Live with Craig Ferguson’s Hobo Fabulous Tour!

Craig Ferguson Hobo Fabulous Tour. My review of his hilarious performance includes tour dates and locations. I won't have to do any ab workout today. You should go!

Good thing the Boulder Daily Camera posts daily events or I would have missed Craig Ferguson’s Hobo Fabulous Tour live at the Boulder Theater. He’s a hilarious Scottish comedian known for funny cultural jokes and crazy facial expressions. I love the guy. He hosted the Late Late show until 2014 and then moved on to an Emmy award-winning daytime show called Celebrity Name Game. Now he’s touring the US and Canada.

My husband, Danny, and I found our seats in the stratosphere above the nose-bleed section along with several others who bought last-minute tickets. I wondered why any tickets were left at all. I don’t think his tour is being advertised that well. Here’s my feeble attempt at getting the word out.

Ferguson seemed so comfortable with the audience and smoothly delivered a boatload (yes, boats play a part too) of hilarious life stories and observations. It shocked me when he said he had just begun his tour. Wow.

Having been to Scotland last year, his jokes about Scottish people made me want to return for another visit. His unpredictable humor continued in an unrelenting stream. Did I enjoy it? Let’s just say, I won’t have to do any ab work in the gym today.

I laughed so hard and was so entertained, I hoped the tour ended in L.A. so I could see it again. I would buy tickets in advance to avoid high altitude seating and enjoy his wild expressive eyes.

If you’re in need of a good belly laugh, here’s Craig Ferguson’s Hobo Fantastic schedule:

September 12 – Colorado Springs

September 13 – Saratoga, California

September 15 – Reno, Nevada

September 16 – Napa, California

September 18 – Portland, Oregon where he’ll fit right in with its weirdness.

October 27 – Onamia, Maine, wherever the heck that is. Use Waze. It’s the app I used most when we visited and still couldn’t find what we were looking for.

October 28 – Des Moines, IA. Got nothin’ on Des Moines but I did lose a tire there once. Nope. Never found it.

October 29 – Madison, Wisconsin. Grew up in Madtown!

October 30 – Milwaukee! I was born there.

November 1 – Evansville, Indiana. I got really excited for a micro-moment thinking it was Wisconsin. But that town has less than 2000 inhabitants, so no.

November 3 – Waukegan, Ill

November 24 – Detroit, MI

November 27 – Louisville, KY where they pronounce Louisville properly, unlike Louisville, Colorado where uneducated cowboys didn’t realize the “s” was silent. Duh.

November 28 – Columbus, OH

November 30 – Homestead, PA

December 1 – Mashantucket, CT not to be confused with Mashpee, MA – Real places where real people live, apparently.

December 2 – Boston, MA – One of my favorite places for a good haunting.

December 3 – Ridgefield, CT

December 4 – Morristown, NJ

December 5 – New Haven, CT

December 6 – Verona, NY

December 8 – National Harbor, MD

December 9 – Bensalem, PA

In Canada–

September 21 – Coquitlam, BC

September 22 – Richmond, BC

October 21 – Calgary, AB

October 25 – Winnipeg, MB

New dates!

April 4 – Los Angeles, CA – The Theatre at Ace Hotel (Tickets)

April 5 – San Francisco, CA – The Castro Theatre (Tickets)

April 7 – Anaheim, CA – City National Grove of Anaheim (Tickets)

April 8 – Phoenix, AZ – Orpheum Theatre

April 9 – Tucson, AZ – Fox Tucson Theater

April 12 – Henderson, NV – Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa & Casino

Click here to buy tickets.


Are you a Craig Ferguson fan? In need of a good belly laugh? Do you like to see comedians live?

47 thoughts on “Live with Craig Ferguson’s Hobo Fabulous Tour!

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  1. I find it annoying that most acts don’t come any further north than metro Detroit. HELLO?! There’s a whole ‘nother state out there! We have theatres in Lansing, y’know! (Or you can play the Breslin, like Jeff Dunham and the Backstreet Boys have.) Heck, come to the casinos…I’ll drive over to Firekeepers or up to Soaring Eagle if I like you well enough! (Jeff came to Soaring Eagle last month, but I didn’t want to sit in the outdoor theatre. YUCK!)

    Just don’t take a leaf out of The Clairvoyants’ playbook–their first ever Michigan stop was a casino in HARRIS! Never even heard of it. Turns out it’s not that far from Wisconsin. O.o


  2. Craig Ferguson is one of my favourites! I will have to check out the future to see if he is coming anywhere near me. Your list didn’t include any Ontario dates. Another that is funny as hell is Billy Connolly. I went to see him in a smaller more intimate theatre and I never laughed so hard.

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  3. Always liked Craig Ferguson. His humor is droll (as is most humor from the British Isles) and much like mine. In a way, I’ve been preparing you for his show these past few years. You’re welcome.


  4. The Furguson was by far the greatest late night entertainer / comedian. Craig is a hoot! That’s hoot not coot. 🙂 But I will never forget his two part / night show with ‘Carrot Top’… That dude was frightening, and I mean beyond weird. Poor Craig was ready to turn the light out and run like hell, everyone was wide eyes stunned and scared.

    Aside from that I do not remember who was the best all time guest upon his show. Have fun and don’t for get your rain gear as you never know when that Gallagher will show up and start smashing water mellows. Those were the days.

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    1. Wow! I would love to find the video of that show. Craig said he was done with show business because he was sick of interviewing celebrities like they were royalty. I bet Carrot top was at the top of his list! I remember Gallagher and his antics. Ha! Ferguson had a mild mannered comic from Denver as his warmup. He was a teacher. Nothing to fear there.
      Thanks for stopping by, Brock! Always good to see you.

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  5. An assortment of stellar entertainers and events is one of the best benefits of a college town. Howe cool!
    So refreshing to hear about someone with a real sense of humor – and one able to laugh at themselves as well as others – a style of not mean comedy that used to be common and now so rare! Thanks for the list…(obviously another reason to move out of the tropical coast HAHA)


    1. Thanks for reading, Phil!
      I should pay more attention, then we wouldn’t end up with the last seats in a sold out show. He’s a pretty self-effacing guy. I can relate. I’m still giggling after three days! Lol. Come to Colorado!

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    1. Dude. Don’t spam up my blog to get me to click. People will mark you as a spammer and you’ll be locked out of WP comments.
      Instead, read the post and make an intelligent comment.


  6. Yes Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, and Spam from the dark web and your spamming her friends dude, not Ok, not cool, nothing OKEY DOKEY.


  7. We went to see Tim Minchin in Birmingham. We had a wonderful day, but we had watched so much of his work prior to going … we knew what was coming. We spoiled it for ourselves. A lesson learned the hard way. So I will find one or two of Craigs sets to watch but try not to watch too much … so If we go see him live we wont have seen it all . 🤣😜


    1. Oh, no! You would think he would come up with new material for a tour. I hadn’t seen many of Ferguson’s shows, so I have no idea if the jokes were new or old. With a theater full of super fans, I gotta believe he came up with some new ones since the crowd laughed hysterically! I tried to reenact one of his jokes, (he’s a physical comedian) and my daughter and her boyfriend just stared at me. Guess you had to be there. Ha!
      Thanks so much, Ellen and for the blog love today!


  8. I liked him when he was on Late Night and I caught his stand up online a few times. He is so funny when he gets together with the Golf Dude David Feherty. Glad you saw him in person!


      1. Trace Adkins and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were two of my favorite guests of Craigs on the Late Late show – HILARIOUS!!! Search for them on YouTube, you won’t be disappointed!


  9. Hey! Just thought I’d let ya know the Onamia show is in Minnesota right by Mille Lacs Lake. I checked this morning and there were still some seats left!


  10. I’m heading to Onamia, MINNESOTA to see him tomorrow night!! It’ll be my 3rd Crag Ferguson show, I LOVE that man! He’s ADORKABLE!!


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