Time for Sweaters, Shivers, and All Things Ghoulish

Time for Sweaters, Shivers, and All Things Ghoulish. Click for Halloween ideas and get into the October mood! Halloween Decor #Spookystories #halloween #Ghoulish #October

October is finally here. It’s time to pull sweaters out of storage and get ready for a month of shivers and all things ghoulish. Autumn’s crisp breath will whisper a dreaded prophecy of summer’s death while it rustles blood-red leaves overhead. With a climactic gust, their spines break and they float down to join their dismembered kin. Once pliable with youth, their desiccated bodies crunch under my boots’ leather soles. Get the picture?

spooky statue

Leaf piles, apple cider, and all things pumpkin appear overnight. The days shorten and bleak mornings yawn and stretch while trying to shake off a shroud of fog, When it lifts, burnished leaves shimmer against the bright blue sky. They will drop with temperatures later in the month then naked trees will shiver, their gnarled arthritic branches revealed for all to see. I can’t help myself.

October and all things spooky. Click to get in the mood! #Halloween #decor #autumn #prose #October

Farmers and gardeners hustle to eke out the last of their harvest. Productive perennials shut down, then settle into their roots for the winter while their annual neighbors fight for life. First frost lurks with icy fingers which slip through the landscape strangling fragile fern and fauna. With a silent gasp in the night, all is dead. Sheesh. I did it again.

Huge spider web

Young and old will consider costumes for Halloween night. Some will seek superheroes, fairy princesses and other upbeat alter egos. While others will find pleasure in donning hideous masks of blood-thirsty vampires, zombies, or creatures I could only find in my worst nightmares. I’m being pursued by a phantom, a shadow, a sociopathic maniac with a shuffling step which closes in behind me as my feet become stuck in the muck. I wake and my heart pounds as I check under the bed, the closet, and then heave a sigh and smirk at my ridiculous imagination. Once inside the shower, my dog barks in warning. One single yip and it is silent… Muahahaha…

31 days...

Television stations will count down the 31 days of horror and we’ll see reruns of horror’s best. Hitchcock will return with a murdering psycho who raises a butcher knife to sounds of high pitched violin squeals. Birds will flock in an uncommon way and attack with unpredictable pandemonium. Stephen King will see a spike in revenue as our longing for scenes of sheer terror hit a feverous frenzy.  My heart will pump at an alarming rate but I’ll force myself to watch.

the birds movie poster

Boxes of Halloween decor will be unpacked. I’ll slip into an especially ghoulish costume, then the guests will arrive. It’s my favorite month. October.

Creepy Halloween decor to get you in the mood for Halloween! A kitchen that will give you shivers! #Halloween #Halloweendecor #Autumn #kitchens Spooky stories, Halloween ideas

All photos are copyright protected.

Do you love autumn and Halloween? What do you do to get into the mood?


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46 thoughts on “Time for Sweaters, Shivers, and All Things Ghoulish

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  1. I love October and Halloween and fall. Sadly our weather here is still stuck on hot and humid summer, so except for a few yellow leaves on the trees the only way I know it’s October is to look at the calendar. Still, am happily waiting for the season to really begin…


  2. Excellent heartfelt description of all things creepy and fun! It’s fascinating how the supernatural and super fictitious tickle our soul.
    It’s a time when you can be someone ( or something ) else for a day or two. Get crazy and scream without someone thinking we’re insane, (who cares right?!).
    We used to head to the Boulder Mall for Mall Crawl in the 90’s, do they still have that?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love slipping into character for at least a night or two! I’ll host haunted book club and will have to think outside the box this year!
      I think the mall crawl is much less of a thing than it used to be. I haven’t been since they started cracking down. With how few trick or treaters there were last year, maybe we’ll head down there instead. I’ll let you know!
      Thanks so much!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. A few observations if I may: 1. You passion for this holiday shines through with your very descriptive writing. 2. Your home decorations are beautiful….very “hands on”. Did you borrow “Thing” from the Adams Family? 3. My favorite part of Halloween used to be the “Spook Trails” when the kids were little. They were the perfect excuse for me to go along to “protect” them from the perils of the trail. I think I enjoyed them the most of anyone. 4. I think this year I will dress as a hipster to commemorate my new prosthesis.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi again, Susie. They are basically haunted houses set out in the woods. A trail is devised and little “surprises” are exacted at unexpected spots on the trail. They are loads of fun if the weather is not too inclement.


  4. Grammar Police Officer Ryelle wants to tell you that it’s “eke” out…fun-loving Daya want to point out to her that farmers being scared of their produce fits in well with the rest of the post…so it’s ultimately your choice!

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  5. Uhh… what’s a sweater?

    Seriously, New Orleans is already mysterious. Halloween is amazing down here. Aside from two parades that are as big as Mardi Gras parades, everybody masks (during the regular days – ha!) and the decorations are stunning.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I am trying to get in the Fall mood, however; FL is in a Heat Wave (mid-90’s is the norm lately). I do love a good scare and some roasted pumpkin seeds. I will have to break out the spooky soon and then transition into hues of orange, red, yellow, etc. As one of my girlfriends shared with me Happy HallThanksMas – ha! Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂

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  7. Beautiful words, Susie! Even though I’m not ready for summer to be over (I’m here in the cold state of Minnesota), your post makes me look forward to the fall festivities (as much as it can 😉 ).

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Great spooky post Susie. Gave me the creeps! I do like Autumn, my favourite season, but not a fan of Halloween at all. We never had Halloween in England until the mid 1980s when it appeared after several american films like ET featured it heavily. It’s getting bigger now but its the most commercialised event around and most people try and avoid it I think. Big in the states though.


    1. HUGE! It’s all about wearing costumes, parties, and trick or treating for the kids. Although the number of kids who came to our house last year was hardly worth it. Our neighborhood has aged out. I’m heading your way. London!


  9. You’ve got the makings of a book right here. Add some action to those little poetic pieces and – BAM – book baby!

    I love your imagery and photos.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  10. Fall is my favorite season. We get the fall colors so beautiful. I also like the cooler days (especially after an exceptional humid summer). Halloween is fun as I work at a children’s hospital so the departments decorate, staff dressup and the kids who are inpatients trick and treat throughout the building. No work afternoon!!


  11. Happy Halloween.

    Great blog as always Susie – I so love and admire your talents…

    I now respect a sweltered woman’s boundaries with upmost respect.

    I no longer date women wearing soft pink lame fine sweaters, of tap top dances or of royalty, not just because I’m married, but ever since that day I visited The Brush Museum.

    I am still banned from the Museums of antiquity; the fear of the threat of lawsuits have worried me dearly ever since that day I was blindly ogling her finest, and dearest treasures, (innocently I assure you) when I was meandering and step over the dear queen boundaries my lapel pin acidently’ snagged her wrappings…

    a curator called out my instructions and in a rushing blind panic I bolted trailed a mile and a quarter of the 8000 year old good woman’s sweater as I ran boot heels across the Thames in my innocence.

    -Morticia Adams: “Gomas?

    -Gormas Adams: “Querida?”

    -Morticia Adams: – “Last night, you were unhinged! You were like some desperate howling demon. You frightened me. Do it again…”


  12. LOVE autumn and halloween, favorite time of the year (and christmas)! It’s a little sad because where I live almost no one goes out to do “trick or treat” and I’m counted as to old to do so, wish I wasn’t so insecure and had the courage to just go out and do it anyways. But I will probably do some kind of halloween photo shoot with my horse, dog & cat ❤


  13. Halloween isn’t customary in Nigeria but we love a good excuse to dress up in themed outfits and party. So I’ll be looking out for Halloween themed outfit and Activities…I’m sure you will share a story too so I’ll be looking out for it as well


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