Fun Halloween Treats!

Fun Halloween Treats. Click for more Halloween party ideas! Food, Snacks, Halloween ideas, Halloween party, Halloween DIY, tips, entertaining Food, #Halloween #halloweenparty #HalloweenDIY #Halloweenfood #Halloweenideas

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Between baking, decorating, and dressing up in costume, the month seems to fly by. This year I added some fun Halloween treats to my tricks.

Creepy Halloween decor to get you in the mood for Halloween! A kitchen that will give you shivers! #Halloween #Halloweendecor #Autumn #kitchens Spooky stories, Halloween ideas

For many years, I made a Halloween Pumpkin cake. I baked two chocolate or pumpkin bundt cakes and then stuck them together with frosting. Then I dyed vanilla frosting orange and coated the cakes to transform it into a pumpkin. Twisting a paper bag for a stem and adding a philodendron vine completed the look.

Halloween Pumpkin Cake. Click for more entertaining ideas! Baking, cooking, Food porn, Pumpkin cake, Photography #Halloween #Halloweenparties #Halloweenideas

This year, I perused Pinterest for ideas. I found the Hand Luggage Only boys had put together a great Halloween treat blog post.

I made their sliders but used pork barbecue instead of burgers. I was relieved to find the pickles already sliced for “tongues.” I used Muenster cheese slices for teeth. The telescopic green olive eyes completed the look.

Alien sandwiches for Halloween! Click for more party ideas! Halloween parties, Halloween snacks, food, Tips, hacks, DIYs #Halloweentips #Halloweentreats #Halloweenparties #sandwiches #Halloween

Everyone has probably seen the Puking Pumpkin somewhere by now. It coughed up spinach artichoke dip for my book club. I used wax paper underneath to keep the dip from soaking into the pumpkin which made for easy clean up too.

Puking Pumpkin artichoke dip. Click for more Halloween party ideas! Halloween food and snacks, treats, Food and recipes, Halloween parties, Spooky decor, #Halloween #halloweenparty #halloweenideas #food #snacks

I made monster cookies by sandwiching frosting between chocolate chip cookies. Red decorator gel worked perfectly for the bloody mouth. For eyes, I broke up peppermint candy and glued them onto the cookies with frosting.

Monster cookies for Halloween! Click for more party ideas! Halloween party, Halloween treats, food, recipes, DIYs, Halloween entertaining, #Halloweenparty #halloween #halloweenfood #halloweenideas #food

Instead of individual cakes, I saved time by making a pumpkin sheet cake in a broiler pan. I dyed the frosting green and spread it across the top. Then I bought Windmill cookies and decorated the backs of them with RIP. I plunged them willy-nilly like headstones in old cemeteries and added green Sour Patch Kids candy for kicks and giggles.

A Cemetery Cake for a Halloween Party! Click for more party ideas! Halloween treats, food, cakes, cookies, How to's, DIY #Halloween #food #Halloweenfood #halloweenideas #DIY

The ghosts on top of my veggie lasagne are hard to make out, but you get my drift.

A Ghostly Lasagne for a perfect Halloween Party. Click for more Halloween party ideas! Halloween DIY, halloween food, Halloween entertaining, #Parties #halloween #halloweenentertaining #DIY #food #lasagne

Happy Halloween!

Do you entertain for Halloween? What are your favorite memories of Halloween parties?

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80 thoughts on “Fun Halloween Treats!

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  1. I am so impressed with your enthusiastic, and very creative response to Halloween! I really am, Susie! In comparison my few pumpkins and furry spiders are really dull and uninspiring. I did buy some candy corn! LOL!


    1. Thanks, Debra. I’m a frustrated artist and love the opportunity to create.
      Ha! I have candy corn in a huge container that people would break their teeth on. It’s from last year and the year before. We didn’t get many trick-or-treaters so I may have to entertain a larger crowd next year!


  2. How fun and creative your Halloween Blogs always are Susie. 🙂

    I expected to see either (Little Shop of Horrors) Plant ‘Sydney’ by the food table of Morticia’s dear Carivorous plant ‘Cleopatra’ dining upon Yak Burgers and Zerbra Balls. Oh my!


  3. The vegie lasagne looks a treat I would not mind being tricked with. It all looks fantastic and such a lot of work! We (royal) in UK are not in the same ball park as USA or Canada with Halloween, my parents seen trick or treat as legalised begging so we never did. Back then not many took part but it has seeped in slowly and more each year. If you look at my post you will see me and my efforts from last year in the photos and the giff I made. I hid and stole childrens sweets when they came … I shouted trick, and loved every second. I may be a bad witch so after making a two yearold Dracula cry I agreed not to do it again. Pitty really because I loved it.


    1. You’re so mean! LOL! We don’t trick here at all, but one year, I pulled some gnarly carrots from the garden and offered them instead of candy. Hilarious! I gave them candy, of course. This year is weird. We just got back from Europe and it has snowed for three days! It’s six degrees outside! I didn’t decorate outside and doubt many will come knocking tomorrow night with a high predicted in the twenties…


      1. Well I am mid way to a fitter lighter me and The husband thinks I should forgo even one bag of super sour phizzy pigtails. I have list a stone and think I really could. But it’s not up for debate apparently. 🙄


          1. Thank you Suzie, Not easy, I have taken ten months to get this far. Four classes a week two spin, two aqua-size and diet 8oo cal. But a genetic metabolic condition takes some beating. What! You are giving stale sweets … haha! You’re as bad me 🤣😉😄


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