Escape Room – You Have to Try This!

Escape Room in Breckenridge

Looking for a new activity? Try an Escape Room! We had a blast and you will too. I recount my fun experience and how I learned something about myself.

When I heard an Escape Room had opened in Breckenridge, I had to try it. The idea of solving clues in order to escape during an allotted time period piqued my wild imagination. When I told my family about it, one of them said, “I wouldn’t want you to be on my team. You would freak out.” I wondered if they were right. I have been known to be impulsive under pressure. The challenge was on!

When I met our team, I worried that eight of us inside a small room would be too many people. Would I end up being an onlooker while others solved riddles or would I become Little Miss Bossy Pants? I would soon find out. Our new teammates introduced themselves as family and friends from Texas who were engineers. Hmm. Engineers, a businessman – my husband, Danny, and a novelist/artist – moi. It would either be a great combo or a major failure in communication.

Our guide instructed us not to take photos or videos and then led us into the room. He showed us the TV that would count down from sixty minutes. We could ask for three clues. Then he shut the door and the game was ON!

Why you should try an Escape Room!It’s killing me NOT to share the details of the game, but I don’t want to prepare anyone before they go. We used a wide variety of tools. Surprise and discovery were the best parts!

One of the Texas women took charge of the group and made some suggestions. We spread out to search for the first piece of the puzzle. Every time we solved a clue, we made a huge stride. We hooted, hollered, and high-fived. It was such a rush!

As the clock wound down to thirty minutes remaining, I was surprised by how chilled-out I was. One of the men said we should ask for a clue. It seemed like cheating to me.

“Let’s wait another five minutes,” I said. When the minutes passed, we used the phone to ask for one.

Our leader read the clue on the TV and then we dashed around the room with this new piece of information. After that, we didn’t waste any time asking for the last two.

With a COUPLE MINUTES TO SPARE, one of the men was having a problem with a padlock. I asked if I could try. Danny told me the numbers. I took my time and swept the dial sequential order. IT OPENED! The Texas girl used the piece of information revealed and together we solved the last piece of the puzzle.

With one minute and thirty seconds left, WE ESCAPED!

Afterward, the Texan leader turned to me and said, “You were so good at finding clues!”

That surprised me. I hadn’t kept track of my contributions, but said, “Thanks. You were a great leader. I think we all helped one way or another.” It was true. We all focused on different parts of the room and kept moving around while working together. No one freaked out or gave up.

Victorious - Escape Room

V for Victory!

On our way home, Danny and I recounted the game. He insisted that I had done the lion’s share, but I was so in the moment, I didn’t notice. The biggest surprise was I was one of the calmer people in the room.

Somehow, working with everyone evenly distributed the stress. We all had one common goal. We depended on each other to escape in time. There was no question that we were all doing our best. It really taught me the value of teamwork.

Would I do it again? Absodanglutely! There are three levels of difficulty, so I expect the next escape room will be a lot harder. Don’t worry, I won’t wait thirty minutes for clues. Maybe we’ll escape five minutes sooner!

Have you ever gone to an Escape Room? Have you heard of them? How do you work under pressure?

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97 thoughts on “Escape Room – You Have to Try This!

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  1. I SO want to try this! I think at first, they were all scary themes, which sounded like no fun to me. But now that it’s just problem solving and puzzles and such, it sounds like a really adventure! I know there’s at least one locally. May have to drag the husband.


    1. You should! Ours was all about problem solving. One of the ladies in our group had heard of a killer zombie escape room in Texas. That did not appeal to me at all!!
      Thanks for reading, Emily!


  2. My daughter and her friends did one in London at the end of last year for a 16th birthday – and absolutely loved it. Then by pure chance we found that one has opened in a house a couple of roads along from us….and my daughter delivers their morning newspaper! Not tried it yet, but will give it a go!


  3. We have a few of these in our area and I a have always wanted to go but can’t convince anyone to join me. I’m so glad I could hear about it first hand from you. They did an episode about it on The Big Bang Theory and of course it was Penny who ended up solving the puzzle.


    1. You gotta love Penny. HA!
      After experiencing the one in Breck, I would definitely consider going by myself if no one was interested. You don’t stick with anyone in particular anyway. Each person is too busy hunting for clues! I bet you will love it. Meet your friends afterward!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What a trip! I hadn’t heard of these adventures before, I think they have a Halloween version during treat-or-treat time over here. I think I would totally be in the moment But would stress out, reminds me of David Blaine trying to escape a box or something. Im glad you had a good time!


    1. You’re not locked in, but you are racing against the clock. There’s one in Hollywood. Kelly tried it with two other people but didn’t realize there was another room full of clues to solve! I would love to go again!

      Hey, I’m coming your way, BTW!


  5. I actually did one a while back. It is SUPER fun. We were handcuffed to each other in a jail cell for most of the start of it. Had to basically escape.. Hence the title. I have to try out some more!


  6. This sounds like great fun. Rather like a game show called ‘The Crystal Maze’ which I have played. I hope we get these ‘escape rooms’ all over the UK because they sound like great fun, Susie Knowing me, I’d want to be the leader.


      1. Unfortunately not. However, I did try a version of the game when in Blackpool one year. We had to get as many crystals as possible in one hour by solving clues in physical, mental, skill and mental games. It was great fun.


  7. Hi Susie,
    It sounds like a fun and challenging activity. I like the fact that teamwork was the key to solving the puzzle and being able to escape. I will definitely give this a try when I have the opportunity. Thanks for sharing. Your enthusiasm is contagious!


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