Guess and Win a Card!

handmade Christmas cards

Yes, once again, I’ve created my homemade Christmas cards. I hope you can guess what I drew so you can win one.

They are a huge part of my holiday traditions; a labor of love, sweat, and a few tears. I actually balled up a few early sketches and threw them. It seemed like the appropriate, although dramatic reaction at the time.

My cards have chronicled our family through the years. My husband and I ski jumped in the first card, in the photo above. For a couple of years, I made popup cards and almost lost my mind. I missed parties to finish them. What was I thinking??? My latest version is popup-lite.

After a week of work, they’re done. Almost. I better make a couple more…

They are pretty ridiculous, as usual. And once again, they required sketching, drawing, cutting, and pasting, driving to the store for a new copier, glue sticks, stamps, and envelopes.

Guess what our family is doing this year!

Christmas cards

Leave your guess in the comments and win one. If there are more than three winners, I’ll draw them from a hat. Good luck!

I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season. I better start Christmas shopping. Sheesh!


Do you send greeting cards? Do you love receiving them? What do you think of the new trend to have a B list that gets the email version?


49 thoughts on “Guess and Win a Card!

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  1. My brain’s too fried for this challenge right now, but I wish everyone else nothing but luck!
    You make the holidays truly magical with your positive attitude and inner – and outer beauty, Susie Lindau.

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  2. Glad to hear sending festival cards has not yet died out completely. Absolutely love to send and receive them. I used to make cards too long ago with dried petals or sometimes with embroidery. Thank you for reminding me of those times. 🙂


    1. I agree!!! Yours sound so exotic!

      Good old fashioned greeting cards are becoming more and more rare! I think it started with the price of stamps and ended with everyone’s noses in their phones and not enough time for life! Ha! There’s a strong opinion for you.

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  3. Ima gonna guess you’re all going to go exploring, looking for the long-sought source of the Cooswhatchie River. Close? Is there a prize for furthest off?


  4. What an awesome cool idea and a fabulous tradition!! Your determination is the best!

    MY guess is: this year, your family are walking llamas. Or alpacas.

    I hope that counts as one guess ☺


  5. I don’t know why I enter this every year…I naively suppose I can read your mind? xD

    Maybe it has something to do with your travels, like your Wild Time™ in Paris.


  6. I will guess cards that look like Christmas tree and stand up. Every year there seems to be fewer cards mailed out and less received. I miss them and email letters are not a substitute.


  7. It’s great that you draw your own Christmas cards- it must take you so long to do! I’m going to guess that you have drawn your family riding on reindeers (first thing I thought of!) 😊


  8. I do like getting them, but I am not sending them this year. I was in charge of sending out about 400 for work. So I’m done.

    Are you guys doing yoga on the card this year?


  9. I’m guessing your card shows you eating a piece of fruitcake. (Hah!) Actually, I don’t send cards anymore, now that The Child is grown up. So I’m sort of hoping I don’t win yours. Because then I’d have to send you one (Lutheran Guilt). But hey — that doesn’t mean I won’t wish you a Merry Christmas! There. I just did! 🎄


  10. I’m going to guess that you and your family are going sledding! As far as the cards go, I love making Christmas cards and I love receiving them, but it seems that this whole tradition is slowly going by the wayside. I don’t think much of the B-list. I guess I appreciate the effort people put into sending cards. Just like I appreciate a phone call over a text. 🙂 I do have to say that I love that you make all of your cards by hand. What a special gift they are to your recipients! 🙂


  11. Wow. That takes a lot of energy and commitment….or someone who should be committed? So my guess is a Christmas Moose. Or possibly one of those peaceful animal scenes where all your wildlife visitors of the past year are all enjoying each other’s company.


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