What to do in Reno when you have four hours to spare!

When some of our bags didn’t make the flight from Denver to Reno, Nevada, the six of us hit the road in a mega-vehicle to entertain ourselves for four hours.

First on the agenda? Lunch! We found Midtown Eats and enjoyed a filling meal complete with industrial surroundings and a lively atmosphere.

Enjoying lunch in Reno!

In a town known for its quickie divorces, we found a unique advertisement for another way to deal with regret – Tattoo removal.

Tattoo removal in Reno

From the residential area, we drove downtown and were greeted quite stupendously.

Downtown Reno sign

When we noticed “striking architecture” up ahead, we decided to take a closer look.

The International Bowling Museum

The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame was free and very quiet. In fact, we were the only people there. The only sound came from a loop explaining the history of bowling shoes.

Entrance to the International Bowling Museum.

Huge bowling ball and pin sculpture

As we drove down the street, I noticed a peculiar park where children played called Playa Art Park. It looked as if Tim Burton had been its creative consultant. A child climbed out of the eye socket before I snapped the picture.

Skull sculpture in a Reno Nevada park

Only in Nevada!

Nukes license plate

My son, Kelly, discovered a most unique way to travel in Reno. A TARDIS!

Reno Tardis

Since Nevada is home to lots of weird phenomena and alien sightings, it wasn’t that surprising to discover an INFINITY RAINBOW.

infinity rainbow

Weird phenomena

We collected our luggage and the six of us headed to Lake Tahoe.

More of my wild adventure to come!

Have you been to Reno? Do you have plans to take a vacation this spring? Have you ever seen an infinity rainbow around the sun?

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What to do in Reno if you have four hours to spare

66 thoughts on “What to do in Reno when you have four hours to spare!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, a visit to Reno WITHOUT a casino – nice! Love the bowling museum, understand why it might not be as popular in a gaming town – at least as long as you have some $ in your pocket!


  2. My former home town. You may have to return in late Spring/early Summer or Fall time and experience the beautiful outdoors there. I miss the adventuring outdoors there and of course a good jumping off point to see Cali and Oregon and other states near by. Happy Day- Enjoy 🙂


  3. I grew up in Reno. Harrah’s Automobile Collection is the place most people go if they have four hours to kill. Another place (if the weather is nice) is Bower’s Mansion. Have fun!


  4. Oh, I’ve been to Reno many a time. It’s really not someplace I enjoy visiting though. It’s actually kind of the slums compared to Lake Tahoe. But, it does have it’s quirky tourists things as well. And some of the casinos are quite lively.

    You always find some interesting things no matter where you go. I like that about you. It’s not the destination sometimes, it’s the journey.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  5. What a absolutely fun and entertaining blog Susie. Love the photo images and the tour of Reno. We use to always stop in Reno and in Lake Tahoe so that my parents could gamble. The National Automobile Museum there is Reno is something to check out next time you visit. Food, Food, Food, SO what was the most delicious meal you enjoyed while there?


      1. Ummm Egg benedict is my favorite breakfast, but being a night owl and with most places running out early Its a rare treat indeed, and only with wild salmon is it the best. I have recently discovered a little natural breakfast nook in town, and all the breakfasts look great. and now you got me wanting E-B for breakfast.


  6. Awesome that you made use of your four hours! I haven’t been to Reno, but I did read a bit about the economics of the place (or was that Atlantic City??) Either way, these little places where bygone days may have been the glory days still yield some surprises. I like the giant skull garden. For whatever reason, it seemed like a place where imagination could stretch in a new direction. (And possibly cause nightmares, but you know–art and stuff.


  7. Never been to Reno, so maybe I should start to investigate a trip in that area and surroundings. Good for you all to take the free and extra bonus time to investigate this area which you would otherwise not have been able to see. Love your pics showing your trip.


  8. Looks like y’all had fun in a short amount of time! I don’t really hear much about Reno so it’s nice to see there are things to do that don’t involve gambling.


    1. If you ever travel to Lake Tahoe, Reno is the closest airport. It’s super dinky and easy to navigate. Tahoe is less than an hour away!

      That park cracked me up. I kept thinking about how dangerous it looked with the metal “play” structure/sculptures.
      Thanks so much, Ashley!


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