Help Wanted from Millions of Merry Minions

Help Wanted from Millions of Merry Minions. Click for a giggle and a relatable holiday story! Holiday tips and tricks, entertainment, funny blog posts, Christmas traditions, #funny #minions #holidays #Christmas #humor

Just like everyone, I would like a joy-filled heart this Christmas. It would be so much easier if I had help from millions of Minions. Remember those little yellow creatures with the wild goggles from Despicable Me? I would love them to come and work for me, even if they would be a little mischievous.

Help Wanted from Millions of Merry Minions. Click for holiday cheer, literally! Humor blog posts, gifs, funny #holidayfun #Christmascheer #entertainment

Just looking at them fills me with joy.

They could help me prepare for the holidays. Can you imagine them running around the house and the messes they would make? It would be worth a little craziness. Somehow, I’m surviving without them. Barely.

I could have used them to make labels, stamp, and send my handmade Christmas cards. I might have even let them do some of the cutting and pasting. They’re in the mail or what is otherwise known as the Pony Express out here in the West. It takes forever. Next year, Minions.


They could bake my Christmas cookies. I would pull out my peanut butter ball recipe and get the other little yellow fellas started on spritz. Then they could make the cinnamon rolls. Once I realized they needed twice as much yeast, they aren’t like hockey pucks anymore. But, Minions aren’t the most organized bunch. I can imagine cleaning dough from every surface including the windows. Now that I think about it, I really enjoy baking, especially the taste-testing bonus.

Click for a funny blog post about why I want millions of Merry Minions!

They could decorate the Christmas trees!

Yes, I have two of them. I imagine a Minion stacked ladder teetering  back and forth while placing the star on the tippy top. Most of the ornaments have special meaning, like the ones my kids made in school, the paw print from our last dog, and lots of others from friends who came to holiday parties. Ahhh, I would rather do that myself since seeing and handling those special ornaments puts a smile on my face.

All I want for Christmas is Millions of Minions! Funny blog post for the holidays #minions #holidaycheer #Chirstmasfun

I know, they can wrap presents!

That’s something I’d easily delegate. But my daughter’s birthday is three days after Christmas and they have to be divided up. I really like to see everything before wrapping to make sure the right gift goes to the right person for the right occasion.

They can set my tables!

I would direct them to red Spode dishes. But I do like decorating the center of the table by making Christmas scenes. Hmm. I wonder how creative they are? By the time I would find everything to make it, I could do it myself.


Even though I ordered almost everything online this year, I could send them out for stocking stuffers. But, I’d have to be super particular with my list so I wouldn’t end up giving everyone candy canes and oranges. I really don’t mind going out shopping for a few things since I worked retail before becoming an illustrator. I love the holiday hustle and bustle.

Hanging the outdoor lights!

I already lit up the inside of the house and the outside is almost done, but I can always add a few more strings. It’s fun to plug them in first, during the late afternoon which is like 3:00, now. It strangely satisfies the creative side of my brain since it’s like drawing with lights.

Well, I tried.

This Minion thing is hard for a control freak like me. At this point, I would just love their company until the house is filled with family once again. I could use some super fans.

super fan minions.gif

They could cheer me on from the sidelines when I’m starting to fade.

They would be a lot more amusing to watch than a lot of the new holiday movies. Their silly antics would fill the house with laughter.

As long as I don’t run out of paper…

Minions in trouble

I hope your holiday season is filled with joy, laughter, and a little mischief.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

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19 thoughts on “Help Wanted from Millions of Merry Minions

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  1. Susie, you sure know how to add cheer to the holidays! Beside your witty humor and generosity to others – including your subscribers Dash it is your upbeat attitude in the face of all you’ve been through that is a true inspiration. I sense you’re having a bit of a struggle this holiday season but I hope it turns out to be extremely happy and full of love and most of all good health.

    The minions are cute but you are awesome. Merry Christmas!


  2. Those little yellow bass tards! ….they will set you up! I have stories! …don’t trust them, especially if it involves chocolate.


  3. Minion army – perfect solution (I had considered those birds and little woodland creatures from Snow White, but they apparently are snow bird and all left for warmer climates…besides, I’d have to convince them to sing carols instead of whistling?)
    I’m with you on decorating the tree – each ornament has a story, and those are Christmas.
    Jingle on!


  4. I hope you had a Merry Christmas, Susie, and maybe a few minions helped you through it all. Someone should start a minions holiday business, they would be so popular!


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