Join the Blessed Project and Get Featured!

Take a moment to join me in something truly positive: THE BLESSED PROJECT! Participants will be featured here on the Wild Ride.

Last year, I posted a list of blessings and included a few photos. The exercise took me to a place in my heart filled with love, gratitude, happiness, and sparkly things. My favorite! For the time it took to create the list, it banished bad news, headlines, and normal everyday frustrations like surfing to buy the perfect gift which is as slippery as Elf on a Shelf. I’m about to click to purchase and it’s gone! How does that happen??? Holiday preparations can be mind-numbing. By 9:00 PM my brain is fried.

How to join and get featured:

Write your list of blessings. Do whatever you want! Link it to this post. If you link it to, I won’t get the pingback and will have no idea you linked me. That would be so disappointing for you when I post the list of bloggers who participated.

Post yours by December 19th. On Wednesday, December 20th, I’ll post the list of entries.

With the newest word, Hygge in mind. I’ve compiled a new list focusing on family and beauty.

Here’s my Blessed Project!

I’m blessed with an amazing family.

Lindau Family 2017

Lindau Family in Breck

And new family! My grand-niece, Blakely.


We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this year!

30th Wedding Anniversary

I’m blessed to be surrounded by Colorado beauty…

Breckenridge sunset

And wildlife in my wild life!


I’ve been blessed with a year full of travel.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Friends enjoying a Hygge moment.

Haunted book club

Furry friends.

Dogs in the car

Roxy and Lady

three pups in a tub

And blogging friends! The 2017 London Bloggers Bash.

Bloggers Bash Attendees

I’m blessed with good health. Knock on wood. I have nine months to go until I am five years cancer-free. I’m counting down! In the meantime, I’m working on becoming fit and strong!

Clowning around at 24 Hour Fitness

Write a post with a list of your blessings. It can be text, photos, videos, anything you like. Link it up here! Post it by the 19th. I’ll get the notification and will link you up on December 20th. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Click for more inspiration on the Wild Ride.

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Do you feel blessed this holiday season? Are you up for making a quick list of blessings to get featured? I hope so!!!

90 thoughts on “Join the Blessed Project and Get Featured!

Add yours

  1. You have the most wonderful ideas on your blog, Susie. I’m so inspired to participate. Your photos reminded me of so many things I’m thankful for, too. Yes, we’ll focus on the positive things. Your photos are very cool. What an uplifting post!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my gosh, Susie, you’re not kidding about this being therapeutic. If i wasn’t for The Blessed Project, I never would have reflected on this past year and realized the multitude of blessings. I spent all day working on my post. It’s much longer than I planned. The list of blessings got longer and longer. And they’re major blessings, things I never dreamed we’d have been able to do this year. I laughed and teared up, over and over. This project is a huge blessing. Thank you thank you thank you for doing this! I plan to publish my post on Monday.


    1. OF COURSE!!! I needed the exercise too.
      I lost my brother in March and we had water damage in our house, but we got a monthlong vacation out of it! Making the list was just what I needed.

      I’m looking forward to seeing your list!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I’m sorry to hear this. May He be at peace.
        You have a beautiful family, and an even amazing attitude towards life! I might as well say you’re goals for being a family person (something Im struggling with, although Im only at the beginning rn! xD)
        God bless you and your family!

        I did finish. Im not very patient. So you know this was means of dropping by a formal hey! 😄


  2. What a breathtakingly beautiful post. I don’t know which I love more — the writing or the photos! I’m game for giving this a shot. (I was searching my mind for a Tuesday Topic anyway, heh heh heh.)


  3. Great post Susie, I’ve not had time to reflect on this year yet; well I probably have, just got side-tracked and haven’t sat down and thought about it. Actually I feel this year has flown past and I’m behind all over!

    Good photos too and this is a good way to self reflect and be thankful for what we have now 🙂


  4. What a lovely post, Susie in time for Christmas – you’ve got me thinking and I will link up with my blessings! Sometimes we get too fixated on the negatives in life – every time we turn on the news or look at the computer! Good to think about the good things….xxx


    1. Thank you, Claire!
      That’s what’s been happening to me with the bad news. I made myself sit down and focus on the positive. Afterward, I felt so much better!
      I’m looking forward to reading your list!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. This is such a great idea Susie! I’ll definitely think about doing this and hopefully I’ll have it ready for the deadline. I think I will need to get permission though rom my family/friends to feature their pics publicly.


      1. Thanks Susie! Oh I forgot to mention earlier but congrats on the 30th anniversary that’s such a big milestone along with all of the amazing things that happened during the year.

        I thought it would take me longer to write but I just posted it haha instead of digging through my messy iPhoto I just reused photos that I had already taken so I wouldn’t need to track down each of their permissions again.


  6. Wow you certainly are blessed- wonderful family, content pets, and living in gorgeous Colorado. Amazed that you captured the bobcat on your deck! In all the years I lived in CO, never saw one…


    1. I AM! I’m mean it’s been a helluva year with the death of my brother, but there’s so much beauty in my life.

      The wood floor guy captured the photo and I’m still waiting for it to stop by again. Ha! Did you see the post? Up in Breck, a moose family came right up to the door!


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