Weird Thoughts from the Sick Bed

I arrived home from a trip to California on Tuesday night and sneezed.

I don’t want to get sick.

My mind raced back to the time when I pressed the button on an elevator with my knuckle (I’m so smart) and then rubbed my itchy eye with the same body part. (I’m so stupid!) Or it could have been the lady sneezing next to me on the plane. Or I could have been exposed by cold-suffering cooks the many times I ate in restaurants.

Oh, no. What if it’s the flu? At least I got my flu shot.

My nose turns a handle somewhere inside my nasal passages and becomes a faucet. I’m sick. Dang it!

Weird thoughts while sick in bed:

Self-portrait in Bed

Maybe the reason we get sick is our bodies want a day off and hijack our brains. I wish I could enjoy it. *sneeze*

My head feels like a giant zit.

Whoever (whomever? I’m too tired to remember) invented chicken noodle soup should be honored with a national holiday.

I’m afraid I’m getting a fever. I’m wearing my favorite fleece pajamas under the covers and haven’t broken out in a sweat. Plus I threw on an extra comforter. *shiver*

When I’m booked with a ton of activities, all I can think about is crawling into bed for a quick afternoon nap. When I’m sick, all I can think about are all the activities I’m missing.

I know this has been asked a million times, but where does all the snot come from?

I force myself to eat breakfast to keep up my strength. I have no appetite. Maybe I’ll lose some weight! I wonder how many calories I burn while laying in bed. 800 calories per day? I’ll probably gain weight…

Oh, my God! It’s 4:50 PM! When did I fall asleep? I don’t remember dreaming. I must have fallen asleep. This must be what a narcoleptic feels like. 

How can they (the Internet) say it’s not a fever unless a temperature is over 100.4 degrees? I’m chilled, achy, and my head feels like it’s going to explode. I don’t think a few tenths of a degree is going to change my symptoms.

There really is a huge difference between tissues. Thank you, Kleenex!

Two Tylenol would take care of my fever, chills, aches, and pains. I would feel so much better. I could get something done. AND THEY’RE SITTING ON MY BEDSIDE TABLE!

But someone told me a long time ago that the fever is caused by an army of white blood cells fighting germs. I hate whoever (whomever?) told me. What if it was a lie and all I have to do is take those pills to end all my suffering???? Dammit!

One day later.

Watching TV makes my eyes hurt.

How can I sleep so much?

I wonder how long it takes before my muscles atrophy.

My Bichon, Roxy, has been cuddling with me for two days. I never noticed how much dogs sleep.

Is it Wednesday or Thursday?

Taking my temperature has become a rhythmic, every thirty minutes, thing.

99.9. 99.5 99.7. 99.8 99.5 99.9 99.8 99.9 99.5 99.6 99.7 99.9. 99.6 99.8 99.9…

98.3!!!! My normal temperature!

Woohoo! I want to run around and dance, but I stand up and my bedroom spins.



I can handle being sick when it’s only a cold.

Have you been hit with the flu? Do you push yourself unless you have a fever?

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142 thoughts on “Weird Thoughts from the Sick Bed

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  1. I have empathy as I sit here with a head feeling like it is due to explode imminently. Love the abstracts on finding it though.. that button, her sneeze, a cough…all those people on public transport daring to breathe…. selfish as they are…

    Feed a cold and starve a flu is what the oldsters say and bed sores…keep turning over now and then to combat them…oh and for the love of everything DO NOT read I Am Pilgrim.

    Not spoiling a plot but its about a virus synthesised to break vaccines rendering jabs no use at all…just saying 🙂


    1. I hope you’re feeling better too!

      I’m reading a book I’ve tried to get through many times, The Nest. Super boring until the midpoint. I’ll never figure out why some debut books become best sellers! Although many readers may have it in a pile of unread books on their nightstands.

      Unlike those on public transport, I’m not going out until I think I’m past the contagious point, but when is that? Now that the fever has broken or after my last sniffle? Tell me please, Gary! I’m infected with Cabin Fever!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mines at the trick me phase…feel ok, it laughs and says no you’re not, have some free symptoms as a reminder!

        Kudos to you if you got through the boredom to the midpoint! I’d have given up lol.

        Good question, when is it safe to venture forth? Most viruses are transmitted in aerosols so coughing and sneezing is their transmission mode.the fever is your immune system elevating temperature to try and kill it off. Once it breaks then in theory job done, but it’s more like broken the back of it and some relics stay active. Sniffles can still transmit things. Although most don’t stay wrapped up inside. Activity can help shift things quicker too. Cabin fever however is a terrible affliction!!!


          1. Walking is good, fresh air and such like. Central heating is bad. Open windows for an hour or so and let air in. If bed bound and enjoying a wallow of self pity with hot chocolate then turn occasionally to prevent bed sores 🙂


              1. Lol, I find sitting just makes me feel worse for longer. Getting out and forcing the brain to get out of the I’m ill rut can have a huge boost. Gets the blood circulating, fresh air into the lungs (between coughs at least!) and burns energy to boost immune systems. Good to hear you are feeling better too 😊


  2. I caught that nasty bug back in January and it took me forever to get my energy back. Hope you’re feeling well now and can enjoy a little time on the slopes.


  3. Oh poor you 😦 those sick times are absolutely NOT fun times, I’m so sorry. I do love how you had a doggy snuggle buddy though, that must have helped a lot. Feel better super soon x


    1. Thanks so much, Em!
      Viruses really make you stop everything. At first, I was in denial until that fever came on. Then POW! I’m on the downslope to normal and can’t wait until I make it to the real slopes! Roxy does love a nap companion! 🙂


  4. Love this! Especially the part about how when I am so busy all I want is a nap but when I’m sick I am trying to do ALL THE THINGS. Luckily no flu for me yet (knock on wood) and my “sick” days have all been for my mental health. I hope you feel better soon!


    1. Thanks so much, Snuffy!
      Mental health is the best reason to take a sick day! I’m glad to hear you’ve made it through the season. Just hold your breath everytime someone sneezes and don’t infect yourself with a knuckle like I did. Lol!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh no poor you! Get well soon Suzie!!

    I totally agree that whoever invented chicken noodle soup is a total star!! I feel a bit rubbish today, so I’d love some chicken soup!!


    1. Thanks so much, Josy! I’m feeling better every day!

      I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope someone can pick up a few cans of soup for you. Last month, I felt rundown and bought a roasting chicken. I threw it in the crockpot for 4 hours with a bit of chicken broth. It was so good! I swear I fought it off with its chicken goodness!
      I hope you have time to rest, and drink tons of water.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. This time of year is the worst for me – my fear of germs keeps me on high alert anytime I’m out. Ahhh! And, they’re everywhere this time of year – especially this year. Hope you feel better soon!


    1. Thank so much!
      I’m feeling better but am planning on a nap after answering comments. I skipped it yesterday and thought I was developing a cough last night. Yikes!
      I’m a germaphobe too and wrapped up in a scarf on my way home from Cali because the lady next to me was sick. Little did I know I would become a human petri dish the next day!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. So sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. No fun at all! I can tell when I’ve got a fever by how I feel. And even if the thermometer doesn’t agree, if I feel that crappy, I cancel appointments and go to bed. Sleep really is a wonder drug, allowing the body to repair faster. Glad to hear you don’t have the flu as it’s been bad this year. Continue to feel better and better!


    1. Thanks so much, Susan! I’m glad to hear you’ve avoided it, right??? That’s the right way to get over a cold or flu bug.

      I was just bragging about how healthy I’ve been. Lol. I was in a hospital visiting a friend when I made that grave mistake with the elevator buttons. Rubbed my eye and yelled, “GAH!!!” Oh, well. The one thing about being sick is I feel super energetic after the bug is exterminated. I’m already doing more than I should, but I’m forcing myself to take a nap instead.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Try getting chemo therapy once a week and see how you feel. Talk about getting nothing done and losing track of time and reality.

    But, I know what you mean when you’re sick. Everything seems worse than it really is. I sometimes think colds are worse than the flu. At least with the flu most people stay in bed until it’s gone. Usually a day or so. With a cold, people just keep doing their normal stuff and spreading germs everywhere. Yuck, yuck, yuck. It’s the colds that get most of us sick.

    I hope you’re back to normal soon. Although it does make for a good blog post.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. I really don’t know what I have. It started with a faucet nose and went right into a fever unlike a cold. Now I’m hoping it doesn’t go down on my chest. *fingers crossed*

      Hang in there with the treatments!


  9. The one thing I wish I could do when I feel like that is to be able to rip my entire face off, wring it out, and shove it back on again. Glad to hear you’re on the up-and-up. 😀


    1. Hahahaha! I wanted to pop my head. It sounds horrible but it was so inflamed and only hurt because of swelling. I figure I have one more night. If I can keep it from my chest, I’ll be good as new by Monday. Makes me think it was a very mild flu. I did get the shot, so you never know!

      Thanks, Widderwoman!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Ha ha! Two days I gave a friend and big hug, and ten minutes later she said, I think I’m getting sick.” Yeah! I get the pushing the button with your knuckle thing. Feel better soon!


    1. Oh, no!!! I don’t know if you believe in vitamins, but I would take a ton of vitamin C and drink green tea. Daya said that taking zinc at the first sneeze or symptom helps too!

      Thanks so much, Julie! So far, so good!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. No fun, Susie. I hope you’re feeling much better today. I’m bummed I missed out on seeing you. I was really looking forward to it. Take it easy.


  12. Are you sure it’s not ‘scurvy’ that you’ve contacted there?

    It sure sounds like scurvy Susie, have you not been up on nibbling your Oranges? I do hope that you get better, but if you don’t make it, can I have you Harley Davidson and your ear muffs? Not that I am a vulture or anything like that, but I was really admiring your snow ball ear muffs.


  13. Awwww, I’m so sorry you aren’t well. I have always considered that kind of cold, that puts you in bed like that for a couple of days but not life threatening, something that your body needs. It’s like it’s your body’s way of saying, “take a minute, lie down, rest, I need a break just to recharge”. That kind of thing. I imagine with someone as active as you and as on the go as much as you, your body has to pull some kind of revolt just to get you to take a nap. Now you will probably be recharged and ready to go. Feel better, Susie. Oh, by the way, you are right, chicken soup is right up there with all the miracle drugs as far as I am concerned.


    1. Thanks, Michelle! I’m almost over it. One more day of staying home and I’ll be FREE!!!

      Actually, I love to take naps. Before I started writing, which requires a lot of sitting, I used to run around all day. I thought of myself like a shark. I was either moving or sleeping. Ha!

      I hope you make it through the season of sickness unscathed!

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  14. You’re so right the random thoughts that run through your mind when you are bed bound is amusing to read but not to live!!


    1. Indeed!!! I remember being so uncomfortable, I didn’t even watch TV. Recording my thoughts has continued since then. I didn’t realize how many weird ones pop into my head. Ha!


  15. Hubby has been sick as a dog and is just now finally getting back to normal. He sometimes hates me and my horse-like constitution. He also dares not come around me if I get something as small as the sniffles as he gets what I have x 1000.


    1. It sounds like you have a fantastic immune system, Kitt!

      This is my first illness this year and thought I would skate. I think I literally infected myself with my knuckle in my tear duct. I was in UCLA hospital visiting a friend. A hospital!!!! I’m lucky I only got the flu bug. Having a fever for 14 hours is nothing compared to what others have gone through this year, including your husband. I’m so glad I got the flu shot!

      Great to “see” you!

      Liked by 1 person

  16. In the old days we only had a mercury thermometer and we shook it down to 98.6 as a starting point. And we were falsely told that that was the universal normal temperature and anything over that was a fever. The first time I had my temperature taken at a hospital in the modern era with a digital thermometer, I was told that my temperature was 97.2°. I thought I must be dying or freezing to death so I put on my coat even though I didn’t feel cold and I thought everybody must be thinking I’m the walking dead, because I heard the student say to her supervisor, “What do I do with this or what do I do now?” The supervisor just said, “Just write it down.” Actually, she was probably confused about procedure and not scared that I was dying. It was probably about her and not me. But anyway, it was all because of false information given to me as a child and having never actually measured my temperature except above 98.6. Subsequently, with a new digital thermometer that I bought at the drug store, I see that my normal temperature is 97.2 and I feel hot at 99. (Oh yeah, there was a song “Ninety-nine and a Half Just Won’t Do” [got to have all of your love…] They have “dog”- years to measure age, so I wonder if they have cool-cat temperature equivalents. I hope you are cool, or hot talent or whatever you’d like to be would be cool.


    1. That would be cool, Doug!! Thanks!

      This bug started out as a sub temperature somewhere in the 97’s. I think that’s common when all the body’s energy goes toward building the army to fight it. It makes me feel really woozy.

      That’s funny that the student didn’t know that! I often wonder what they are taught in medical school. Ha!

      Great to “see” you!


    1. I’m so glad to hear you are well! I guess half the country is sick. I thought I would fly through this season until I stuck my dirty finger in my eye. (I was in a hospital visiting a friend!) But it could have been any number of random people who sneezed or coughed around me last week. 🙂

      Yep, I have lots of random thoughts. Another one popped into my head yesterday. Ha! I’m continuing to write them down…


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