Bad Luck Comes in Threes, Right?

When I landed on the floor of a restaurant with a BANG a couple of weeks ago, I breathed a sigh of relief. That had to be the last accident, right? It was the third time in three weeks I’d had very bad luck. I remembered that age-old superstition.

Bad luck comes in threes.

#1.  It all started after I cleaned the basement. A flash of light glinted off a strand of hair. When the flash became a lightning strike and all of my hair was swept back in a ponytail, I freaked out. I could see the bright white crackle of a line in the waning afternoon light. While driving to Urgent Care, the darkness around me made the strike even brighter. What could be happening?


I knew a little about torn retinas. They were emergency room-worthy. I have a blind mother. I didn’t want to lose my eyesight.

The nice man in reception and the nurse informed me the ER would have the equipment to make a diagnosis. They suspected some kind of tear. I freaked out. The last thing I wanted was more surgery.

Back in the car again. It was a slow night at the ER, thank God, and I was seen almost immediately. After the doctor looked into the back of my eye, he said, “You have a vitreous separation. It will heal on its own.” He recommended a specialist who said the same thing a few days later. People with astigmatism have football-shaped eyes. We’re more susceptible to tearing. Good to know.

Whew! Disaster averted. I still have a small lightning strike noticeable when driving at night, but it’s on the mend.

#2.  A week later, I was cutting the heel of a crusty loaf of bread. You know where this is going.

Yep. I sliced my finger with a serrated blade. It didn’t hurt but bled like crazy. After a quick internet search, I let out a sigh knowing I’d have to go back to Urgent Care.

bread cutting

When I walked inside, the same man worked reception. “Hey, I remember you from last week.”

“Yep.” I hoped my trouble would end, but you know, threes.

After four quick stitches, I drove home and prepared for Thanksgiving. It was awkward to cook and clean with a bandage on my index finger. It had to be changed everytime it got wet. I survived.

#3.  That Friday, My family headed up to the mountains to ski. Conditions being pre-season and icy, we decided to eat brunch before taking the gondola. It was sixty degrees and sunny while walking from the car to a busy restaurant.

I followed the host to the table and my ski boot hit something super slippery. I swore the floor was wet. Just like when I broke my wrist, I fell in slow motion. First, I worried about my knee. Then I was afraid I’d smash my cell phone held tight in my left hand. I smacked the ground with that hand, then my hip. The rest of me followed with a thwump.

falling down

For a moment a hush fell inside the noisy restaurant. I was afraid to move. My ring finger stung and so did my hip. The manager rushed to my side.

“Your floor must be wet,” I said, and then looked. It was totally dry. As I pulled my feet underneath me, I slipped again and hit my head on the table in front of me. My cheeks heated up. I looked at the floors. Tile. Slippery tile. The manager rushed toward me, helped me up, and made sure I made it to my table. I grew up ice skating, but not in ski boots.

“I must have missed your sign about not wearing ski boots inside,” I said to him. It’s not uncommon to see warnings in ski towns.

“No, we don’t have one,” he said. “I’ve been meaning to post one on the door.”

Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.

Once safely at the table, I looked at my ring finger. It had turned black!

“Oh, no! There’s no way, I’m going to Urgent Care again. If it’s broken I’ll make a splint and tough it out.”

My son, Kelly thought it had dislocated on impact. I figured with my back luck of threes, I had probably broken a bone.

After excellent service (ahem) and a great meal, we drove to the gondola parking lot. My daughter, Courtney, found a purple crayon to use as a splint. It had probably been in the seat pocket since they were in middle school. I taped it up and skied without a problem.

A few hours later, I completely tightened up. I iced my finger and stretched out what seemed to be a pulled groin muscle. Sliding like Bambi in ski boots on a tile floor will do that.

The next morning I steeled myself as I stepped out of bed. Everything was fine! My finger looked bad but didn’t hurt. Kelly was right. I had only dislocated it.

The third accident was the charm. The bad luck of threes had ended. Yay! And just in time for Christmas preparations and card-making.

Avoiding another trip to Urgent Care, I clipped my stitches and pulled them out two days later. I vowed to be more careful with rustic bread and never to wear ski boots in restaurants. My eyes? Safety goggles, of course.

#4. How could there be a #4??? I should wear a helmet, like, all the time.

A few days later, I watched a squirrel slip through a broken tile on our roof and disappear. After a call to critter control and a brief inspection of our attic by an expert, I was told that something had scattered fiberglass across the narrow floor. Oh, no! He suggested sweeping it off to make sure.


Later that day, I swept the puffs of yellow insulation back where they belonged. As I crept toward an eave, I struggled with the broom.

I stepped forward and speared my head with a roofing nail! It really stung. I barely bled, so I forgot about it… for a while.

Then I tried to remember the last tetanus shot I’d had. Was it in the last decade? I called around for my medical records and soon realized I was waaaay overdue.

I looked at the time. 5:00 on yet another Friday night! Would I make yet another trip to the Urgent Care? Oh, God! Why four? Why not threes????

Afraid another visit with the same staff would result in a trip to the psych ward for evaluation, I Googled Urgent Cares. I found another one close by.

In and out in a half an hour. Yes! 

It’s been several weeks and I’m holding steady at trouble coming in fours.

Why the number three?

Since pairs come up in nature, like two hands, two eyes, two feet, threes are considered abnormal or troublesome – Yahoo answers.

ABC’s summary of the number threes makes a lot of sense: People naturally seek patterns.

Until that third Friday, I hadn’t thought about threes. I mean, come on! The irony of the timing was hard to dismiss.

Running into the nail tossed the whole law of threes into oblivion. I have smacked my head so often, I have an indent on my forehead! I never saw that nail coming.

Bad Luck Comes in Threes, Right? My experience with the superstition! Self care, health, funny #life #lifestyle #funny #health #selfcare

Do you believe that bad things come in threes? Are you superstitious? When was the last time you allyooped in a restaurant?

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112 thoughts on “Bad Luck Comes in Threes, Right?

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  1. And I’ve been amused by all those young parents stuffing their kids’ heads inside helmets for every little activity (that we grew up doing barefooted, bare legged, bare headed…) maybe there is a reason ….would say evolutionary trend as humans progress or regress…or age. ARRRGH. (Hey shark tank idea. Maybe we should come out with a line of attractive senior helmets designed for “daily life of active seniors”? Their kids will easily be convinced to buy them for their parents HAHA.
    Seriously, see there is a benefit to being hard headed – glad you’re OK.


    1. Shark Tank!!! Although I’m not a senior, I would benefit from a helmet. I crack my head so often getting into the car.

      It was such a crazy streak of bad luck. I truly thought it was over until I pierced my cranium. I was in denial and really tried to forget about it! I’m glad I got the shot. It hurt for a couple of days. 🙂
      Thanks, Phil!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Even the most protective parent usually considers going to a restaurant safe enough not to require a helmet, but based on Susie’s experience, society may need to rethink that.


        1. Ha! I wore regular snow boots (North Face) the next time I went in and couldn’t make them budge! Ski boots are dangerous! They don’t allow them in the grocery store and now I know why!
          Great to “see” you, Miss Peggles!


  2. Yikes, sounds like you have been having a rough time! I am recovering from a spill on the ski hill yesterday. Fresh foot of snow on the mountain (which we are not used to skiing in), took a spill & torqued my knee. Hoping it’s nothing serious. Ice & ibuprofen are the order of the day! Stay well!


  3. I can’t get over the lightening part, Susie! I am glad you escaped unscathed —I was worried about your retinas. I have a feeling though, call it a superstition, you have become indestructible after the brush with lightening. 😀


  4. I don’t know is bad luck or bad moments, I would say comes on three. But yes is time on life when things get tough and all the bad moments come together in a sequence. I never understand it. When life gives us lemons we have to make lemonade. Been there too. So I understand our feelings. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thanks for reading!
      It was super crazy especially since they happened on Fridays. 🙂 Maybe we’re a bit off after having something happen so we’re more vulnerable. Although bumping my head is a weekly occurrence. I forget I have a skull above my eyes. Ha!


  5. Oh my goodness!! How unbelievable for you! Hopefully you won’t have anymore “three’s” for years and years to come.


  6. I had a problem with the “lightning” a few years ago and called an eye doctor–they tried sending me to their retina specialist instead of doing a standard exam! (I never got there…I didn’t have a smartphone to guide me and wasn’t familiar with the area, so pfft!) Went to a different one and told them it comes and goes and there aren’t any floaters (a big sign of a detachment), so they agreed it was stress. I agreed to have my eyes dilated for the first and last time in my life (I have an eye phobia and had a bad reaction besides!) and the doc didn’t find anything, so I just added it to the list of “weird things my body does when I’m upset”.

    My biggest clue? I “flashed” like crazy when I was in the emergency room with my dad (he had a GI bleed), but it calmed down the longer we stayed and was gone when I went home. Now when I see the flash, I try to think about what might be bothering me!


  7. Threes or fours … I hope you are done with urgent care visits for good. I did have to smile at the visual of using a purple crayon for a splint. Just a reminder, I guess, that crisis is never neat and tidy, but thankfully, it is usually short-lived. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Me too. Thanks, Rashell!
      It was four weeks of weird occurrences and I’m so grateful it’s OVER. I walked into that restaurant with regular boots and couldn’t make them slide. The plastic ski boots were like slippery ice. I’m slowing down and being a lot more careful, I hope. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I don’t believe in the “bad luck in 3’s” theory, and while I try NOT to be superstitious, if I was wearing that shirt and my favorite team won….well, that shirt is playing every game!


    1. Hahaha! Speaking of superstitions, I do think there’s something to feeling luckier when wearing something. Sometimes there’s science behind it. Stones are supposed to contain energy just like us. Their “frequencies” can attract different things. If I truly believed all of that, I’d wear five pounds of crystals everywhere I go. I bought a necklace two weeks ago and just remembered that it’s still in my purse! I’ll wear it the next few days and will let you know how it goes…. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Cool! I have worn Moldavite which is really glass created by meteors crashing and then melting sand. The craziest things happen to me when out in public! It is supposed to be the highest energy. The next time I travel, I’ll wear both and see what happens. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  9. Hell, I think its age. I just went to the eye doctor for a massive “floater” on my eye, he told me vitreous separation too and AGE. Then little muscle tears – AGE etc. etc. I just try to remind myself – It could always be worse.
    See you were just fine with that crayon splint! When crayons break- they still color. When Superwoman falls (Susie Lindau ) they get back up!
    Thanks for the post! 🙂


    1. Ha! I’ve been compared to Tigger. I found out that people with astigmatism are more susceptible. Floaters are common, but usually get less noticeable over time. I’ve had them since I was a kid!


  10. Oh My Goodness! I do believe that things come in threes. I knock on wood too. I think the ski boots are to blame for your fall. I am good at blaming the carpeting when I trip – ha! Hang in there Wild Rider! Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂


  11. The vitreous detached in both of my eyes over the course of several months–I got flashes of lights, loads of floaters, and then blurry spots floating around. It’s been about 4 or 5 years since it happened, and I still get the blurry spot floating around on one eye, very annoying. I got my eyes dilated so many times, it became almost routine, as the doctor was monitoring every few weeks because it puts you at higher risk of retinal detachment while it is ongoing. She held up a big plastic eyeball and explained it all, which made me kind of queasy. I asked her, “don’t I need the vitreous to see?” But the answer is somehow no. Alarming! But I still see. Not that well, but that was happening aside from the vitreous detachment thing! I hope 4 is your final tally, and not the start of a second string of 3…


    1. Right! Thanks so much for sharing your story, Barbara. It is super scary. I hope yours just magically disappears!

      Mine is almost gone. Once in a while I see something dimly flash to my far left but nothing like before. It was distracting to drive!

      Yep, I think I’m past the bad luck. Whew! Onward, upward, and forward!!!


  12. I think we make our own luck. Three or four doesn’t matter. What does matter if we think something is going on and we alter our normal behavior. As an example, say we had bad luck event number two and we consciously try to avoid cracks cause we think they are also bad luck. As a result, we fall into a manhole because we were too busy looking for cracks. We would, of course, say the manhole spill was number three yet in actuality it wasn’t luck but stupidity. Anyway, I enjoyed your post and am glad you survived.


    1. I never even thought about threes until that third Friday in the Urgent Care. I thought it was over and bam! I hit that nail on the proverbial head, mine, of course. Ha! Never thought of that cliche until now!
      Thanks, John!

      Liked by 1 person

  13. I have incidents like this so often I forget what number I’m on but it’s definitely more than three!!!
    Hope your luck has changed, maybe a helmet and body armour is something to invest in after all! Xo


    1. Maybe so! I went into denial since I didn’t want to admit it had happened again. I am glad I went in for the Tetanus shot since my head hurt for a couple of days. There’s been a lot written about superstitions, probably since there’s some truth in them!
      Thanks so much, SS!

      Liked by 1 person

  14. This has been the winter of discontent for me too. As I hobble around with a cane and take an assorted basket of meds for my heart I don’t believe in 3 anymore.. or I try not too. I apologize each time I go to Emergency now that I am called a ‘frequent flyer” HUGGG


    1. Oh, no, Linda! When my kids were little they had so many accidents, I should have had my own parking spot in the medical center! Whatever it takes to mend us. I hope you turn a corner soon! (((hugs)))


  15. I wasn’t expecting that fourth accident! Dang! Ouch, ouch, ouch, and ouch! Yes, I’ve always heard about deaths coming in three’s. I’m not one to keep count of accidents. Now you’ve got me worried! JK! I had to laugh at the purple crayon being used for a splint! Love it! I think you’re mighty brave to have skied after falling like that. You’re pretty tough, Suzee. Glad it was just a dislocation. Still sounds painful, but like you, I hate making trips to the doctor, especially surprise, unplanned trips.

    Last time I fell at a restaurant was in September. It was actually a bar that had a stairway leading down into the bar. We were on a weekend trip with two of our kids, son-in-law, and two-year-old granddaughter. I held onto the handrail and walked cautiously down the stairs. My daughter and son walk faster, so they were way ahead of me and were scouting out a seat at the bar or a nice table to sit at. George was behind me. Well, the staircase was wacky, but I didn’t realize it. I missed the bottom step, turned my ankle so the outer part of my foot took the brunt and landed spread eagle after falling in slow motion. Why is it always in slow motion? George just watched, helpless to do anything. My son turned around and rolled his eyes, like what the heck is she doing on the floor. He walked over and helped me up. So did George. I was dazed, wondering how in the world I missed that last step, especially since I held onto the rail. The table we sat at faced the tiled stairway. While my daughter and son placed our orders for a beer, I studied that stairway and realized the handrail ended at the third step from the bottom. I took a picture. Then I walked over to it, up to the third step and took a video of walking down, explaining why I fell. There was no while line on the bottom step to give patrons a heads up that it was there, and the lighting was dim. It was a bar.

    I plan to do a blog post about it. These falls can happen anywhere and of course when we least expect it, but that staircase is a lawsuit waiting to happen. When we got home, I called the place to notify the owner they need to fix the railing so it goes down to the bottom step, paint a white line on the bottom step, and thank their lucky stars I’m double jointed and didn’t get injured. But I reminded the buy, “Hey, this is California. People are sue happy.” So they’ve been warned. Next time we go to that resort town and go to that bar, if they haven’t fixed their staircase, I might name the place on my YouTube video! Someone could get hurt pretty bad taking a tumble like I did.

    Hmm, this comment is long enough for a blog post! LOL! I’ll copy and paste it into a new post! Take care, Susie!


    1. Wow, Lynn! You’re double jointed??? That must come in handy for soccer!
      I’m glad you took a video. They should take care of that step. Someone could fall and really get hurt badly. I’m glad you lived to tell the tale and possibly tattletale. They deserve it!

      The crayon worked great even while holding my ski pole! It was the perfect length. I’m done with accidents. The three superstition never occurred to me until I headed to urgent care that third Friday! Insanity right before Christmas!

      Thanks for reading!!

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Hello there! My, my, my…you had crazy bad luck for a while there! You probably used up all of your “mishaps” for the next five years. I had an embarrassing fall once. Wearing my cute heels, kind of rocking back and forth from heel to toe while I waited at the bakery counter in a grocery store. Holding onto a package of chicken breast in one hand and a bottle of palmolive dish soap in the other. Wearing my cute little green dress, not a care in the world…and then my feet went up in the air and I landed on my back, BUT, I didn’t drop the chicken or the soap!


    1. Did you hold them up in the air and yell, “I’m okay!”? Wow! That must have shocked you!
      Yes, I hope that’s it for a long while. 2017 was like that! I think my bad luck has left the building, but I’m crossing my fingers just in case.


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