A Very Foolish Easter Prank!

When I found out Easter and April Fools’ Day would collide this year, I had to prank everyone to make them look foolish. To even the score, I planned to dress up as a foolish Easter bunny. Oh, those best-laid plans that pave my way to hell. I arrived in the mountains to celebrate Easter weekend but forgot my April Fools props. Dang!

I perused the decimated Easter aisle at City Market but was pleasantly surprised to discover a few strange treats perfect for a Foolish Easter. Apparently, coconut covered marshmallows and pancake and maple syrup Peeps are a thing! I also bought a few packages of chocolates in bug foil.

April fools Easter treats

Once Easter morning arrived, the strange but tasty treats didn’t seem like enough foolishness especially since my daughter’s boyfriend brought a few friends up for the weekend. I needed to do something big. Pull a prank. Something….humiliating.

Then I had a brilliant idea. YES!

Watch the video to see one of my best April Fools’ Day pranks ever! Click to play the video and turn on the sound in the bottom righthand corner!

Ha! They were surprised.

Do you like to prank people on April Fools’ Day? Did you pull any shenanigans this year?

Click for more adventure on the Wild Ride.

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17 thoughts on “A Very Foolish Easter Prank!

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  1. I can’t believe they fell for a classic “made ya look!” xD

    My best prank story was something my mother came up with (though not on any AFD, as far as I can remember).


      1. Here’s the one I mentioned yesterday…

        Once upon a time (when my parents were still married), we were staying with my paternal grandparents and had just returned from picking strawberries. I don’t know where she got it (or got the idea), but my mother put a plastic cockroach (aka palmetto bug) by the baskets of strawberries on the counter. I imagine my parents and I were sitting in the livingroom and chatting when we heard WAP! WAP! WAP!

        All of us hurried into the kitchen and sure enough–there’s my grandmother with a flyswatter going after that poor bug!

        I was the first one to catch my breath long enough to say, “Grandma, STOP! It’s PLASTIC!”

        I’m sure she never forgave my mother for that one. xD


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