It’s Autumn Blog Party Time!

Autumn Blog Party Time. Leave a link and meet my friends! Blogging tips #Bloggers #Blogging #Bloggingtips

It’s officially autumn and time for my readers and blogger friends to meet up and party!

You get to choose

Drop a link from your blog or social media and tell us what you would like. More followers? Comments? Shares? Retweets? Pins? All of the above?

Hook us!

Add a short hook to entice new friends to your place. Tell them, “Susie sent me!” and they might click back. Make them feel at home. Have a conversation. Learn about each other.

If you drop a link make sure to hop to a few other blogs.

The more you click, the more friends you’ll make.

It’s all about building community!

Do you have followers who don’t come back to read anything? Numbers are meaningless unless they become a part of your community. Here’s your chance to reach out and make connections.

Not a blogger? Click on a few links and check out my friends’ blogs. They have lots of wonderful stories and insights to share.

Me? Oh, wow. Thanks for asking!ย I would love some repins–

The dance floor is filling up. The barista can pour your favorite coffee drink or ask the bartender to mix something stronger. Tables are laden with sneaky snakes and tasty treats. Help yourself and mingle with the guests.

Here’s the best part:

CHUCK SHADOW IS IN THE HOUSE! He’s spinning and dropping the bass.

This party will become a rager, so stop back in the days to come to check out the new guests.

I hope you’ll consider following my blog.

Have fun and don’t forget to DANCE!

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107 thoughts on “It’s Autumn Blog Party Time!

Add yours

  1. Hey Susie, I love your blog and I love a good blog party!

    I’m Lorna, an American living in Scotland with my giant geek husband and our sarcastic four year-old daughter. I write about family life, travel, disability, blogging, and books over at Gin & Lemonade, where I’ve just started a weekly writing prompt link up, too!

    This post is a list of my most popular posts last month, with linked details to the writing prompt as well!

    Happy Autumn, all!

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    1. Hey, Lorna! I’m so glad you came! Everyone will LOVE your uplifting blog and opportunities to build community.

      I see you found the drinks! That’s the doorbell… Have fun meeting the guests and don’t forget to DANCE!


  2. Hello there! I am Michelle and my home on the web is We arenโ€™t sure what we want to be when we grow up, but we plan to have some fun figuring it out.

    We = Me & the blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I enjoy reading, netflix, hiking for pretty views & waterfalls, RV camping, and slow living. You can expect related content on the blog in the near future.

    I am always looking for new blog friends, so I look forward to partying with yโ€™all!

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  3. Hi Susie its cool, so cool. I am already following you and love going through your posts. I truely need followers, new friends that the coolest way. Hope your followers read my comment and visit my blog. May be I get new followers…ha ha ha. Cheers!! Happy blogging…

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    1. Love this post and your blog, Matthew! The Hobbit is one of my all time faves. I hope you have fun meeting the guests! I blogged a little late in the day, so I’ll promote the party again today!


  4. Susie, the ONLY reason I clicked on your email when it came in today is because it’s like getting a call from an old friend who says “I’m in town, can I drop by?” Your visits have been few & far between lately.

    Yes, absolutely, c’mon over, Susie. You’re one of those genuine, upbeat, happy people I call real friends…especially the way you smile and joke about all the hurdles you’ve had to jump over (yes, with a smile). We’ve never met personally but I just know I could count on you if I ever needed to. And vice versa.

    Of course I’d like more subscribers to share my monthly design project with–especially if they are fans of the “fun & fabulous” ampersand. Here’s my contribution to your autumn party: “Hide & Seek” with fall colors and a quirky character trying to hide behind a tree:

    Best wishes to you, Susie, for a wonderful autumn season. And dance your ampersand off at your party!

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      1. I checked out Chuck Shadow’s site and I love his logo! (I gave him a simple tip to take it all the way to 100% professional.) Cool music too. Listened to it to complete my latest AmperArt which you, being as colorful as you are — and I have seen photos of you wearing a scarf — will probably enjoy. It’s for National Scarf Day which is TODAY Sept. 27 (if it’s after midnight where you are).

        Now that that project’s done I’ll meet some of your guests. I like the way they crash at your place for days, weeks, months, after the party winds down.

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  5. Thanks for throwing this autumnal party, Susie. If we can’t meet up in person (like we did at the Bloggers Bash in 2017) then a blog party is a great place to meet up.

    My blog is called Hugh’s Views And News and is a mixture of photography, short stories, flash fiction, humour, everyday life, social media, music, and much more. However, my most popular posts are my blogging tips posts where I share the ins and outs of the blogging world. I started a new series of blogging tips posts last month. Here’s the first of the posts, 7 Ways To Get More Readers To Your Blog –

    It’s been my most popular posts so far this year. You’ll also find lots more blogging tips posts by clicking on ‘Blogging Tips’ on the menu bar at the top of my blog.

    I’d be delighted if you would also all join me over on Mix.Com, the new social media site that replaced StumpleUpon.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to promote and connect, Susie. Have a lovely Autumn. ๐Ÿ‚

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    1. I LOVE your blog, Hugh and I’m sure others will too! From blog tips to flash fiction and memoir, there’s something for everyone.

      Your blog post really made me think about my readers. He has some great tips to bring more to your blog!

      Thanks for coming to the party. Have fun and don’t forget to dance!


  6. Hi Susie. Thanks, your parties are always a gas!

    Of course I’d love more followers (who wouldn’t?). If anyone would like to get to know me, this would be an excellent place to start written a few years ago.You’ll find a lot of humor in my blogs (I know, there’s a fine line between humor and being a smart-ass and I occasionally cross that line too). Anyway, thanks for considering it because I’d love to get to know your blog as well.

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  7. This is what I get for taking a day off from the computer–I miss the start of Susie’s party.

    Since it’s the start of fall, my latest blog post, “What I did this summer,” seems right on time. It’s a roundup of all the indie bookstores I visited on my cross-country trip, including The Boulder Book Store where I met our esteemed party host! I’d love you to take the (virtual) tour by reading the post and share on Twitter or Facebook if you feel so inclined.

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  8. My blog is for a community of people who enjoy writing short true stories from their lives and reading the stories submitted by others. I write a prompt (along with my own story that corresponds) and then any readers can use their own blog to write their response to the prompts and leave a link to it in my comments for others to find and enjoy.
    I’m new, so I’m looking for more interaction. Several of the same people come back to read more of my own stories, but don’t interact and leave stories of their own!

    The link to my blog is

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  9. Hey Susie, I always come to your party with one of my favorite posts and I leave the party with lot of friends and loads of goodies.
    For today’s party I have picked one of my favorite posts:
    My self proclaimed affair with myself is something that comes out in a lot of my blog posts. I truly believe If I cannot love myself, noone else can AND If I cannot love myself then I cannot love anyone else.
    I am definitely looking for more followers.
    Bye, I am going to meet and greet the fellow bloggers who have come here…

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  10. I was planning to write a short story to attract some readers to my blog (and my upcoming Kindle Countdown), but right as I settled down to draft my post, life had other ideas.

    I’m super late to the party, but I still invite everyone to read “And the lighthouse goes out…” (–and maybe bring a tissue.


  11. Yay. I loved this party last time. I read some great posts and now follow some of the bloggers.

    Iโ€™m hoping that Iโ€™m fashionably late to the party. Iโ€™m bringing my blog:

    I would love some people to check it out and stops on the post that grabs their attention. If they like a like and / or a share would be grand.

    I blog about the things in life I feel vulnerable about. Spoiler alert: thatโ€™s A LOT of things ๐Ÿ™‚

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  12. Hi, saw this little meet up party and so I thought I join (maybe I’m a little late..) but I am completely new here and have only just posted my first ever blog post,
    Would be lovely if someone would like to read it and comment their opinion and it is so fun being able to find other blogs to read from here.
    Ps: I’ve been reading your blog for a while Susie and I really like it ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thanks so much, OG! Have fun clicking on links and introducing yourself to the guests! Maybe they’ll click back to your place. Tell them, “Susie sent me from the party!”
      Have fun and don’t forget to DANCE!

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