Skiing Heavenly is Pretty Much, Heavenly!

Where do Colorado skiers and boarders go on spring vacation? To ski and ride Heavenly Ski Resort at Lake Tahoe of course. We soon found out why it was aptly named, Heavenly. We found it most heavenly. Come along on my surreal photo journey.

Heavenly ride to the top

Situated in South Lake Tahoe on the Nevada and California border there were surprising differences. The Nevada side looked out over the mountain range and remained sheltered during snowstorms. The California side was, well, you’ll see!

The Nevada side of Heavenly Ski Resort

Heavenly snow totals piled up during the week!

Skiing, snowboarding, Heavenly, Lake Tahoe

Snow clung to trees like hoar frost, making the snowy heaven complete.

Top of Heavenly

With Lake Tahoe in the backdrop on the California side, we enjoyed the incredibly beautiful landscape.

Heavenly view of Lake Tahoe

With nary a liftline, we skied most of the mountain.

A heavenly view from the top

We skied hard and played harder!

heavenly moments

When we finally stopped for lunch, we spent time pondering deep thoughts while enjoying the outdoors.

Deep thoughts

We took breaks when needed….

taking a breather at heavenly

And then skied the catwalk back home.

Check out the video! The view of Lake Tahoe is surreal.

Heavenly Ski Resort is Heavenly Family Vacation in Lake Tahoe


Have you gone on a wintry vacation? Do you prefer the beach? What’s on your bucket list?

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67 thoughts on “Skiing Heavenly is Pretty Much, Heavenly!

Add yours

      1. I know, I know – we are so close, it’s so tempting! But we have virtually no child care – my father-in-law lives an hour away and would babysit happily, except that he’s often off on his hols himself. My parents are back in the UK. Hoepfully next year my son can come with us and learn how to ski himself.


        1. My kids learned to ski when they were two! No lie. We put them in a harness called a We-ski, and screwed down a bungie cord thingy to keep their skis together. I remember Courtney singing the Barney song and falling asleep while skiing Vail. Ha!


  1. I haven’t been to Heavenly since cabins at Lake Tahoe were actually cabins! Nevadans always ski at Ski Tavern on the other side of the mountain. Cheaper. Beautiful pictures! I’m neither a beach or snow person – I’m a Muir Woods sort of person.


    1. I’m heading out for a Muir Woods kind of trip soon! I haven’t heard about Ski Tavern but learned there are quite a lot of resorts in the area! We have Epic passes which covered the cost of Heavenly and Kirkwood.
      I bet Tahoe has changed a lot since you were there, Jan.
      Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Thanks so much! I used my iPhone and held it although I got a GoPro for Christmas! (What am I waiting for???) It was pretty warm, in the high thirties that day. Later in the week, we got a huge snowstorm. It rained on the bottom of the mountain! We all got soaked but had a great day of skiing. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


    1. Right??? It was gorgeous! Even the Nevada side had its own beauty with its amazing vistas.
      I recently had the choice of going just about anywhere including Hawaii or Mexico and chose the most ridiculous place, Oregon!! These days, I’m all about the adventure!
      Great to see you, Carrie!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Lisa! It was so surreal to ski near a glorious body of water like that. Luckily there weren’t a lot of people skiing that day or I would have run into someone while “rubbernecking.” Ha!


  2. Gorgeous! What a wonderful vacation, Susie! I’ve never skied and am too old to start, and I know snowboarding is even harder. I’d go sledding, though. Haven’t played in the snow in years, so that sounds fun to me.


  3. Rides to the top on chair lift, falls off, digs self out of snow, looks around 360, has major Vertigo, and crawls down entire mountain on hands and knees with paper sack over head. It funny because I climbed my first vertical mountain solo at age 7. I climbed many mountains in Northern Idaho in the early 1980’s. and now I cannot stand upon a fire tower on a mountain top without freaking out with vertigo, even looking down from multi story car parking structures spin me out. Ever sense my industrial accident in 1991′ cannot stand at edged of high places.


  4. Truly two of the most beautiful Lakes to live upon the shores of, both Lake Tahoe and Lake Coeur d’ Alene (Northern Idaho)


  5. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! A heavenly sight I would never be able to see if you didn’t bring me along this way. I can’t keep my balance on firm, flat ground never mind a snowboard or skis. Thanks for sharing Susie.


  6. Looks stunning! I’d always fancied skiing, but on the other side of double broken legs, I suspect my nerve has gone, I’d probably be too apprehensive to try 😦


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