Win a Handmade Christmas Card! 2018

Win a Handmade Christmas Card! Guess what our family is doing this year and win! Tips, Hacks and DIYs, Holiday tips and tricks, Christmas traditions and ideas, illustrations, Art, holiday cards #diy #christmascards #traditions #family #illustration

It’s time to win my annual Christmas card. This insane holiday tradition started when Danny and I married and has continued through the years. This huge art project includes illustrations of my family engaging in some kind of winter or festive activity. Guess and win!

My ideas have percolated since summer. I always swear I’ll start on them in October. Ha! I’m sketching in December, as usual. Why???

Cards before 2012 were illustrated without a lot of cutting and pasting. That seemed time-consuming enough for any crazed mom during the holiday season.

Handmade Christmas cards include illustrations can be pretty time-consuming. Tips, hacks and Diys, art, Christmas cards, Holiday tips and tricks, Christmas traditions and ideas, #tips #christmascards #holidaycards #diys #holidaytraditions

Here are a few of the more complicated versions. That beaded tree card came back in the mail for extra postage. GAH!

Handmade Christmas card contest! This year's version won't be as time-consuming, I hope. Holiday tips and tricks, Christmas traditions and ideas, Illustrations, Diys, crafting #Christmas #holidays #traditions #family #illustration

With all the shopping, decorating, baking, and writing blog posts and books, sitting down to create cards can be a real sacrifice. In 2014, I made super complicated popup cards. They each took about twenty minutes to cut and paste. Even with an assembly line of pieces, I had to miss a couple of parties to get all 100 done. That was a lesson learned. I’m always learning something.

Inside of popup card for a Christmas card. Hand crafted, holiday traditions, art, illustrations, Christmas cards, family, Holiday tips and tricks

Thing is, most people have a hard time just signing greeting cards and sending them in the mail. Mine have become an exchange. I mean, if friends can’t find time to send us one, I’m not going to make one, right? Does that sound naughty or nice? Don’t answer that…

Christmas popup Card 2015. A family tradition!

Anyhow, my sketches are done. I plan to do the final drawings today and start inking tomorrow. That can be tricky. Sometimes the likenesses pop with each line. Other times, it’s not so easy. It’s always about the eyes.

I simplified last year’s card where we broke out of the snow globe.

Lindau family trying to break out of their routine in a family Christmas card. Holiday tips and tricks, tips, hacks and diys, Christmas traditions and ideas, illustrations, art #holiday #diys #illustration #traditions #christmascards

Inside modified popup card

I plan to keep this year’s card simple too. I’d like to enjoy the holidays like everyone else. Now if I could just get these 36 boxes of Christmas decorations unpacked…

No concept of time Christmas decorations

So what activity have I chosen for this year’s Christmas card? Guess and I’ll send you one!

If more or less than five guess correctly, Roxy will choose five from a hat.

I hope you participate!

Do you send holiday cards? What other traditions do you enjoy?

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52 thoughts on “Win a Handmade Christmas Card! 2018

Add yours

  1. I’m guessing it’s you at the ski store trying on different skis and boots with your family pulling at you saying. “C’mon, Mom, let’s just go skiing already!”


  2. First of all, Susie, I must say… the word Insane is probably used a lot around you and your projects… but we love you anyway!

    I was lucky enough to guess one year… this year I will say Shopping. Also, I’m pretty sure you use this contest to get an idea of what to do for a card… so please pick ‘shopping’. Courtney and the DJ would look so cute carrying boxes to the checkout stand with Danny pulling out his credit card.


  3. Your trip to Edinburgh was special. Maybe it’s a Christmas in Edinburgh? I know you weren’t there at Christmas, but you might deck the vault halls with holly on your card. BTW, your cards are really amazing and anyone who gets a card from you would be thoughtless not to send you a card back, but maybe they are intimidated by these priceless works of art.


  4. I send cards. It’s my favorite part of the whole season. Usually it’s a painting or drawing (mass produced via Vistaprint) but this year it’s a photo of my snow-loving dog on a tiny patch of snow clearly wishing for more. I’m not guessing what your card will be — I just hope you show it sometime down the road. All of those posted here are lovely.


  5. I am TERRIBLE at thinking of interesting holiday-themed craft-like projects (which is why I would never attempt such a thing)… and why I will never win. But here goes, anyway.

    You and your family gathered ’round an outdoor bonfire, stirring drinks with icicles.


  6. You have so many talents, Susie, that´s wonderful… I could imagine iceskating is one of them and so it´s included on your card this time! 🙂 Happy advent to everybody!


  7. Wait, 36 boxes of Christmas decorations!? That is amazing!

    I remember from last year that your home looks very festive, but blooming ‘eck that is a lot to get out and put away each year! You have some serious Christmas dedication!!


  8. Susie, my guess is that it’s you cutting, inking, and pasting together this year’s card! Imagine what a sight that kind of holiday card would be. Inside, there you are with a pair of scissors in hand, possibly wearing a pair of glasses as well, madly cutting out snowflakes, perhaps a pair of skis, and even a snowman—or two! With the remnants from all that feverish cutting tumbling out of the envelope (just like snow!) as the winner opens it up to reveal their prize. Anyway, I won one of your Christmas cards a couple of years ago and it never ceases to be a conversation piece on our fireplace. Beautiful. Thank you for the gift that keeps on giving. Susie here is hoping that my comment finds you and yours doing well this holiday season. :O)


    1. Aww! Thanks so much, Atticman! You made my day!
      I just started the cutting and pasting project today and can’t wait til they’re out on the mail. Then I’ll do the big reveal. 😀


  9. What a wonderful tradition for getting in the Christmas spirit, Susie! And with 36 boxes of decorations you must have several days worth of decorating! I am going to guess a sledding scene for the card…and cross my fingers. 🙂


  10. HA! (I ran by just before this post was published wondering how you had folded into the holiday card mood this year)
    These are such gems (and real nothings…my post related to that haha)
    Susie I can only imagine. I keep expecting a card with you huddled over a table in a Christmas tree room – almost buried in mounds of paper, glue, scissors and paint – while outside at the window stands your bundled up family peers in with the “Mom, come on” looks as they shake skis and ski boots at you – pointing at the car all ready to go with the dog in the driver’s seat.. I know that scene will be immortalized eventually . (OH, seriously they love what you do!)
    But this year? maybe susie leaning far too off a teetering ladder placing the angel or star to finish off the tree as family leaps, and rushes over trying to stabilize the ladder before it finishes you off….
    Can’t wait to see!


    1. Thanks so much for guessing, Phil! LOL! Yes, I was up to my eyeballs in cutting and pasting, but this year’s card didn’t leave any scraps. Easy cleanup! They’re all done and awaiting mailing labels. I’ll do the reveal next week… Merry Christmas to you!!

      Liked by 1 person

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