Dogs Have Bad Hair Days Too!

I’ve had bad haircuts. One was so bad, I looked like I had ears like a dog! This photo was taken on an especially wild hair day.

bad hair day susielindau

I’ll admit our Bichon, Roxy, had become a shaggy dog. I had the perfect plan. After returning from a vacation at Lake Tahoe, I’d pick her up from the kennel and drive her to the groomer. Little did I know she would come home looking like a rat.

go for a walk

My first clue that something might go awry was when a groomer I’d never seen before dropped to her knees and scanned her entire coat as if searching for fleas.

She told me Roxy would be done at 2:00. I drove home and dug into work after being on vacation for a week. The writing vortex sucked me right in. When I looked at the clock and it read 3:00, I figured the pet grooming business was booming. When it was 4:00, I gave them a call.

“She’s all done!” said the cheerful voice on the line. I happily jumped in the car and drove to Longmont, pleased with my plan. She would be clean, exhausted and would sleep for a week!

I paid the sixty dollars and they promptly brought her from the back room. Only it wasn’t Roxy. This dog was hairless!

Rat dog after the groomer

For some strange reason, the groomer decided her entire coat including her tail was matted, (which wasn’t true) so she scalped her! Those are her freckles you’re seeing.

Dogs have bad hair days too

Roxy reminded me of Dobby from Harry Potter. She shivered at my feet. I grew up with Cockapoos that needed to be sheared twice a year. I swear they became embarrassed after losing their comfortable fur coats. Roxy was no different.

While sitting in the car, I checked her tail The tip had been nipped! Are you kidding me? Talk about insult to injury or in this case, the other way around.

That’s when my daughter texted me. I texted her the top photo. You shouldn’t have to pay for that. Especially since their tails are sensitive! I looked at Roxy’s soulful eyes and stormed back inside.

To say I was pissed would be an understatement. The lady who groomed her had conveniently left for the day. The manager looked Roxy over and offered a full refund.

But what about Roxy?

It has snowed the last two days! She hates wearing a sweater but shivers with the slightest breeze. You can see the veins in her bare naked ears. She needs a hat. And a glove for her skinned tail!

Honestly, the tail. I mean, look at her tail! It’s like a rat tail and it’s pink like her bare ears. It will take a long time before she looks like a normal dog again.

“It’s okay, Roxy. It will grow back.”

It will grow back

So if you have a bad hair day, just remember, you’re not alone. Roxy and I feel you.

Have your pets ever suffered under the hands of someone incompetent? Have you ever suffered under the hands of someone incompetent?

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108 thoughts on “Dogs Have Bad Hair Days Too!

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  1. Poor little Roxy! I honestly can’t imagine that a groomer would think this is okay? We had our large dog groomed this week and even in our already very warm climate we requested that the groomer not take “too much,” because it isn’t yet summer. In your colder climate this just seems a no brainer. But yes, it will grow. But she does look helpless and a little humiliated, poor baby!


    1. Thanks, Debra!
      She hates wearing her dog sweater but it snowed three times this week! It subdues her lively personality. It will grow back, but I don’t think I’ll go back to that groomer unless that particular woman leaves. I can’t take a chance!


  2. That’s just so wrong!

    Oh the poor little dear, Roxy looks totally mortified, tell her she is loved, and love her up well. It peeves me off when professionals who provide a paid for service ‘cop tudes’ and purposely blatantly hack up someones’ poodle do.


  3. Sorry. This made me laugh out loud. Poor little Roxy. I remember once getting a very bad colour that made me look like a baby rat, so I sympathise. Our poor dog had all his whiskers shaved off the last time he went to the salon. I think he must have been troublesome, but still, they are sense organs!


    1. I’ve had color oopsy-daisies too! I finally had to quit that hairdresser since I’d come out anywhere between bright red and pitch black!
      They are sensitive. I can’t believe they did that to your dog! Roxy’s muzzle was clipped short but at least it wasn’t to the skin.
      Thanks, Ali!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. My friend attempted to clip her Schnauzer’s fur to save a bit of cash (‘how hard can it be?’) It was a very bad hairdo. The tail was particularly embarrassing. I had reminded my friend about the time she tried to trim her own fringe. Also a disaster….


    1. She still seems sad to me. She was super upset when I picked her up. It was cold outside which didn’t help. A couple of weeks and her ears won’t look so pink but THE TAIL!!!
      Thanks, Radhika!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Poor Roxy. Unbelievable. I’m glad you got a refund. Of all times for this to happen, when there’s snow outside. No, I’ve never had anything like this happen with one of our dogs. Hope her fur grows back fast!


  6. That’s horrible! Poor little Roxy. There is no way you will ever get her to go through that door again. It will grow back, as you say, but it will take a little longer for her self esteem to bounce back. She looks like she is asking you, “Why?!? Why would you do this to me?”. Poor you, too.


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