An Amazing Colorado Snowstorm: Photos

An Amazing Colorado Snowstorm: Click for photos! Outdoor adventures, Nature, photography, travel North America, Colorado, October #photograpy #nature #Colorado #travelnorthamerica #outdooradventures

Every year, I hope a huge snowstorm hits Colorado in October. Those first snowflakes are so magical. Memories of snow angels, snowball fights, and snowmen, not to mention ski season, baking, and slow-cooked meals, always brings out the kid in me. Read on for photos of this amazing Colorado snowstorm.

While we were in Europe, I checked the Colorado forecast on my phone. I was stoked when a little snowflake appeared. Many times (most of the time) our forecasters predict huge amounts of snow at the slightest hint of a storm so I didn’t get my hopes up until our jet touched down in Denver and we drove home. Instead of the usual traffic warnings posted on electronic signs, they were lit up with severe winter weather warnings. Whoa!

Blinded by the sunlight and overheated by temps in the 70’s while wearing a blouse and jeans, I couldn’t believe it would be a predicted high of 26 degrees Sunday. No way. Out here in the West, we have an expression: The warm before the storm, but come on!

Here’s another expression:

Red sky at night is sailors delight. Red sky at morning gives sailors first warning.

Well, looky here! Unedited and taken through the window last night. What storm?

Sailors delight? I think not! Clobbered by an October snowstorm in Boulder, Colorado. Click for photos! #Weather #October #travel #Colorado

Jet lag is real, but coming home to the States is so much easier on the body than flying to Europe. Not sure why except I went to bed early and woke up super refreshed at 5:00 AM. I can’t remember the last time I had this much energy. Watch out, everyone!

I opened up the curtain to our little porch and POW! I’m writing this and it’s still dark outside AND snowing. Those are NOT falling stars.

Six inches on Deck and Counting! October Snowstorm in Boulder, Colorado. Click for photos! photography, Travel North America #photography #snowstorm #boulder #colorado

For years I have hoped for an early frost and snow. Instead, I would cut down my geraniums and replace them with pumpkins on Halloween night. The vines always added a little extra to the display.

This just in!

Gardening season is officially over.

Good thing we flew in yesterday!

Boulder October Snowstorm bury rosebuds. Click for photos of this amazing storm! Travel North America, Colorado, Nature, Outdoors, Outdoor adventures #photography #nature #Colorado #travel #travelnorthamerica

This is about the only fall color in my yard since it’s still so early.

Guinella Maples in October Colorado Snowstorm. Click for photos of this amazing storm! Outdoors, Outdoor adventures, Travel North America, Boulder, Colorado, Photography #outdoors #photography #colorado #travel #Northamerica

Cupid shudders during Colorado snowstorm. Click for photos of this amazing storm! photography, outdoor adventures, travel north america, colorado, nature, #photography #outdooradventures #colorado #travel #travelnorthamerica #nature

The pond is my favorite muse.

Colorado October Snowstorm coats pond and backyard in winter wonderland. Click for photos of this amazing storm! Photography, outdoor adventures, Boulder, Nature, Travel North America, #photography #nature #outdooradventures #travel #colorado

One last look.

Winter wonderland after Colorado October Snowstorm. Click for photos of this amazing storm! photography, outdoor adventures, Boulder, nature, travel North America, #photography #outdooradventures #travelnorthamerica #nature #colorado

Forget about weeding today. My hand quickly numbed with the cold.

Winter after October snowstorm in Colorado. Click for photos of this amazing snowstorm! Colorado, photography, outdoor adventures, Boulder, nature, travel North America, #photography #outdooradventures #travelnorthamerica #nature #colorado

I had wanted to dig out the tropical plants before first freeze, but I don’t think they’ll make it now. Colorado weather usually bounces back pretty quickly after a storm, but it’s still snowing at 10:00! Oh, well.

Christmas card or Colorado snowstorm in October? Click for photos of this amazing storm! photography, outdoor adventures, Boulder, nature, travel North America, #photography #outdooradventures #travelnorthamerica #nature #colorado

I’ll make chili for lunch and wear my favorite sweater. Maybe I’ll get the sled out and hit our little hill with the neighbor kids. Lol. Snow always brings out the kid in me.

What’s the weather like in your part of the world? Is the snow coming your way? Batten down the hatches and pick your tomatoes.

All photos copyright protected.

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73 thoughts on “An Amazing Colorado Snowstorm: Photos

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  1. Great post and wonderful pics! While I enjoy snow and such here in Indiana (if you don’t, then move, cuz it comes every year), I have to admit that the long summer hot weather and the warmer fall (ended a few days ago) has been nice. I would just as soon put off the white and the ice until very near Christmas this year and I think that may be the way it will be.


  2. Well my friend, I love your photos but snow in October is too soon for me. Snow will fall and my snow shovels will be put to work but I hope not until December. Now I like the snow on the ski hill and less on my front lawn. Still I agree the snowflakes and crystals are beautiful and walking in the snow is a special kind of quiet and peace

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is too soon! We’ve settled into a few weeks of beautiful fall weather but snow is in the forecast once again. It might be a frightful Halloween night in more than one way. 🙂
      Thanks so much!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Uplifting and exciting post. We were in Colorado a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty warm. I suppose not now. I really like the light and fluffy snow there. I like the east coast snow too, although I don’t see much in Florida. The east coast snow is more heavy and is better for making snow people. 🙂


  4. It`s funny but that is the most snow I have seen this year and I am in Canada. I know Alberta has been getting it bad but Ontario has been lucky so far. A little frost in the mornings and that`s it. I always hope the snow will wait until after Halloween and it has so, anything goes now.


    1. We’re up in the mountains where it snowed all night! I love the change of season, so I welcome the white stuff. I’m not acclimated yet though. *shiver* I’m under the covers with my laptop, Roxy asleep at my side while taking a break from Nanowrimo! LOl.

      Liked by 1 person

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