Aspen Alley Leaf Peeping in Breckenridge

Aspen Alley Leaf Peeping in Breckenridge. Click for photos! Colorado Hikes, Outdoor Adventures, Fall color, Autumn, Travel North America, Travel tips, Travel United States, photography #travel #Colorado #Coloradohikes #outdooradventures #traveltips

When my daughter’s boyfriend suggested Aspen Alley in Breckenridge for leaf-peeping, I said, “What?” How did we not know about this spectacular hike? Dan, (not to be confused with my husband, Danny) found the gem on an app for mountain bike trail. Amazing!

Aspen Alley Leaf Peeping in Colorado. Click for photos and add it to your bucket list! Travel North America, Travel tips, Fall, Autumn color, Colorado #Travel #colorado #leafpeeping #fallcolor #traveltips

Despite back-to-school and football games, people flocked to the mountains enjoy the fall color. Some flew. I met women on the trail from Pennsylvania and Chicago who hit autumn at its peak, perfectly.

Notice how white Roxy is? She soon goes incognito.

Aspen Alley Leaf Peeping in Breckenridge. Me and the gang at the beginning of the trail. Click for photos! Hikes, Fall color, Autumn leaf peeping, Colorado, Travel North America, Travel tips, Travel United States

It was a bluebird day with brilliant color above 8000 feet. The aspens in Breckenridge were still green.

My obligatory tree top photo.

Aspen Alley in Breckenridge. Tree tops. Click for fall color! Colorado, Travel North America, Travel tips, Travel United States, Fall color, Autumn #travel #traveltips #colorado #fallcolor #leafpeeping

Loved these sibling aspens bent as if in conversation across the trail.

Aspen Alley in Breckenridge in full autumn color. Click for photos! Photography, Fall color, leaf peeping, Colorado, Travel North America, Travel United States, Colorado hikes #photography #Coloradohikes #Colorado #travel #traveltips #hiking

The color change could be seen in our dog too. Danny and Courtney walk them on the trail.

Hiking Aspen Alley in Breckenridge. Glorious fall color. Click for photos! Photography, Travel North America, Colorado, Travel tips, Travel United States #outdooradventures #photography #leafpeeping #fallcolor #autumn #colorado

Can you find Roxy?

Aspen Alley in Breckenridge for amazing fall color. Click for photos! Outdoor adventures, Travel tips, Colorado, Travel North America, Photography #Colorado #traveltips #travel #outdooradventures #hiking

Lots of fall photos to come. Watch for some almost wordless posts with autumn feels and linkage to my favorite hikes. I LOVE this time of year!

Do you go leaf peeping? Do you enjoy fall? What’s your favorite season?


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57 thoughts on “Aspen Alley Leaf Peeping in Breckenridge

Add yours

  1. Beautiful! We will be escaping the Maryland heat and peeping some leaves in Cooperstown, New York, early next month. Anywhere there’s maples the reds are always amazing, so I’m looking forward to it (and the cooler temps!)


  2. Breath taking indeed! I miss the fall colors where I used to live in California. We’d drive to Tahoe just to see the ever changing colors.

    Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to many more glorious photos.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Thanks so much, Patricia!
      It’s great incentive to get outside. It’s been super hot down here in Boulder but it should drop 25 degrees by Thursday. Whew!
      I bet Tahoe is gorgeous this time of year.


  3. Have you ever been Yodeled?

    Lovely and Beautiful Golden leaves of aspens set agents vivid blue Colorado skies… What a lovely day indeed, it so beats lackadaisically meander n’ the vast city malls’ parking lots, pressing your car alarm button redundantly until yet another sunset in hopes of finding your Mini Cooper that looks like the hundreds and hundreds of other Mini Coopers, until you come to your’ senses in realizing you’ve wandered into the Mini Cooper surplus car stockyard.

    I do have to emit if ever I’ve had enough of ‘it’ and decide to relocate that I’ll come dig out my new abode into the side of Pike’s Peak to find my fortune in Molly Be Darn and Granite, I’ll give you a fine echoing yodel Susie.

    Hi Roxy 🙂


    1. Hahaha! Hey Brock. I just read your comment to Danny who thoroughly enjoyed it. So did I! I have a white SUV popular in the west because of the intensity of the sun so I can relate. The worst is when I look all over for it, begin to panic thinking it has been stolen, and then remember I borrowed my husbands car.
      I’ll be waiting for that yodel if “it” gets to be too much.
      Roxy says, “Hi Brock!”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Isn’t that too funny, driving by and not realizing what a treasure lay right under your nose. We are seeing just the very first beginnings of the leaves turning yellow. It’ll be a couple more weeks before it becomes more dramatic.


    1. Mine too! After the hike, I made my first apple pie of the season! Then we drove down the mountain and worked in the parking lot of a building we own in Denver before the Bronco game. I sizzled in the heat like a fried egg! Hopefully we’ll get some fall weather this week. I’m so done with the 90’s!


    1. Colorado is a semi-arid state so cottonwoods are prevelant along streams where there isn’t any development. Everyone with property has a sprinkler system so we see crimson to golds and all the shades between in towns and cities. Trees in the mountains are primarily evergreen. Aspen are the only diciduous. They’re the biggest living creature on Earth since trees shoot up from an original aspen. This year, I saw some with orange and red hues, which is very unusual. It has to do with our severe drought. Thanks, Arv!


  4. Hi Susie. In all the many times over the years we have visited our good friends in Denver, it wasn’t until just a few years ago that we came at the right time to see the aspens turning. We drove from Denver to Durango to take the train up to Silverton. The scenery along the way was breathtaking! I took enough pictures to fill a flash drive, especially along the train route.

    As a mountain guy myself, raised in the Adirondacks of New York state, I’ve always been partial to mountain living. We also lived in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia (Charlottesville) for a while. When it came time to retire, my wife, Patty, who is a navy brat and always lived along the sea, had to decide. She wanted to be by the ocean and I wanted to stay in the mountains. So we compromised and retired by the ocean! He, he.


    1. If I wanted to live near the ocean, Danny would buy a condo and fly out when ski season was over. I’d probably would see him once a month! It’s why we live in Colorado. I do love the mountains. And there’s nothing like a hike to make my spirit soar. Speaking of another kind of sore, how are you feeling?


      1. LOL! You are a dutiful wife to Danny! I know you are an excellent skier too so no great sacrifice,eh?

        I’m doing very well, Susie, thanks. The only thing I can’t do yet is walk up stairs normally. I can walk down fine. Still have to take them one at a time going up just like a toddler. Should only be a couple weeks left of that. I can walk about a mile and one half and building on that every day. My goal is to be able to walk up the two mile long Monticello trail when we visit our daughter and granddaughters in this fall. It’s a slight grade.


  5. A gorgeous display, Susie! Fall is here, too, and everyone is out enjoying the warm foliage colors as the temperature drops. Had a wonderful hike yesterday with the wild blueberry and vine maples turning red and orange. Of course, snow has started in the higher elevations so it may be a short season!


  6. Oooooooh. I’m liking the colorful hike and all that foilage! We don’t get much color changing over here. It’s either green or crunchy brown. No nice warm colors. Really you’re posting your hiking adventures, looks like Roxy definitely enjoyed the outing, probably slept in the rest of the day 🙂


    1. Hey Guat!
      Yes, it was a perfect day, in fact, I commented on it all the way down the trail to everyone who passed me as if I were a Chamber of Commerce rep. Ha!
      You’re right. After a bath in the sink, Roxy was out cold. zzzzzzzz


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