Weird Thoughts from the Sick Bed

I arrived home from a trip to California on Tuesday night and sneezed.

I don’t want to get sick.

My mind raced back to the time when I pressed the button on an elevator with my knuckle (I’m so smart) and then rubbed my itchy eye with the same body part. (I’m so stupid!) Or it could have been the lady sneezing next to me on the plane. Or I could have been exposed by cold-suffering cooks the many times I ate in restaurants.

Oh, no. What if it’s the flu? At least I got my flu shot.

My nose turns a handle somewhere inside my nasal passages and becomes a faucet. I’m sick. Dang it!

Weird thoughts while sick in bed:

Self-portrait in Bed

Maybe the reason we get sick is our bodies want a day off and hijack our brains. I wish I could enjoy it. *sneeze*

My head feels like a giant zit.

Whoever (whomever? I’m too tired to remember) invented chicken noodle soup should be honored with a national holiday.

I’m afraid I’m getting a fever. I’m wearing my favorite fleece pajamas under the covers and haven’t broken out in a sweat. Plus I threw on an extra comforter. *shiver*

When I’m booked with a ton of activities, all I can think about is crawling into bed for a quick afternoon nap. When I’m sick, all I can think about are all the activities I’m missing.

I know this has been asked a million times, but where does all the snot come from?

I force myself to eat breakfast to keep up my strength. I have no appetite. Maybe I’ll lose some weight! I wonder how many calories I burn while laying in bed. 800 calories per day? I’ll probably gain weight…

Oh, my God! It’s 4:50 PM! When did I fall asleep? I don’t remember dreaming. I must have fallen asleep. This must be what a narcoleptic feels like. 

How can they (the Internet) say it’s not a fever unless a temperature is over 100.4 degrees? I’m chilled, achy, and my head feels like it’s going to explode. I don’t think a few tenths of a degree is going to change my symptoms.

There really is a huge difference between tissues. Thank you, Kleenex!

Two Tylenol would take care of my fever, chills, aches, and pains. I would feel so much better. I could get something done. AND THEY’RE SITTING ON MY BEDSIDE TABLE!

But someone told me a long time ago that the fever is caused by an army of white blood cells fighting germs. I hate whoever (whomever?) told me. What if it was a lie and all I have to do is take those pills to end all my suffering???? Dammit!

One day later.

Watching TV makes my eyes hurt.

How can I sleep so much?

I wonder how long it takes before my muscles atrophy.

My Bichon, Roxy, has been cuddling with me for two days. I never noticed how much dogs sleep.

Is it Wednesday or Thursday?

Taking my temperature has become a rhythmic, every thirty minutes, thing.

99.9. 99.5 99.7. 99.8 99.5 99.9 99.8 99.9 99.5 99.6 99.7 99.9. 99.6 99.8 99.9…

98.3!!!! My normal temperature!

Woohoo! I want to run around and dance, but I stand up and my bedroom spins.



I can handle being sick when it’s only a cold.

Have you been hit with the flu? Do you push yourself unless you have a fever?

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142 thoughts on “Weird Thoughts from the Sick Bed

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  1. Hmmm, maybe it was you? Hmmm, maybe it was me? If it was me, I’m sorry. I’m not long back from California. A flight to San Francisco, then on to LA and finally back to NYC. The passengers were on the airplane, the bags were in the overhead, we were on the runway. In that moment of silence before the engines rev up you hear it. Achoo! Caugh! Hack! Honk! The dreaded sinking feeling. Sure enough it got me. Why is it not socially acceptable to stay home for the entire duration of a cold or flu?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was fine on the plane. I actually wrapped up in a scarf since the lady next to me sneezed, snorted, and hacked. The guy behind me too! Could have been you. Ha! But I got it from someone earlier in the week.

      When we don’t feel bad, we push it. It’s that start of a cold that’s so deadly. I hope you’re on the mend!

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  2. Ive been fine until this morning, chills, headache, stomach ache. I don’t go out much and when I do, it’s the coughing all over the place people I try to avoid but it’s impossible. I’m a carry wipes everywhere person…Hate being sick.


  3. I have a depressed immune system and I wouldn’t think of flying without a viral mask. Hospitals and airplanes are the best places to catch the flu or anything else. Whatever you did three days before the first symptom is the culprit. Hope you feel better.


    1. Thanks, John!
      I was visiting a friend in the hospital when I touched that button! GAH! I’m on the rebound. I like your idea of a mask! I wrapped my scarf around my face on the way home and might’ve avoided a secondary infection. 🙂

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  4. A very well written and entertaining account of your illness – sorry that sounds so uncaring! There are so many people going through variations of this, including my wife, who struggled with a hoarse cough and congestion for a month, with no other symptoms…hope you feel better soon!


  5. Yuck! You poor thing….drink grape juice! I think it helped me…. But man, my ears were so sensitive to every sound in the evenings! Get well soon!


  6. I think what defines a fever varies from person to person. Someone who has an average temperature of 98.6 (give or take a tenth of a degree) might be running a fever at 99+. Me? I run 97.5-97.7–if I’m at 98.6, that’s probably a fever! (I was in the ER once and my temp was “normal” but I had a hell of a time getting warm…that may have been my problem!)

    They say to take zinc at the first symptom, but pinpointing that first symptom can be hard! I nailed it one year, though–started zinc on a Friday and was feeling a lot better by Monday. Probably won’t ever be able to do that again, though!


      1. I caught that particular cold at the hospital and it fired up when I had orientation at Macy’s. Poor me, trying to take in the trainer’s words while blowing my nose and swigging cough syrup!


  7. Feel better! Sometimes having a low grade fever can make you feel crappy. You’re body’s like, “something’s not right, lets jack up the temperature a little.”

    Generally when I’m sick, I just nope out and stay home and rest. Folks don’t need to get my sickness and I need to get better. Rest and fluids.


    1. I LOVE “nope out.” Ha!

      I definitely had a sub temp to start out and hoped that would be the end of it. Now it’s just a head cold. I can totally handle anything without a fever!

      Yep, I’m drinking green tea and will follow it with a water bottle chaser.
      Thanks so much, Carolanne!


  8. feel better soon!! it’s awful to be sick with a cold or flu. any symptoms I may have is a panic attack about to happen. if one member gets sick the whole family eventually gets it. oh, the vicious cycle! take care and swift recoveries…


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by the sick bed!

      I promise it’s not a cyber bug. 🙂 I remember those days with my kids. Now I am just concentrating on getting better so I can ski this Sunday. *fingers crossed*


      1. I just can’t believe you had the energy to write a post with your sickness! It was funny to read what was going through your mind while you were in bed. Thanks for getting back to me and hope you get to ski this weekend. To faster recovery!!! hugs


  9. Steve got the flu and I walked around washing my hands and zipping up my collar above my nose. I refuse to get flu shots as I dont think they help– and this year they are telling us on Canadian news that this year’s batch is only 25% effective. on the flu strain. I did not get it.. but the season is not over yet. HUGGG


    1. I’m glad you escaped!
      I get my flu shot every year and hope I escape the milder version since fevers absolutely level me. I doubt this was the flu since it started with a leaky nose. Virtual hugs back! (The only anti-viral kind right now. Ha!)

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Omgosh. This is so pin point accurate especially the sleeping. I swear I’ve had birthdays while I’ve slept! My dog too is my faithful snooze companion. I totally blame the guy at Target who sneezed and DIDN’T COVER for getting me sick! – Feel better soon!


  11. I’m going through the cancer can’t same thing right now. I’d love some chicken noodle soup but instead I’m craving wonton soup, stupid PMS hormones too. I’m coughing a ton and my nose is running, dang it’s miserable! I hope you get to feeling better soon.


    1. I’m so sorry to hear that, Leslie! I hope it’s your spellcheck that said cancer and not you. Although I’ve been through both too!
      Sleep as much as you can, take vitamins, and drink tons of water and green tea. You sound a lot more miserable than me! I hope you feel better soon!


  12. You poor thing! Keep up that chicken noodle soup Susie and keep up that positive attitude. Oh and eating crystallised ginger helps too! Before you know it you’ll be up and at it again. Hugs from afar 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Miriam! So far, so good. I thought I might be getting a cough last night, but it’s gone. Whew! I hadn’t heard about crystallised ginger. Thanks, I’ll try it!


  13. I apologize for giving you the flu (I’m speaking on behalf of the entire state of California). Glad you didn’t get sick while you were here. It would have ruined your vacation. And we could have caught it back from you and started sneezing all over again (still speaking for the entire state).

    But you did give me something to think about. Where does all that snot come from?

    Hope you’re feeling better now.


    1. Oh, my gosh, Chaz! It’s so good to “see” you!!!

      Snot is crazy! I felt like I should be put on a saline drip.

      Yep, I kept my germs to myself and have only exposed my husband. I’m not sure how long I’m contagious, but I’m feeling soooooo much better! One more day of rest and I should be on my way!

      California is one of my favorite places to visit!


      1. Your writing is always terrific! I tried to nominate you for one of the blogging award thingies but am terrible at technology so I dare say it didn’t actually work…if you would like to wallow in the glory you are mentioned on my latest post – feel free to do with it as you like 😉 keep up the good work and happy weekend!


  14. Sounds like you know the throes and stage of a cold and flu all too well. It is always a mystery on how you can get sick. Sometimes I think maybe it’s just the germs floating your way because they like the look of you 😀 Stay warm and get better soon 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I’ll be sending you an award as soon as I find a suitable icon. SUSIE LINDAU: “BEST POST WRITTEN DURING A NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE.”

    P.S. Glad you’re doing better.


    1. Hahaha! Thank you, Al! I took notes on my phone when I had a weird thought. I was too sick to do anything else! I couldn’t even watch TV. Oh, the horrors. Now that I think about it, I have weird thoughts all the time. Ha!


  16. Hope you’re better Susie! Im.guilty of the pushing myself until I end up really unwell… It’s a teacher/mother thing… we don’t thing the world could revolve if we missed a day!


  17. I hope you feel better! That kind of sickness is no fun and you are so right, when you lay in bed, all you think about are all the things you need to be doing! You really can’t win. I like your drawing btw!


    1. Thanks so much, HM! It’s funny how I can draw when I can visualize it in my head. Even when my head is clogged with the aforementioned snot. Ha!
      I’m feeling much better and I’m at that critical time when I could dink myself by going out skiing… My husband never says a word of caution!


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