Travel Tips and Tricks for Your Next Trip!

15 Travel Tips and Tricks for Your Next Trip!

I discovered these travel tips and tricks while traveling a ton last year. Say that three times fast. I thought I’d share my favorites. Oh, man, now I’m rhyming. These tips save time, help with packing, and have made traveling so much more enjoyable. Travel season is almost upon us!

I hope to travel again soon if Danny can get out of jury duty. *crosses all body parts*

Travel accessories - purse, dinky wallet and carabiner

Carabiners and Pint-sized Wallets

You’ve seen carabiners hanging on backpacks, maybe even on purses. I hang one on mine. They are so important for keeping things together. I’ve spent hours looking for my car keys. What a waste!

  • Clip a carabiner to Airbnb apartment and rental car keys to keep them together. I can easily find them in the great abyss of my purse or backpack since my carabiner is gargantuan.
  • I pared down to a tiny wallet. My driver’s license can be seen through the plastic making it super easy to use. It also holds my credit cards, cash and important stuff including business cards for my Wild Ride. You never know who I might meet along the way.
  • Since my pint-sized wallet has a ring attached, I clip it to my keys to keep from freaking out while going through airport security. I can clip it to a belt loop too.
  • THE OBVIOUS – I snap my headphones, hat, and water/coffee bottle to my backpack.

A Carryon Pack

I’m done with carryon bags. I’ve used almost every kind out there, but they are unwieldy to navigate down the narrow airplane’s aisle. Once stashed away in the overhead compartment, I always think of something I forgot to take out. Since I can still stuff something under the seat, I tend to take too much along on the plane.

Now I use a backpack! It carries all my important stuff: The crown jewels and my crown, of course, headphones, laptop, phone, book, camera, cords, and chargers. If I’m not wearing a jacket or sweater, I throw one in. I carry a protein bar, just in case we sit on the tarmac for a few hours. It happens.

Phone charger for the rental car.

I’ve “donated” a few phone chargers to Hertz, but they come in so handy when needing a charge while on the road so I always bring one along.

The Best Tip and Trick? Social Media!



I’ve used Twitter several times to contact people in the area I’m visiting. One time, I tweeted that I was heading to #Scotland and a young woman tweeted that her cousin Adhamh O Broin ran tours. We didn’t connect in Scotland, but ironically met in Boulder a few months later!

A selfie with Adhamh O Broin

I also check to see what’s trending to stay on top of the news. I found out about the London Bridge stabbings right before traveling there a few days later. Then I found out in person how they deal with terrorism.


When deciding where to go or what to bring, I always check out the city’s hashtag on Instagram. It’s been amazing to find out what locals wear and what they do to have fun. Plus the most Instagramable locations will trend. It’s an insider’s view!

If everyone is dressed to the nines, I bring my evening gown. If jeans are de rigueur, I pack accordingly but still bring a nice outfit for going out at night.

Same with outerwear. I paid close attention to how locals dressed for outdoor activities when heading to Europe for a month last summer. I planned for rain when I discovered several soggy Instagrammers.


Sometimes when Googling an area, I want a personal viewpoint. I’ll Google the village, town or city with the word blog afterward. It’s a great way to find a new perspective before traveling.


I’ve pinned loads of travel information to boards on Pinterest. I always check to make sure the pretty photograph is linked to an informative blog post. This is a great way to make a list of things to do while visiting a new location. I especially love the unusual ones. Sometimes getting off the beaten path is the road to amazing discovery!

Culloden House view from the gate

The standing stones of Scotland


This driving app will get you from point A to B no matter if you’re in Boulder or on a winding road in Belgium.


This can be a nightmare and very unpredictable as you know. I don’t ever check until two days before since no one really knows beyond three days. I hope for the best and plan for the worst. The last thing I want to do is sit inside while waiting for sunshine. I throw on a hat and jacket and go!

When we were in Scotland, we were shocked by how many slogged through the downpours while visiting castles. I bring a ball cap to keep the rain off my face.

Sterling Castle on a rainy day

What not to wear!

Layering, layering, layering. Whenever I bring some super thick sweater, it always sits all lonely-like in my suitcase unless it’s snowing and we’re heading out for dinner. Coming from the most unpredictable weather in Colorado where nights can be cool during our most scorching summers, I’ve learned to prepare for everything. Except for rain. We’re always on the lookout for those little black rainclouds.

Athletic wear. Even if I don’t plan on going to the gym while on vacation, there are days when I want to protect a clean shirt or stay warm so I wear a lightweight poly T-shirt underneath.

Thick Socks. I bought the most wonderful pair of super soft plush socks. They are great slippers when on vacation.

Loungewear. Because lounging.

Bring a scarf. Wear it on the plane to keep from inhaling every sneeze. Not a scarf wearer? Wear a hoodie and hide inside it. You don’t want to come down with the sniffles.

I could go on and on but I have to start packing. I’m an Aries optimist!

Do you like to travel? Are you a last minute person or do you have to plan everything?

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74 thoughts on “Travel Tips and Tricks for Your Next Trip!

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  1. Love the tips! I’m a big fan of carabiners, and there is a pink collapsable doggy dish permanently attached to my backpack for my best friend.

    Okay, and I REALLY love the picture of the standing stones at Machrie Moor!


  2. I’m one of those weird people who don’t get sick on the plane! (I arrived to Ireland sick, but I think it was the kind of bug that needed a few days to incubate, so I probably picked it up somehow before I left.)

    I used to take a tote bag with toys, books, etcetera when I was little and my parents hated hauling it around because it was HUGE! I changed to a backpack at seventeen when my exchange program gave me one to travel with. What a difference! Modern backpacks have slots for your laptop and pockets galore for your chargers and everything else. I haven’t been on a plane in almost a decade, but I still take a backpack when I go on a trip–it’s almost an extra suitcase!


  3. All great tips Susie! Always interesting to see other peoples’ travel tips. Heading out West (Canada) in a few weeks so I shall definitely use a couple of your suggestions!


  4. I LOVE travel tips, especially these, thanks, Susie! Yes, backpacks are great instead of carryon bags. I wouldn’t carry anything like my teeny wallet in plain sight, though, although maybe yours lives in your purse instead of just clipped to the outside. Instead of a purse, I use a small fanny-pack (the kind with RFID blocker so badguys can’t read your credit cards) turned toward the front, with compartments for my phone, tiny wallet, glasses, keys, tips and shuttle bus money, etc. Going through security, I put the fanny-pack in my backpack (or carryon) to make it less visible for anyone to snatch, and then put it back on as soon as I’m through security. My fanny-pack is black and cute enough that it doubles as my purse while traveling (either worn, or hand-carried for a dressier look). I also take a small nylon stuff sack (weighs nothing) to pull out of my backpack with my snack, antiseptic wipes, reading material, scarf, etc., to have handy for the flight.


    1. Sounds perfect for you, Gail! Love that you can use your fanny pack as a dressy bag. Must be a nice one. I definitely keep my tiny wallet inside but wanted to show everyone what I was talking about. 🙂
      Nice to “see” you!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Great tips. I am a traveler myself and soon I will be on my way to the “Pearl of the Orient Sea”. I have no carabiner for travel but I use waist travel pouch and a trolley for a hand-carry. The backpack is for my short travel.


  6. Thanks Susie, I’ve found a few new tips to add to my list! Ready to pack my bags for a 3 month trip and need all the help I can get!! I always use a backpack on the plane and scarves are wonderful for all sorts of uses. Love your social media tips too. ✈️😊


  7. This post is so unbelievably helpful, and I’ve booked it to come back to later! I plan to travel a lot this summer, and i want to make the most of it, so this is the perfect point of reference.
    Jas xx


  8. I bring a scarf on the plane as a little blankie. I know that sounds dorky, but a nice scarf can keep the chill away, hide under, and can be fashionable for a night out–depending on the scarf of choice. Great tips!


  9. Excellent tips as always! I was given a carabiner at work, but as I don’t climb, I had no idea what I should do with it! Now I know!! 😉


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