12 Ideas for Hygge Moments and Simple Pleasures

12 Ideas for Hygge Moments and Simple Pleasures. Ways to slow down and enjoy life. Hygge lifestyle, Positivity and inspiration, wellness and self care, Personal growth and motivation #hygge #lifestyle #selfcare #positivity #personalgrowth

Looking for ways to enjoy some hygge moments and simple pleasures before the snow flies? I am and came up with 12 you can enjoy today.

What the heck is hygge? It’s not a hip new drink or crazy dance move. It’s the Danish word for slowing down to enjoy cozy and special moments.

hot tubbing woman with polished toes

Note to self: You can’t BE in the moment when your nose is in your phone. I know. I take tons of pictures while on adventures and appreciating a sunset or mountain vista. Guilty as charged! But there’s a balance; a time when I forget about my phone and just let the moment happen while I’m completely immersed in it.  Ahh… Can you feel that peace and serenity? Yep. That’s hygge.

Sundays always meant family day when I was growing up. I couldn’t wait to find out what our family outing would be. Usually, it meant a trip to the zoo, a picnic, or a drive to a lake while my dad painted, mom read, and my sister and I colored our own masterpieces, then tore around the shoreline searching for frogs. Simple pleasure Sunday.

1960s family photo

Here are 12 ideas for hygge moments and simple pleasures to get you started.

1. Find a place where you can sit and reflect.

I walk to the pond behind our house or sit under the maple trees. I try to take in the moment by really listening and seeing everything around me. Then I take a few deep breaths while being grateful. It’s all good.

Perfect for a hygge moment!

2. Brunch

Grab your family, a friend or significant other and head out for breakfast. That’s my favorite meal. Savor each bite while really listening to the conversation.

The Best of Amsterdam on Foot, Boat, and Bike. Eggs Benedict at Dignita Vondelpark restaurant. Travel Europe Destinations, Travel tips, Netherlands, canal tours, biking, Rembrandt Museum. #Amsterdam #boattours #biking #Rembrandtmuseum

3. Leave your phone in your pocket or purse.

Yep. That can be hard but studies indicate that even leaving on the table can stilt conversation.

4. Take a mini staycation.

Check out a local museum or art gallery. Drive to a nearby town and peruse the shops. Got to a festival. Make a day of it! it’s not too late to enjoy the good weather.

The Best of Amsterdam on Foot, Boat, and Bike. Van Gogh self portrait, Travel Europe Destinations, Travel tips, Netherlands, canal tours, biking #Amsterdam #boattours #biking

5. Go for a hike.

I have taken a hike in the mountains every Sunday for the last couple of weeks. Whether it was a brand new hike or a familiar one, it felt good to be outdoors surrounded by nature. It’s amazing how beautiful it can be.

Hygge moments and simple pleasures with furry friends! #lifestyle #selfcare #positivity #hygge

6. Start a bullet journal.

Make it as easy or complex and artistic as you want. It feels good to stay organized. As you accomplish your tasks, check them off your list! Both can be very pleasurable experiences.

Bullet Point Journal

7. Create a vision board.

Again, this project is all up to you. Check out this post for how to make one. Then stop, study and read it several times each day, especially when life gives you those little hiccups and setbacks. A moment of positivity will set you back on track.

Make a vision board to reach your goals! Click for ideas, tips, inspiration, and an example. It's super easy! Personal goals and development, Positivity and inspiration, wellness and self care, Mental health, Tips, hacks and DIYs #visionboard #personaldevelopment #goals #motivation #diy

8. Read.

Find a quiet place and read a few chapters. There’s nothing like the escape of a good novel. I like to make a mug of tea, prop up the pillows and read before bed. Getting away from the computer, TV, and phone before we sleep helps to avoid insomnia too.

9. Write.

Write in a journal, diary, or blog. Be honest about your feelings. Do your thoughts and desires match your daily choices? They don’t? Dang. Back to that bullet journal.

10. Sip.

Make your choice of beverage and drink it outdoors. Fierce weather out there? Park yourself near a window and watch the storm.

11. Make the effort to connect.

Call, text, or PM an old friend or a new one. Catch up or make a plan to meet up! Looking forward to it will lift your spirits in the meantime.

12. Enjoy a sunset.

I got stuck at the airport waiting for my daughter, Courtney, to arrive from Iceland. After driving to a gas station to wait, I looked up and saw this!

Enjoying a sunset and a hygge moment, #hygge #lifestyle #selfcare #positivity #gratitude

There’s nothing better than taking time to experience a pleasurable hygge moment. They don’t have to include a fireplace, an old cozy sweater, or a mug of tea. It’s all up to you to find time for simple pleasures. Make a memory. Focus on your relationships. Stop and take a breath. Enjoy what’s around you. That’s what hygge is all about.


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12 Ideas for Hygge Moments and Simple Pleasures to make your life happier. Click for tips! It's all about self care and how to live your best life. Life lessons, Life hacks, Hygge lifestyle, positivity, bullet journal, vision board to manifest your dreams! #selfcare #lifelessons #hygge #simplepleasures #positivity #personalgrowth

43 thoughts on “12 Ideas for Hygge Moments and Simple Pleasures

Add yours

  1. All good suggestions. I do quite a few of those already actually. I think having cancer helps one appreciate the smaller things more (just my opinion anyway). I like the sipping one especially. (wink)

    Take care and enjoy some hygge!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  2. All of these are wonderful suggestions to calm the nerves and excite the senses. I’ve actually been a card-carrying member of the “stop-to-smell-the-roses” society for many years. It’s probably been at the expense of great success and wealth, but don’t regret a single moment of it. Nice post, Susie.


  3. I love your posts. It is a calming moment in my life telling me that I got it. We are very much alike in our thinking. Keep those posts…treasures coming


    1. I bet it’s humid too!
      We’ve had a very strange summer. Hot then cool. I think we’re in for an early winter, but time will tell!
      I hope you find a cool place and enjoy a hygge moment soon!


  4. Hygge is a wonderful word! I add watching the birds in my backyard to my Hygge Moments and it’s amazing how calming that can be. And I don’t even need to leave home. 🙂


  5. Never heard of hygge moments before Susie but love the sound of them and will try to remember them for the future. We never live through our phones, don’t even have contracts so they’re just cameras when we are out. It’s all about experiencing not recording.


  6. I remember your huge post a while back and it was so great! I was like yes!!! I didn’t even know the word but was like yes! Brunch or a good meal is definitely a moment. Plus the beach for me and your hiking photos are always so great,like travel magazine good and I’m like yes! I want to go hiking there 🙂 Thanks for the hygge reminder. You rock!


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