Fun K2 Skis and Dalbello Boots, Where I Assume a Life Lesson

Fun K2 Skis And Dalbello Boots Where I Assume a Life Lesson! Click for a review and a reminder that assuming anything can result in mistakes! Tips, hacks and DIYs, funny blog posts, review, outdoors, skiing, live your best life, positivity and inspiration

Skiing with brand new and super fun K2 skis and Dalbello boots should have been a most excellent experience this weekend. Instead, I left the mountain with my tail between my legs. Remember that old adage about a specific life lesson? Never assume since it makes an ass of u and me. Yep. Mistakes were made.


Something accepted as truth or as certain to happen without proof.

It all started with a major face plant on an easy greenie ski run last year. My left ski had become squirrelly. It bounced around like a donkey’s butt down a rocky slope. It would  fly out and would cross my right ski tip. Hard to control, it made both knees tired and sore.

After struggling at Lake Tahoe, I switched my skis at Breckenridge thinking it might help. (Since I’ve had them for a long time, I had a sticker on the left.) When I hit a really easy peasy part of a slope on Peak 7, my right ski flew out to oblivion. HOW??? I splatted face forward into a tumble where I landed in a plié; skis parallel pointing opposite directions only I was sitting to one side of them instead of standing. Yeah, it hurt. I’m not that flexible.

I yelled to Danny to release my bindings. That hurt even more. Luckily, my knees survived, but I swore I’d never ski on that twisted mother again, nor would I sell them to some poor unsuspecting victim. I planned to buy new equipment this year.

Fun fact for skiers:

Your equipment, boot and skis, last 150 days. For some that’s one season. For others, a lifetime. I’m somewhere in the 5 year range.

Your boots pack down in 50 days. You can buy new liners to replace them. Who knew?

First purchase: Boots.

Most ski boots are narrow at the toes. Feet are weird. Have you ever taken off your shoes at a party? Hilarious! My toes are squared off like flippers. They freeze when they’re crammed into the pointy toes of ski boots. I tried several uncomfortable boots at Epic Mountain Gear then spied the Dalbello’s on a shelf. “Can I try those?”

Enter Dalbello Kyra 85.

Literally. The tongue didn’t cut into my shins when pulling them on. And the plush lining? Ahhhh. Like slippers. The best part? They have a toe box. That’s right.

The other best part? I didn’t know this until I had fallen in love. The salesmen mentioned there’s small release on the back of the boot for walking. Nice!

I skied with my new boots last weekend while demoing skis. I lasted until the end of the day even though the temperature had plunged into the single digits. My digits stayed warm and toasty. It was the first time my left knee, which has a partial knee replacement, didn’t hurt. AT ALL.

Next big investment? Skis.

Technology has changed a lot in the last ten years since I bought my last pair of skis. I had 159 cm length skis, but discovered they had gotten shorter. At 5′ 4” and an expert skier, I would be in the 153 – 156 range.

I decided to rent demos and tried a pair of Black Pearls. They’re the most highly recommended skis. I felt like I had 2×4’s under my feet. I had to jump to make turns in the moguls. I read where they are for powder and groomers.

Responsive and telepathic K2 Alluvit 88

The following weekend I rented the K2 Alluvit and totally chilled in the bumps. It was as if they were on autopilot and could read my mind. The skis did all the work. In fact, after using those same words, I cracked up reading the same description on their site. They were surprisingly stable at higher speed straightaways and made big wide turns on the groomers. Super fun!

Sunday, I rented again, and tried out Nordica skis but they weren’t as responsive. I found out later that most skis were meant for corduroy groomers and general intermediate skiing. I switched back to the K2s and skied on them for the rest of the day. I was sold!

The $150 demo rental cost would go towards the skis purchased through Epic Mountain Gear. When I called them, the Boulder store didn’t carry the Alluvit. A few other affiliated stores did but they were pretty far away and I wanted to ski on them this weekend.

So, I called Christy Sports in Boulder. He had them in stock for $599. Yay! He deducted the cost of the the first rental too. I went back the next morning and bought them, then picked them up that night. I looked forward to skiing with my new setup this weekend.

When I arrived at the base of Peak 8 at Breckenridge on Saturday, a thought nagged me. I had never double checked the length. OMG! The skis were 163’s!! I called the same salesman and he said that’s what was in his notes. I told him there was no way I could ski on that length and reminded him that I’m a mere five foot four inches tall. Panic mode kicked in. My family stared at me with concern.

“Can I ski on them?” I brayed while watching snowboarders and skiers ride the chairlift.

“No. Bring them back on Monday and we’ll swap them out.”

Are you kidding me?

“GAH!!!” I turned around while kicking myself. (Not an easy feat while in ski boots and carrying skis.)

I could’ve so easily checked to make sure that I got the right size. So I’m up in the mountains with no skis. I feel like a silly ass.

A Ski and Boot Review and a Life Lesson. I won't assume again! Crosses fingers. Click for a life lesson and review of ski equipment. Personal Growth, Tips, Hacks and Diys, Live your best life, ski equipment review, life, funny blog post, #Funny #Tips #skis #lifehacks #lifestyle

Assumptions. Mistakes made. Sometimes it’s good to be OCD about everything and double, oh, heck, triple check. Well, at least check once to make sure you don’t end up as the silly ass who has to take the gondola back down without skiing.

Even though my weekend was a bust, I’m looking forward to a great ski season with my new setup. I’ll have to wait another two weeks for that to happen. *drums fingers* Don’t worry. I’ll make sure I check the length my Alluvits before I leave the store next time. No more silly asses. Hee haw!

Donkey gif to remind me not to make assumptions since I end up the silly ass

Have your assumptions ever made an ass of yourself like mine? Are you in the market for new ski equipment? Do you think the donkey is happy or agitated? What’s up with his nostrils?

30 thoughts on “Fun K2 Skis and Dalbello Boots, Where I Assume a Life Lesson

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  1. I’ve never been skiing so I can’t comment on the specifics of what you wrote here, BUT any experience that teaches you something good can’t be all bad. Therefore, let me say “good job, Susie!” 😄


  2. I don’t ski there is little that would get me started now but I love reading your stuff. The powder the slopes the freeze and replaced knees. I will use your info to look knowledgable if It is ever requires. Keep on Suzie, cute Donkey by rhe way. 😂


  3. Assuming can get you in trouble in many ways. I once assumed a mortgage that nearly broke me.

    I’m famous for assuming too much while grocery shopping. When I see a familiar package on the shelf, I just grab it, assuming it’s the one I always get, At home it usually turns out to be the “low fat’ version, the “unsalted” version or the “with almonds” instead of plain. You get the idea. Here’s the bad news. It doesn’t get better with age.

    Your experience speaks volumes for your pluck and perseverance!

    By the way, I now have 5000 words on my novel and just starting Chapter Three. What a blast!


    1. Thanks for your insight, Al. I’m sure I’ll make an ass of myself several more times in life! It’s unavoidable, especially when I’m in a hurry which is most of the time. Lol!
      Wow! Way to to, Al! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the process.


  4. I’ve made an ass of myself too many times! My days of skiing are long over- I can’t deal with the crowds having grown up in the olden days of rope tows and t-bars and short lines!


  5. Your feet sound like mine, boxy at the toes, and your boots sound dreamy. Several years ago I made the mistake of getting a “great deal” on a pair of really nice ski boots at a store that was going out of business. They were a little bit snug, and they talked me into buying them, probably telling me they’d mold to my feet or something equally false. After skiing in them a nerve on the outside of my right foot ended up being so impinged that the entire side of my right foot became numb from nerve damage. It took months to regain feeling. Not such a good deal after all.


    1. The same thing happened to me with rear entry boots. The whole top of my foot felt numb for a year. I’ve been sold terrible equipment many times. I finally love what I bought. The skis will be ready on Thursday! Yay!
      Thanks for reading, Susan. Happy Holidays!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Noooooooo! That would be so frustrating! I guess you had to go down the empty chair lift again, oh dear, well at least you’re all set up now with comfortable boots. I’m a snowboarder so I’ve never had the foot problem as our boots are like great big trainers gloat gloat 🙂 I can’t wait to get up the mountains in Feb! Yay!


  7. If you’re not making an ass of yourself, you’re not having fun or learning anything new. Bray on, Susie!
    (Sigh, I once had these lovely Italian ski boots – the only ones that ever fit right and were so lovely to wear. Nothing like the perfect boots to make life better….I assumed they would last forever. Sigh.)


    1. I agree! It all worked out after all. I swapped out the sizes and will pick them up tomorrow!
      Your Italian boots sound perfect! If you are in the market, the Dalbello’s might be worth a try. Ahhhhhh……!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Great info, Susie! I’m due for new equipment and you just answered a lot of question. Thanks! Have a wonderful season and warmest wishes for the Christmas to you and your family. Hugs!


  9. Ooooh Susie! This makes me really happy…I think we have the same ski boots. Not the same skis (as I am still rubbish and trying my best not to fall on the blue runs!) I LOVE how comfy they are, and those warm fluffy edges.

    Last year I tried out quite a few rental boots, so it is a bit of a shock that ski boots can be so comfy!!

    I hope you have a blast this weekend!


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