In the Steps of JK Rowling and Harry Potter – Edinburgh, Scotland

In the steps of JK Rowling and Harry Potter - Edinburgh, Scotland. Click for photos to become inspired! Creative Writing, Writing tips, Travel Europe Destinations, Travel tips, Inspiration #travel #traveltips #Edinburgh #HarryPotter #Books

Discover Harry Potter and JK Rowling in Edinburgh

Travel to the ancient hamlet of Edinburgh, Scotland and walk in the steps of JK Rowling and Harry Potter surrounded by magical inspiration. From cobblestone streets, narrow alleyways, to spired castles, this bustling city of 500,000 is full of unique architecture.

Surrounded by Inspiration in Edinburgh, Scotland. Click to be inspired too! Writing tips, Travel Europe Destinations, Travel Scotland, Travel tips, Writing tips, Creative writing, Harry Potter

Balmoral Hotel

There are lists of places where Rowling spent her time in Edinburgh. She wrote part of the Harry Potter series in Balmoral Hotel. Although it was built in the early 1900’s, I would imagine she enjoyed the view of the gardens, bridges, and Princes Street.

A view from Princes Street of Edinburgh Castle.

A view of Edinburgh Castle from Princess Street of Edinburgh Castle. Lots of inspiration for JK Rowling. Click for photos! Travel Europe Destinations, Books, Writing, Publishing, Writing tips, Inspiration, Architecture, Outdoor adventures #Edinburgh #TravelScotland #traveltips #writers #HarryPotter

Edinburgh weather and Harry Potter

No one mentions how Edinburgh’s weather may have influenced JK Rowling in writing Harry Potter. We were lucky to have enjoyed some sunny days, but the moody storms that come and go in Scotland that soak the pavers and make the steep “closes” (narrow walkways between buildings) slick, must have inspired her too. I don’t remember the sun shining very often in the Harry Potter books. It’s on those few dreary days in Colorado that my writing becomes darker. I love stormy weather.

A view from the George IV Bridge looks out over Edinburgh, Scotland. Click for photos of JK Rowling's inspiration. Travel Europe Destinations, architecture, Travel tips, Travel Scotland, Authors, books, #HarryPotter #JKRowling #Edinburgh #Inspiration

Rowling and The Elephant House

I am always most intrigued by where writers wrote their famous books. Since Rowling’s baby slept well in the stroller, she crafted her series in coffee shops. According to several accounts, she found writing isolating and enjoyed being surrounded by people. Note to self: Must find coffee shop in which to write. She chose the Elephant House as one of her favorite writerly haunts when writing Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

A video of Victoria Street –

Edinburgh streets influenced Rowling

After trekking up Diagon Alley, I mean, Victoria Street, I made my way to The Elephant House. To say I was underwhelmed would be an understatement. With all the ancient buildings to choose from, this interior appeared modern.

Walking in JK Rowling's Steps at the Elephant House

I found a table and noticed an old outlet perfect for my phone’s drained battery. I wondered if JK herself might have sat in this very spot. My husband, Danny placed an order for hot chocolates. I looked around the busy coffee shop and wondered how many were tourists like me, walking in this famous writer’s footsteps.

Sipped before taking a photo and it still looks good! Delish. 

Hot chocolate at The Elephant House in the steps of JK Rowling. Click for photos! Food Porn, Travel Scotland, Europe, Writers, Writing tips, Books #Books #Edinburgh #foodporn #Travel #Scotland #harrypotter

Then I looked out the window behind me. Aha!

View from the Elephant House.

Finding inspiration at the Elephant House in Edinburgh where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter. Click to be inspired! Creative writing, Authors, Writing tips, Travel Europe Destinations, Scotland, Travel tips, Writing tips, Creative writing

Using my imagination in the steps of Jk Rowling

I imagined a Hogwarts teacher in full robes looking toward the sky where several students played a game of Quidditch. They would zip and zag through the clouds above the castle, I mean school, and then fly right by the window. Can you imagine them?

It has become impossible for Rowling to go anywhere without being recognized. I bet she misses this view.

The Elephant House bathroom has become a place of honor with zillions of messages graffitied on the walls.

Elephant House Bathroom covered in graffiti by fans thanking JK Rowling. Click for photos of JK Rowling's inspiration! Authors, books, Writing, Travel, Edinburgh, Scotland #Harry Potter #JKRowling #Edinburgh #scotland #travel

The World’s End Tavern in Edinburgh on the Royal Mile

Many taverns like The World’s End stood out among the woolen stores open for tourists on the Royal Mile. This ancient place is among many other Edinburgh haunts featured in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series as well.

The World's End. One of many inspiring places in Edinburgh that may have inspired JK Rowling and Diana Gabaldon. Click for photos! Travel Europe Destinations, Writing tips, Outlander, Travel Scotland, Harry Potter, Travel tips, Creative writing #Scotland #Travel #writing #books #traveleuropedestinations

We had a peek when it rained on our last day in Edinburgh. So warm and cozy with lots of stone and character. I was ready to sit and relax for a while, but there was a 45-minute wait. Next time.

Inside The World's End. One of many amazing places in Edinburgh that may have inspired JK Rowling and Diana Gabaldon. Click for photos! Travel Europe Destinations, Writing tips, Outlander, Travel Scotland, Harry Potter, Travel tips Scotland, Creative writing #Scotland #Travel #writing #books #traveleuropedestinations

Edinburgh Castle as a muse for writers

Built on a hill, magical Edinburgh Castle can be seen for miles. I’m sure it has been the muse for many writers and fairytales.

Edinburgh Castle towers over the town. Click for photos of Edinburgh and become inspired! Harry Potter, Outlander, Writers, writing tips, Travel Scotland Europe Destinations, Travel tips

Holyrood Palace with more inspiration for Harry

On the opposite end of the Royal Mile, originally built on a bridge, is the Holyrood Palace. Queen Elizabeth still takes up residence there every summer so no photographs were allowed. But the ruins of the chapel were fair game. My imagination stirred, I couldn’t wait to continue exploring.

Holyrood Palace Chapel ruins in Edinburgh. Click and find out why it inspired JK Rowling. Harry Potter, Outlander, Writers, Books, Travel Scotland Europe Destinations, Tips, #Travel #Scotland #Writingtips #Europedestinations #harrypotter

Fantasy and fantastic ideas inspired by Edinburgh, Scotland

I’m a thriller writer and found myself pondering stories with notes of fantasy. Could I be inspired too? Somehow anything seemed possible in Edinburgh, Scotland. With a written history that only spans from the 1400’s, who knows what might have been.

Walter Scott, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Robert Louis Stevenson are among almost eighty other writers mentioned in Wikipedia who lived in Edinburgh. I’m sure they were influenced by the fantastic architecture, its mysterious vibe, and possibilities too.

Edinburgh castle in Scotland inspired many writers including JK Rowling. Click for photos! Travel Europe Destinations, Scotland, United Kingdom, Travel tips, Authors, Harry Potter Series, Writing inspiration, Tips, #Tavel #Scotland #JKRowling #HarryPotter #authors

All photos are copyright protected.

Have you ever been inspired while on vacation? Where would you like to travel next?

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Discovering Harry Potter and JK Rowling in Edinburgh, Scotland. Click for photos and writing inspiration found in a magical place! Writing tips, Creative writing, Books, writing and publication, Travel Europe Destinations, Scotland, Travel tips and advice #Scotland #Edinburgh #Travel #HarryPotter #writinginspiration

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  1. What a lovely stroll! I love Edinburgh, but I never thought of following JK’s footsteps…it’s nice to see where you went!

    p.s. You were sooo lucky with the weather!!


    1. I missed your comment, Josy!
      There are so many places that influenced her in Edinburgh. I could have spent the entire vacation walking in her footsteps. Lol! We were very lucky. Two days of rain during the entire trip!

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  2. Thanks for taking me with you. I really enjoyed that. You can actually feel some of the creativity in the air, especially that shot from the Elephants House. I think travel and exploring new places always gets the creative juices flowing. I’ve always felt that way when I travel. I don’t always act on it but the imagination is there.


    1. Thanks, so much! That is exactly how I felt, Michelle! It was such a cool place and the people were so friendly. I could imagine all kinds of magic in the air. I came home with a nasty cold and just got over it. Took two weeks! I want to start on my new fantasy book! Just in time for Nanwrimo. *gulp* I’m a much faster writer now but life often gets in the way. We’ll see how it goes!!!

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  3. Oh how I needed a little magical romp. I have to remember thought that JK had an idea, she didn’t have forknowledge that her idea would change the world. So as she sat there pondering she simple put words on paper and did the whole thing over again the next day. Of course, I don’t aspire to her fame and fortune. But I do aspire to bring something special and meaningful into the world. And just like JK, I must remember that happens one word at a time.


    1. It does! I have been reading Harry Potter this month and have been amazed at how much sets up the series. I missed so many of the clues in the movie!
      Thanks for stopping by, Angela! Merry Christmas to you!

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