Make a Vision Board and Reach Your Goals!

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I’ve been wanting to create a vision board to help me reach my goals for a while now. The idea is to make us aware of opportunities when they arise and to keep us motivated and moving forward when challenged. But even more than that, it can give hope when we feel like giving up. On a whole other level, creating something positive and focusing on it several times a day becomes a manifestation, a wish, a dream, a reminder of what we want in our lives. We send those positive thoughts into the Universe. In some cases, people who created vision boards attained all of their goals in a short time.

Their wishes came true. So can ours, right?

I decided to give it a try.

A couple of DIY blog posts made it seem time-consuming so I came up with an easier way. I’m all about saving time. I also didn’t want to make another one as my goals changed.

What you need:

  • Foam Core – Styrofoam core sandwiched by paper, usually in black or white. 
  • Pictures and quotes.
  • A couple of markers and paper.
  • A scissors.
  • Tacks or pins.

Want to reach your goals? Make a vision board! Click for ideas, an example and how you can make your dreams come true! #Visionboard #inspiration #positivity #selfcare #personalgoals

I started by leafing through a few magazines. I found inspirational quotes, photos, and The Rock. Don’t have any magazines? Print out some inspirational photos and quotes from the Internet.

Since mine is career-related, I wrote some very personal goals. I made them as detailed, specific, and clear as I could. Then I cut them into strips and squares.

I included pictures of my writer idols too. I downloaded them from the net then uploaded their photos into Canva. Then I made a collage on one sheet of paper.

Once I had all the pieces and parts, I arranged them on the board. When I was pleased with the result, I tacked them down.

Note: I like thumbtacks instead of glue since I can change or rearrange them at any time.

I covered up my handwritten personal goals with post-its but you get the idea.

How to make a vision board to reach your goals! Click for ideas, tips, inspiration, and an example. It's super easy! Personal goals and development, Positivity and inspiration, wellness and self care, Mental health, resolutions #visionboard #personaldevelopment #goals #motivation

Then I took a straight pin and stuck it on my bulletin board above my desk. You can pin it to your wall if you don’t have a board. Pinned at an angle, the board won’t fall down since it’s super light.

Easy Peasy!

You can make one for any goal or include all of them on one vision board. It’s up to you.

Two weeks ago, I started to feel defeated. By looking at my vision board several times a day, I felt hopeful again about reaching my goals. It was worth putting one together for inspiration and to refocus on what’s truly important.

So what’s keeping you? Stop by your local craft store for a board and start on it today. You never know. Your wishes might come true!


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