owls have begun their hooting chant. Another just landed on our roof. The raccoons will scout and a pack of coyotes may send out an eerie cry.

I love where I live. There’s plenty of room for all of us.

Click for more of my Wild Ride.

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Have you seen any unusual wildlife? Has your life gotten wilder lately?

92 thoughts on “The Wildlife in My Wild Life – Photo Essay

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  1. That’s so neat – you can keep the snakes though. Hate snakes; even the harmless ones. I realize the big cats are very dangerous but also very cool to see. Thanks for sharing a snippet of your life with us ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thanks so much, Jai!

      Bullsnakes keep the mouse population in check. If it weren’t for the one that landed on my flat file, I don’t know that I would have gotten so used to handling them.

      The cat population soared this summer with the comeback of fox. I’m keeping an eye outside for those cats. I’ll see them someday!

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  2. Wow!!! What a daily adventure you have. I live in the city. The most active wildlife we have are thugs, crowds of people and a few city birds. With the abundance of owls the snakes seem to take shelter within your house. Thank you for sharing your story and pictures, I truly enjoyed it.


  3. I’ve got a family of raccoons who come every night to clean up spilled sunflower seeds and corn, but when its too dark to get a decent picture, a hawk who hunts my chipmunks, and occasional bears. Your photos are great.


    1. Thank you, Bob!
      I wish I would see more bears. They’re more common in the foothills. We live across the Boulder Valley on a hill. The raccoon family who lived under my deck this summer decimated my bird feeders, bending the metal post every night! I finally gave up when Roxy got fleas. Euw! Luckily, it never became an infestation.

      I’m asking Santa for a Critter Cam!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If you want to see bears, it helps a lot to have neighbors who put their garbage out the night before pick up day. Bird feeders are good too. Bear see bird feeder, bear want bird feeder. One of my neighbors had a bear drinking from a hummingbird feeder that was mounted on a window with suction cups. Also, here in the Smoky Mountains there are increasing reports of Puma sightings, but not confirmed photos, scat, or capture. They’ve been officially extinct here for over 100 years, along with wolves.


  4. I need to show this to my husband, he loves wildlife, brought home a copperhead once as a kid. Was a bit disappointed his dad wouldnโ€™t let him keep it.
    Iโ€™ve recently seen vultures and raptors in out neighborhood. Iโ€™m watching our 5 lb Yorkie mix really carefully when sheโ€™s outside now.


    1. OMG! A copperhead??? They are so vicious and poisonous too! I wish I could find the photo of me with a five foot bull snake wrapped around my leg. I picked it up in the yard during my son’s graduation party and freaked everyone out. Ha!

      A Yorkie is pretty small. I thought of the size of my dog and the huge owls that have been hanging out. I think she’s just a little too big for them.

      I saw turkey vultures last summer when on a bike ride. They are pretty gruesome birds!

      Thanks so much, SG!


    1. Thanks so much, Synnove! Last year a pack of coyotes worked together to flush rabbits out of a hutch during a snowstorm. I missed the shot since I was talking on the phone. I hope there’s a next time…


    1. Most do hate snakes. After we adopted the baby bull snake that landed on my flat file, I wasn’t afraid. We released him and he hung around the yard for years. He was just a little smaller since he was kept in captivity. The one on the floor really surprised me. It was cold and it didn’t move. Ha!

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  5. I see turkeys periodically when I’m headed to Lansing. Deer, obviously (especially the one that initiated me into the “Bambi Club” LOL). Falcons and other big birds, yep.

    My favorites are definitely the vixen and her kits that came through many years ago when I first moved in–we called her Mama Weasley because she was so patient with a pile of kids jumping all over her! xD | My other favorite is the owl that hangs around our house. I’ve seen him/her once and heard him talking at night sometimes. A few weeks ago, he and another were having a full-on conversation. It was eerily cool!


    1. I absolutely LOVE owls even though I found out they eat small birds. Their “song” is so comforting. I haven’t seen a vixen. It’s a weasel of some kind? We see fox in Breck but the ones around here live in another part of the neighborhood. You’d think they’d get around!!


    1. Like I said, there’s room for everyone!
      It’s why I’ll never move. I love my property. We have a pond behind our house that attracts a lot of wildlife. With all the cats this year, the geese haven’t landed here…

      Liked by 1 person

          1. For some reason, the link to my blog didn’t fire up.
            I copy and paste the link from the url above the post to get it to work. It will pingback if the name of the post is in the url. Thanks again for the shout, Al!! Happy Sunday!


  6. Oh my goodness Suzie! You live in such a good spot for wildlife!

    I am not sure I’d be able to cope with the snakes! I know they help eat the local mice, but eeeep! You are so brave!

    I hope you get to see some of the big cats too! That must be amaazing!

    What animal would you like to see most?


    1. I do consider myself very lucky. Colorado is the best for viewing wildlife!
      I would love to see the mountain lion or lynx. Why not both? Ha! It’s very unusual that they’ve made their home this far east. I live on a hill across the Boulder Valley with a view of the mountains. Bear and wildcats are seen in Boulder every year, but not in the little town of Niwot!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow, love the wildlife even though I don’t get to see a lot of it. Your so lucky to live in such a place with so many different kind of animals. I hope I someday live at a similar place like yours.
    Which wildlife animal is your favorite?… if you can pick.


    1. I would love to see the mountain lion since it’s the most elusive. It’s that time of day again and I’m fixated on the windows overlooking the backyard. The lion and lynx are probably chillin’ on my front porch. Ha!
      Thanks for reading! I hope you get a chance to come to Colorado someday. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, ER! I am very lucky. In fact, some of my neighbors freaked when they heard about the mountain lion. I thought they’d try to have it moved, but animal control won’t do anything. YAY! I just keep my dog inside and we’re all good! She likes to keep watch from her perch inside. Bichon’s are catlike when laying on the backs of couches. Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! I left out the part when I put it in the aquarium and set it on my kitchen counter. I checked on the snake an hour later and couldn’t find it. My eyes adjusted. It was on top of the screen. His head was only inches from nose!!! Yes, I GASPED!


  8. I love that you have so much wildlife around your home! I actually don’t mind snakes, but I wouldn’t want them in my home. That’s where I would draw the line. I love the shots of the snake and the lynx!


    1. Thanks so much, UR!
      I just remembered there was a snake under the couch in the basement one time. Ha! We must have a lot of cracks and crevices between the stone and stucco. My husband recently stuffed steel wool in it to keep out the mice. It’s pretty wild out here, especially when living next to open space and a pond. I love it!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. All beautiful animals. I know most people don’t like snakes, and I don’t care to have one bite me or my dogs, or even slither harmlessly near me, but that photo is really great! So clear and bright. It’s excellent! Great post (again)!


    1. I know! It’s been really wild! Most have been sighted in Boulder.
      The moose family was seen last weekend in Breckenridge. I was so surprised to see them in a neighborhood when there’s so much surrounding forest. They are huge and fearless!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  10. WOW! This is all so cool!! The snakes I’m not sure I could handle, and my husband is afraid of them as well, so that probably wouldn’t work out well for us. But oh my gosh, the owls, the big cats, and the MOOSE! What a beautiful place you call home!


    1. Thanks so much, Becca!
      I couldn’t believe the photos of the cats. The moose really surprised us last weekend. If we had been quiet instead of FREAKING OUT, we might have gotten better pictures. Ha! We were super excited. I’m so glad our kids were visiting and saw them.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I notice the house outside your back deck is for sale–could it be because of all the unexpected wildlife? And when can we move in! This sounds like a definite wild ride of wildlife. The snakes are a bit disconcerting, the cats are lovely, but I don’t want one curled up in my bed, and the moose look enormous!

    What an adventure!


    1. Ha! That family moved out in June before all the action. The new neighbors are in on all the fun!

      The cats are a big surprise since our property is across the Boulder Valley with a view of the mountains in Niwot. Pretty far east for them but they have a wide range. I hope to catch a glimpse of them soon!

      The moose family was huge and spectacular all up close and personal. I have seen them around but not in a neighborhood. They have no fear and are known to be very aggressive. I’m glad we were lazy instead of taking a walk!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Wow… Your wild life has definitely gotten wilder, Susie! ๐Ÿ˜€
    But… Isnยดt it exciting, though?… I mean, seeing all those animals… so close… “close encounters of the third type” (first type equals humans, second type = pets… Third type: all the other creatures!). ๐Ÿ™‚
    I much enjoyed your post… Love & best wishes! ๐Ÿ™‚


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