A Silhouetted Bonfire!

Last weekend, Frisco, Colorado hosted a roaring bonfire next to Lake Dillon. The Fire Department tended the blaze fueled by Christmas trees. That’s one way to get rid of them! Mesmerized by the crackling fire, I found magic in silhouettes of the onlookers.

Silhouette and bonfire

When the wind changed direction, sparks flew and the crowd moved to better locations out of the smokey haze.

Bonfire in Frisco

I had dressed in several layers to hang out in the long winter’s night. It seemed others were better prepared for the heat. A hoodie would have sufficed.

Bonfire at night

I took many videos, but the one that really struck me was a slow-motion recording of the fire. Click on the photo below to view and hear it consume the dry wood!

Have you ever been to a bonfire at night? Are you mesmerized by them? What do you do with your Christmas tree?

This post is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette.

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62 thoughts on “A Silhouetted Bonfire!

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  1. wonderful! We lived in San Diego for years and had many bonfires at the beach at night. It is always somewhat comforting to see the bright heated light in the darkness, isn’t it? As for our trees, they go back into the boxes, not quite as neatly as before, but, that is their home for at least 10 months!

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  2. Beautiful post, Susie! In Boulder, we recycle our Christmas trees by having them picked up for compost which is turned into mulch and made available in the spring to residents for gardening. I think Denver does that too, through their Treecycle program. We love Frisco, it sounds like you had a festive evening.

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  3. Yesterday would’ve been the 100th birthday of (sports broadcaster) Ernie Harwell. My memory of him was sitting by the campfire in Ludington listening to him commentate on Detroit baseball on my granddad’s radio. Funny you should bring up bonfires the day after!


      1. I’m reporting back in. OK, nothing happened that might be considered a “bonfire,” with trees being tossed into the inferno and tantalizing silhouettes like fire dancers of old, calling forth their ancestors, but…I did end up burning some cardboard in the fire pit yesterday. Eh? Eh?


  4. Fires are mesmerizing, but I’ve never been to a big bon fire like that. The slow mo video is really cool! I have a fascination of pictures of silhouettes, too. You got some cool neat ones. We have a little 4 foot Christmas tree, a fake one with lights already strung on it. Just my kind of tree. Actually, I’d probably be just as happy with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Haha!


    1. I’ve had a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and just found the photo in an album. We cut it down in the Arapaho forest after hours of searching. Never again. Ha!

      I love fires too. Out here in the West, we so often have fire restrictions so this was a great opportunity!
      Thanks for swinging by, Lynn!


  5. Where we live out in the country we can burn our brush. And there’s something mesmerizing about a fire. Growing up, my best friend’s family would have a New Year’s Eve bonfire. It was always a great time. As for our tree, we take it apart and stow it in the attic until next year😉.


      1. Nice to meet you as well! That sounds like a great idea for New Years I may have to do that myself. My husband and I love having fires and photographing them too. I’m in Crested Butte! Hope you have a great weekend


  6. Okay, that was weird. The slo-mo video brings me back to my days as a Roman warrior sacking and plundering the rest of the world (of which there wasn’t much, because, you know, we were ROME…and WERE the world…). Creepy. Nice.


  7. I enjoy a good bonfire. They are mesmerizing! I grew up camping with my family and in the Girl Scouts. My tiny plastic tree us tucked in a bag stored behind my daughter’s bedroom door. Glad you enjoyed! =)


  8. I live in Mumbai so our Christmas trees are always fake . So I pack it up for the next year! I’m a bit scared of bonfires and the closest I’ve come to enjoying a live fire outdoors is the rudimentary barbecue in our garden.


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